Vintage Grandmother’s Flower Garden Quilt

I thought to share one of my two vintage quilts with you. I don’t think that I’ve done so on this blog as yet.

First of all, I won’t even pretend to have a fancy decorated bedroom. This is one of the standard spreads…and I have to warn you that my cat is in most pictures as the minute I took her off the bed, she just jumped right back up, so she wins.

Standard Spread

But on a Sunday or holiday if the family and other company are coming,  I put out the Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt.  This quilt was at a local mission store a year or so ago and I held my breath, hoping that no one would purchase it before the end of the month when it would go to half price.

What family discarded or donated this priceless gem I do not know but this quilter appreciates it every time I feel its soft cotton and smooth it out over the bed, admiring the handiwork and ceaseless hours that went in to it.

This post is a bit picture heavy. If you only pick up quilts for decor or color you might not be interested but if you quilt, or have worked on a hexagon project, then you will probably enjoy some closeups of the stitching and old fabrics.

First of all, it’s a working bedroom as in part of my sewing room is over on the ironing board ( and the rest is in my dining room : )

working bedroom

Now for the quilt:

GF Collage


Here it is turned over a bit to show the stitching underneath:

GFG underside fine stitching

GFG another collage





Here are a few shots of how the edges were treated on this quilt:

Edge treatment 2


Edge treatment


Edge treatment 3

Having just sewn a few hexies together here and there for small projects such as pillows, I can truly appreciate the extraordinary amount of work that would go into creating a full sized quilt out of them. I hope that you enjoyed seeing this one and the beautiful old vintage fabrics.

And in the end, I paid 125.00 for this. I feel grateful and blessed that I could pick it up for that cost, because I could not have afforded more, and I’ll cherish it forever. I also feel very sad that I don’t know who made it…it is flawless…and I don’t know why her family did not see it as a priceless heirloom to be passed down through the generations.

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54 Responses to Vintage Grandmother’s Flower Garden Quilt

  1. genie says:

    Debra…You have made my day with your post of the flower garden quilt. I have my grandmother’s which is over 100 years old and was never quilted. Up until now, I did not have a clue how to tackle backing and quilting it because of the way the hexies went around the flowers around the edges. See this helps so much. Guess I would make a set one one color hexies like yours and then fill in the open area with white ones. I think I will lay it out today and take a picture of it. After I post it I will let you know. I would love to hear any suggestion you and any of the other quilters would have for me. I tell you, you are one very lucky girl to have that beauty on your bed. The stars were in the correct alignment that day. genie

  2. Just beautiful. I love the old fabric patterns. :) I have a quilt that was my grandmother’s, and I would rather have it than anything else she could have shared with me! ♥

  3. Joyce says:

    Your quilt is priceless – not only for the amazing deal you got on it, but because it has now found a home deserving of its beauty. That’s the only sad part – I cannot imagine working at such a labor of love for so long and not having my mind drift to future family members who would think of me fondly as they lay beneath this timeless work of art. But I’m one of those people who believe this quilter knows and appreciates how you rescued it for her!
    And Kanga? Probably envisions herself as some kind of a “paper weight” for quilts. “Just helping mommy so it doesn’t fly away while she takes her pictures!” Okay Kanga – “whatever!” :)

  4. There is a woman and a family smiling somewhere because you are now loving that beautiful quilt that took a very talent person a long time to create. :-)

  5. I can’t believe you let the cat get on it! But I understand how one loves their cats! The quilt is priceless and beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Isn’t it gorgeous???!!! I love the room and the cat!

  7. Jann Olson says:

    Deb, this is a real treasure! I am so glad that you were able to get it. Can you imagine the hours that went into that beauty? A real treasure indeed! Can’t blame the kitty for wanting to be the center of attention. I’d love for you to share this with SYC.

  8. Amy says:

    That quilt waited for you…you were meant to own it, and somehow I believe the quilter knows how much it means to you.

  9. Grandma Kc says:

    It really is a beautiful quilt and I remember when you got it and how excited you were then that it had made it the half price sale. It is just gorgeous and it is to bad you don’t know it’s back story. Maybe you and Brent should make one up!

  10. Your cat is darling, of course she deserves to be in every photo.

    And the quilt, it knew that you would cherish it, so it waited for you to come along.


  11. michele says:

    Your quilt is beautiful. The price you paid is so fantastic. I sometimes do not understand why family members get rid of family heirlooms, except for the fact that it is not a heirloom to them in the first place.
    Visiting from Common Ground today.

  12. Hootin' Anni says:

    What works of art those quilts are!!! I always admire and am in awe of those that can quilt and have them look perfect!!! You have some treasures.

    As for the kitty!!!!!!!!!!! Purrrrr………’s a gorgeous one.

  13. Barb says:

    Your kitty is quite the photogenic ham! That quilt is priceless. It’s hard to imagine that someone gave it away. Glad it got a home with someone who appreciates it.

  14. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my London post. A tour guide at another castle once told me that that beds were so small because they slept upright because they were afraid of their fluids being stagnant while they slept!

  15. Holy smokes Deb, that’s a beautiful quilt and you must be proud to own it. I’ve only put together a couple of quilts with very simple squares so I can imagine the work which has gone into this one. I have a similar quilt, old, well loved, it has a few of the hexagons missing off a white background. One of these days I’ll feel brave enough to tackle replacing them. :)

  16. sue says:

    I love the persistent kitty!

    It’s very beautiful! I have one gifted me from a vintage shop, and I wondered the same thoughts since my mother crocheted, knitted, and quilted! Well you were blessed to find it.

  17. You have a beautiful bedroom and your dresser or chest looks a lot like mine. I also have my bed arranged with the headboard at the windows. I like it the way, don’t you? And what a beautiful quilt. I love the colors and design and it makes me comfortable to have quilts on the beds…makes a room prettier, I think! I have 2 quilts folded at the foot of my bed. I love yours!

  18. Sherry says:

    Love your vintage quilt thanks for sharing

  19. Carla says:

    So glad that you were able to purchase and enjoy this quilt. My current hexie project does make me appreciate anything close to a bed size quilt. I really love the orange border in this. I love the texture that quilting brings to a project, almost like it is magic. Thanks for sharing this beauty, I ‘m sure it’s maker is happy it has found a home where it will be appreciated.

  20. A treasure indeed! So glad it has a new home where it will be enjoyed and cared for as it deserves!

  21. Deanna W says:

    Sometimes if the family is not aware of the value or doesn’t want mom’s or grandma’s stuff it just gets boxed up and sent wherever for someone like you to discover and treasure. I happened into a quilt because DH aunt died and when cleaning out her house a quilt was going to be used for packing around some furniture but he scooped it for me or else it would have been gone. Lime green and bright yellow stars but hand quilted.It is part of my legacy to my family now!

  22. Carol Cook says:

    Your quilt is beautiful – so much loving work went into it.

    Grandmother’s Flower Garden is one of my favorite patterns. I made my first one when I was pregnant with our son – 39 years ago. We lived in Jamaica so my fabric choices were limited. It is just a small baby quilt, but I have in on a bench in my workroom. Then I made a full size bed quilt for our room. I stopped using it because of the wear it was getting for all the work I had put into it. My daughter stole it a few years ago and uses it as a thrown when she is watching television. I made another baby size quilt in pastels and kept it rather than give it as a baby gift. I was actually thinking of starting another one this week. We are driving to and from Utah next week on vacation and a GFQ is the perfect size of work for the car.

  23. Debra says:

    It is beautiful!!! What a treasure! Love those old feed sack fabrics – stunning. This is a good reason to always remember to put a label on everything we make. Enjoy it. Your kitty is a sweety!

  24. Deb says:

    Wow. You are so lucky to have found that treasure. I am sure the quilt maker is smiling down knowing someone who truly appreciates it is now the owner. Pretty kitty. Mine love quilts too.

  25. Sharon says:

    You picked a real treasure at a spectacular price. And now it has a loving home where it will receive the attention it deserves.

  26. Poppy says:


    Even though I cannot sew, I can appreciate the beauty and hard work that goes into a quilt like this! The flowers, which I am guessing are what you experts call hexagons, look like starts with flower halos to me, floating in the skies, and scenting it with sweet air!

    So beautiful, as is your bedroom and cat, (and she knows it, too – such a showoff, she is!).


  27. audrey says:

    Beautiful! What an inspiration.:)

  28. Unbelievable that someone – anyone – in the family didn’t want that masterpiece. I’m currently working on two smaller hexagon projects (lap quilt and wall hanging), and I’m here to tell you that just basting the hexies and then putting them together to create the top is a lot of work … add in the quilting, and it’s mind boggling. Thank you for rescuing it … and sharing it with us!

  29. Robin says:

    I loved your quilt when I saw we were neighbors at “A Stroll Thru Life” linky party! Your quilt is extraordinary and I agree with you, why didn’t the quilters family treasure this heirloom. Quite a thrill for you to cherish it now. Beautiful.

  30. FABBY says:

    The old fabric pattern is so pretty and I am very impressed, it’s beautiful and how talented you are! I use to work in this when I was a Young mother, but never did anything as gorgeous as this!
    Thank you for dropping by. Have a lovely week.


  31. Susan says:

    It’s a beautiful quilt and quite a bargain too. I know how many hours of stitching went into it because I have one that I have been working on for years. This pattern is one of my favorites and you will treasure it for years.

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  32. The quilt is beautiful!! I love the traditional patterns… and I love that kitty kept her spot on the bed, she is lovely:-)
    Have a good week..

  33. Such a beautiful quilt and a lovely story to go with it. You rescued a treasure and the lady who made it is smiling.

  34. Lauren aka Giddy99 says:

    WOW, what an amazing find! I’m glad it is with someone who will love it and take care of it. :)

    Question – could you show another picture or two of the edges? I can’t see the binding, it appears to be sewn without binding? I’m working on a hand-pieced hexagon quilt, too, but not a GFG –

  35. Tammy says:

    Beautiful quilt. What a treasure to find.

  36. Linda Evans says:

    LOVE your quilt….amazing old feedsack fabrics, love the “puckering” of quilts……I collect quilts and love them all. Grandmother’s Flowers Garden was the first quilt my mom made! I have done many crafts…rug hook, cross stitch, sew, knit, crochet, but could never quite master quilting…so I am always awe struck in any quilt and appreciate the work that goes into one.

  37. This quilt is a true gem . . .

  38. Vickie says:

    Your quilt is a beauty! The doors in your home are fabulous with all their details!

  39. Debbie says:

    What a beautiful quilt…and kitty! Kitties just make a quilt look even better if you ask me. I’m working on a GFG quilt right now…all pieced by hand…as a tribute to the one I have that my Mom & Grandma made back in the 1940s. The hexagons take some time to piece, but once you’ve completed a flower, it’s all worth it. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous quilt.

  40. It’s exquisite. I also have a Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt my mother’s landlady made and gave to her family, and really love it. I’ve made a few quilts but never anything that difficult! Featuring on the Features Pinterest board this week. Thanks so much for linking this to the History & Home Link Party. Take care – Dawn @ We Call It

  41. Susan says:

    What a treasure! I’m so glad it found a home with someone who truly appreciates it. Love the detail photos! The edges are incredible. Your bedroom looks like a cozy place to me! Very cottage and cozy! My ironing board is set up in my dining room at the mo – a pile of ironing over a chair. I do not live in a magazine layout either! I’m sure a lot of us find ourselves moving bits of daily life out of camera range at times.

  42. Susan says:

    Oh – love the cat picture – like it’s saying ‘mine!’

  43. what a wonderful find, it’s totally amazing, but then I’m an antique quilt lover from waaaay back. And I so know about kitties, mine have bed rights and stake their claims every day!! thanks for sharing this beauty!

  44. Steffi says:

    Thank you for sending me the link to this post! Wow, this quilt really is a beauty. You are very lucky.
    It is sad that nobody of the quilter’s family wanted to keep it, but it is also nice to know that you own and cherish it now.
    I really love looking at the vintage fabrics. I just love the 30s designs and colors.
    My hexie quilt will look like this when finished:

  45. Okay i’ve been creating a granmother’s garden and thought of putting them together WITHOUT this path…until this post!!! Oh…I just love this quilt!!! Hmmmm….geuss I should start making plain ol hexagons….LOL!!!

  46. Oh thanks for stopping by and sharing at TUesday Archives!! See some of us missed awesome post like this!

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