What a week


I don’t know about you all, but it’s been hard to focus the last few days.

Charlottesville. I heard President Trumps’ first statement, the second one ( read as if he was being  held hostage by the aides who wrote it ) and the third one where his real feelings came out once again. In quite the angry torrent, as well! :)

I read the aftermath and political opinions about that, and they are still ensuing.

I watched many a video online of what went on in Charlottesville.  You can’t watch them and not be shocked and appalled. If you are not up to speed on all of it Vice / HBO did a documentary, following along with one of the Neo Nazi groups all the way through.   View it HERE.  I watched a few others, wanting to get a fair view of everything but this is good, as you are WITH these guys throughout the video and hear their views and feelings.

I watched the memorial service for Heather Heyer and her parents were so inspiring….and I cried all the way through.

When the lady began to sing Amazing Grace, I was reminded of President Obama singing Amazing Grace and being the Healer-in-Chief at the funeral of Rev. Clementa Pinckney.  I looked it up on You Tube and cried all over again.  HERE. 

On Thursday morning I watched a video of one of the survivors in the Charlottesville attack, and why she felt that God had put her car where it was. She had me in tears, and the video clip is HERE in case you missed it.

While I intellectually understood what she meant, the sheer NUMBERS did not hit home until Barcelona.

Charlottesville ( her car in front of the Dodge Charger )  1 dead, 19 wounded.  Barcelona : 13 dead as of this writing with 100 wounded. Horrific.

This blog is not a political or world affairs blog but occasionally I post something about what is going on and sometimes people are not pleased.

It can’ t  always be  The Happy Place.  Our country has been in turmoil this week.

I feel that I have to be honest and honor her. And like her mother said at the service, they wanted to shut her up but now she is magnified.

As to her mother now, in an NBC interview on Thursday,  she said ” “I think the president has found a niche in voters of the people who feel marginalized and I think he has continued to nurture those marginalized voters,” she said. “I’ve had death threats already … because of what I’m doing right this second.”

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13 Responses to What a week

  1. Kat says:

    I too have been shocked and thought I was pass that. Evil is evil and that’s the truth. I’m not the bad person because I’m against hate and evil, no comparison. I too was so moved by what Heather’s parents said and I plan to watch the HBO documentary. Thank you

  2. Eileen says:

    Hello, it has been a bad week. My prayers go out to Heather and the victims of the Charlottesville and Barcelona. I did watch the HBO video, it has been shocking. I have never been a fan of Trump, I wish he would resign. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  3. Nana Diana says:

    It is just plain sad what is going on in the world right now. My heart is shredded. Thanks for the link to the documentary. It is a sad time in our history…but I have faith that Americans will rise up and be a country that will be looked up to again. I am the eternal optimist, I guess.

  4. Karen says:

    I have not watched all the videos – I have found the whole week to be so depressing that it was best for me to not watch more if you know what I mean. The violence and hatred in our has to stop. As the president was reading his second speech you could tell it wasn’t his words and he had no emotion he was just reading words – I was disgusted by him. Where is he bringing our country that people like the KKK praise him and he says nothing to dissuade them. Being that some of his family is Jewish you would think he would want to stop them in their tracks – I do not understand him – lots of times I do not care for a president but this is the first one I can remember that I truly feel is totally incompetent to run the country I know he has not broken any laws (as far as we know) so he can not be impeached but he needs to resign and let someone get back to work leading the country before it falls apart.

  5. Juliana says:

    Thanks very much for your post.

  6. Joyce says:

    There are still days when I wake up in disbelief that the office of our presidency is being desecrated by this selfish, immoral man. Every day brings a new outrage. I’ve decided to just wait for everything to implode on its own. That happens sometimes, when you just exercise patience.
    I saw Heather’s mother speak at the funeral and so admired her articulate message and determination to make good come from all of this.
    Thank you for speaking out on the state of affairs!

  7. Thanks for writing this. I’ve been working on my blog and haven’t been reading blogs this week, so I’m a bit behind. I cried during much of this too. Also have lost readers. But sometimes you’ve just gotta say what you need to say, and Heather’s story deserved to be mentioned and memorialized.

  8. Chris K in Wisconsin says:

    If you have been watching today, you know Bannon is out. However, I don’t believe just because he is out of the White House that he will be out of the president’s ear. (Yes, I intentionally did NOT capitalize the word because of who is holding that office right now.)I am appalled at his words. I wonder how his Jewish grandchildren feel or WILL feel once they are old enough to understand this week in history. And as appalled as I am, I am not surprised. He auditioned for this role as he ran for the office. How could people not see what he is and yet still check the box with his name…. that still makes my stomach churn.

    • debralynnpugh says:

      Chris yep I just saw that Bannon is out a bit ago. Steven Miller and Gorka are just like Bannon, though. We’ll see what General Kelly does about them down the line. The trouble is that no one can do anything about Trump. He complains about the media but does he realize that 9/10ths of the stories out there about him have been self-inflicted, such as that press conference where he went rogue, or his daily tweeting. He is temperamentally unfit for this job.

  9. Barb says:

    Bravo for speaking out as many of us share your broken heart and fears for our country. We have to stand together now.

  10. Kitsy Keel Smith says:

    Amen to all who voice their thoughts in a loving way. I so hope this presidency can end sooner rather than later, before he gives the world any more reasons to think badly of our beloved country than he already has.

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