Tying Quilty 365 ( and other quilts over time )

Sunday was my boys first Father’s Day without their father. The oldest who lives in Missouri doesn’t come home for Mother / Father days but the other two are used to doing something. I hoped that they’d get through it ok.

Scott ended up going to a swap meet with my DILs’ dad… ( car and motorcyle based, I think ) and they camped there and came home on Sunday afternoon.  The DIL and grands were working on a big breakfast-for-dinner for him when I was down there.

The youngest was invited to a friends house. That friend has a pool and Nate posted a video on my Facebook timeline of Koopa, wearing a doggie life vest, happily swimming in the pool alongside another dog.

Well it was another super hot day and I knew that I’d spend most of it indoors. I had gotten this far on my Elizabeths Pride applique.

While I was sewing I was thinking about quilting….as in while there was still much to be done in regards to hand quilting Scrappy Granny, I was close  enough to the end that I had most of my basting pins freed up now.

I really should use them to tie a quilt prior to using them for another hand quilting project.

Of the quilt tops that I have in finished or near to finished stages hanging in an upstairs cupboard, several will be tied and not hand quilted. When I hand quilt something and give it away, people don’t use it. It goes on display. If I tie it, people are snuggled under it on a couch, bed, or it goes to a picnic or football game or what-have-you.

I decided to pin baste and tie the Quilty 365 top. I won’t give that away…it can go on the twin mattress set upstairs that we had to get when the youngest moved in for awhile.

It is always fun when you go to quilt something ( hand, tying, or machine quilting ) that you finished awhile ago and now are revisiting …

I always use a curved needle. I purchased a set in JoAnn Fabrics ; there were four needles. Two are larger for tying with thick yarn and the smaller ones are just right for using crochet cotton.

Tied quilts hold up beautifully.

This is with my oldest in Missouri…he’ll be 40 soon and it went off to college with him:

The next two are on the girls beds at their house.

This one is displayed on a chair in their family room and often covers the kids on the couch.

And not too long ago I’d tied the Gradient quilt for my youngest and just washed that again recently and dried it on the line.

There are a few others that I am recalling….one or two go frequently to the football games with the kids. And anything hand quilted they display and never touch; same with my mother.

Here at my house the hand quilted couch quilts get plenty of use, though. My youngest was constantly under the Stars & Spools quilt that I had recently finished :)

Well, back to tying. It’s not as fun as hand quilting ; it is rather boring and tedious, but a little each day will get the job done .

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13 Responses to Tying Quilty 365 ( and other quilts over time )

  1. Joyce says:

    I agree with you about finding an abandoned treasure and finishing it! When my now-29 year old daughter was 10, I helped her make a small quilt of handpainted blocks. I recently finished the ties and she was delighted to see her artwork – a now deceased pet cat (who lived to be 18!), a new pair of fancy sneakers, and the rescued bird who chose to live on top of his cage instead of inside!
    Your quilts have so much charm and have delighted many people!

  2. I tied a few of my quilts. And I recall spreading a quilt top on the floor, shoving furniture out of the way. And crawling on my knees across the quilt top basting it loosely to get it ready to quilt.

  3. Eileen says:

    Hello, I always love seeing your quilts. You do such beautiful work. Quilting is like greek to me, I would think it is nice to have a quilt to snuggle with. We went to dinner with my son and hubby for Father’s Day. Happy Monday, enjoy your day and the new week ahead!

  4. Karen says:

    always love to see the quilts. I have never tied a quilt – luckily the people that have gotten my hand quilted or straight line machine quilted quilts have used them! one had to be told it was ok to use the quilt and not just put it away it took a little in convincing – so glad she is using it.

  5. Lea says:

    What a pretty bunch of quilts!!

    I had only tied a quilt once, a long time ago. But then last year when I was making children’s quilts for a group of quilters to give to the children they requested the quilts be tied. I have to say I like the charm of a tied quilt and will do this again. Maybe I’ll even mix tying with quilting together in a quilt.

    • debralynnpugh says:

      Lea I mixed them in my snowball quilt…Hand quilted the interior and tied the border for texture and color and I still love that quilt :)

  6. Robin says:

    You make a good point of tying vs hand quilting. It’s true that I would use a tied quilt more frequently too and save the hand quilted item for a bedspread never to be removed or sat upon. I once apologized to my younger daughter for someday leaving so many quilt tops for her to figure out what to do with after I’m gone. She smiled and said, “I’ll just sandwich them and tie them.” I did make a hand quilted youth quilt for a grandson and it is really faded and used. That makes me happy. I do Big Stitch a lot so that the quilts can be taken out of the chest or off the shelf and really used. I guess I should tie more.

  7. Kyle says:

    I’ve only tied a quilt once a long time ago and used big fat red yarn. It was practical but got pretty fuzzy over the year. I like your idea of crochet thread.

  8. We have been in the middle of a heatwave in England – maybe we’ll find many new quilters out there like you escaping the heat!!! Loved seeing all your quilts especially the one which went off to college all those years ago!
    Keep cool.
    Wren x

  9. Beautiful. I must hang my head and admit I haven’t accomplished much in the sewing area. Good thing you do enough work to cover both of us. :-)

  10. I can’t even remember the last time I tied a quilt. I seem to forget that it’s an option!

  11. Grandma Kc says:

    Your quilts are all so amazing. I’d have a hard time picking the one I like best.

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