Wrestling: Kids, Pups & Quilts

Awhile back I had mentioned that the two grandsons had started wrestling two years ago. Their twin sisters sat on the benches watching them.

But this year because the coaches’ daughter and a few other girls were involved, my son and DIL enrolled the girls, along with their brothers.  Here is a photo of them, the coaches’ daughter and another girl in their age group. The twins are on the far right and left.

When this was shared on FB, I loved the lady photographers’ quote : “A Strong Girl looks a Challenge in the Eye and Gives It a Wink…”

Meanwhile I finished up the gradient quilt. I am not fond of binding and had some inner wrestling in regards to keeping at it, but since there are two more quilt projects to finish up and bind, I am happy to have this off the list. This is for my youngest son; it’s a tied quilt.

I started it last year using color suggestions from the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.

On Sunday they were all to be away at a wrestling match ( cookout later ) so I brought Merle down here to play for awhile. The weather was like spring and while dogs don’t really wrestle…tug of war is something like it :)

Running some laps around the  yard at full speed…

After all of that a few treats were needed.

I mentioned earlier that we were to have a cookout after they got back from wrestling. WHO HAS A COOKOUT in the middle of February in Southwestern Pennsylvania?  Well this Februarys’ weather is very strange and it was around 63 degrees yesterday. The grill was on! Today I was down there for awhile and we were all out on the back deck, with some neighbors and friends and the children were playing outside in the yard in just long sleeves and pants and needing no jackets.

While this is very pleasant and feels like spring I am a bit alarmed. Typically in May we worry about bushes, flowers, fruit trees etc. coming into bloom too soon and being destroyed by a freeze or frost later on.  I have never encountered that worry in February; in winter!

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18 Responses to Wrestling: Kids, Pups & Quilts

  1. Karen says:

    I spotted leaves on trees today when I drove to my dentist – granted there are always some species that do that early but I have not seen it in February or if I have I had forgotten – I’m afraid here in the south too that we will have a freeze after the peach trees and blueberries bud out in April – it has happened before and my brother basically lost his whole crop other than a little bit for family to pick. the girls look wonderful in their ferocious pose – love it!

  2. I see buds springing up everywhere and the weather is amazing. I can’t remember a February warmer than this one…i sure hope its not as hot as it was last summer…so not a a hot weather kind of girl. The photos of the dogs are adorable.

  3. Dawn says:

    Congratulations to the girls, I’m cheering for them.
    Love the colorful quilt.
    Too warm here too. Wondering what March will bring.

  4. Lorrie says:

    Your winter is unusually warm, and ours has been unusually cold.
    That’s a great photo of your little wrestlers.

  5. Judy says:

    Look at those girls!!!! What a great photo!

  6. Joyce says:

    I understand the boring part about binding – but I try to look at it as the reward for finally finishing something! So much movement in the gradient quilt – which I suppose is the very idea!
    Your twin girls remind me of my own set. When they grow up with brothers they are far more fearless than those who do not – I am basing this only on my own upbringing and that of my 3 daughters – trios of “princesses” who wouldn’t dream of taking on a boy in the wrestling arena. I’m delighted to see those girls in there, “winking at a challenge!”

  7. Grandma Kc says:

    Back in the day when I loved sewing I used to detest hemming things! Guess it is kind of like binding – BORING! Love the pictures of the girls.

    You are right about this weather… scary stuff. Like you I”m afraid a lot of crops could be lost if orange trees, etc start flowering early and then freeze. Fingers are crossed for all of us.

  8. Sweet Marie says:

    Love the wrestling photo! the expressions on the girl’s faces is priceless and that quote is Awesome!
    sounds like everyone is enjoying the nice weather. :) your pups are so cute! our Rocket and Rambo like to play tug a war as well, but Rocket doesn’t know when to stop, he’s younger, so we have to stop them after a few.
    so glad you are enjoying cookouts! we’ve been cooking out as well, we really enjoy it. we’ve even been playing cards outside because the weather has been so nice.

  9. Kyle says:

    Love the wrestling photo. And every thing that you’ve been wrestling with too.

  10. That photo of the girls is a true keeper Deb!

    I heard the weather is warm up there. Typical northeast…one week snow, the next you’re heading to the beach :).

  11. Eileen says:

    Hello Deb, I love that first shot with the twins. Your son’s quilt is pretty. Merle is adorable. Enjoy your day and the week ahead!

  12. I love all your photos, Deb – the twins look so cute in their wrestling duds, oh my gosh what gorgeous girls! And all those little fuzzy faces looking up at you for their cookies, just too cute! It was warm up here this past weekend also, but we still have a ton of snow. No cookouts yet!

  13. I LOVE the photo and the comment. You go girls! :-) I think we could do a trade here – you do a little appliqué, I’ll do a little binding. :-)

  14. I love that top photo as well -girl power at its best.

  15. Margie Miller says:

    It was 80 degrees here in southeast Kansas yesterday. You would never guess it is February.

  16. Val Reynolds says:

    Oh Lordy…your grands are the BEST!!! LOVE that picture…they must have the best little personalities. OMG!! Our back patio is A MESS from winter and we still have snow…..EVERYWHERE!!! UGH! We are entering the messy stage of the melt where we can get out far enough to see all the damage. E gags….big spring clean up ahead. Meanwhile…temps continue around 34 degrees. Can you believe I’m even tire of sewing. LOL

  17. Susan says:

    Yes, TN has been much warmer, too. My amaryllis were already open this week, narcissus are open everywhere in the neighborhood, the redbud and flowering plum, as well as tulip trees, are all blooming. Even forsythia is yellowing the branches. It’s lovely, but unusual for even TN. Some days, we’ve actually been warmer than Phoenix, and Phoenix is normal for the year. Your dogs are funny, and the girls adorable.

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