To everything there is a season

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“To everything there is a season”, Ecclesiates 3:1 tells us.

We are often in a hurry for the next season. After a harsh winter, we long for spring. After a hot & humid summer, we long for fall. I do not like the heat and my home does not have whole house air conditioning so I am quite guilty of often longing for fall by summer’s end.

I want to turn on the oven again and eat hearty dishes and feel crisp cool air…

soup old

STRATA etc collage old

pancakes etc o

But of course, right after that comes winter again / why was I in such a hurry :)

Here in my location, which is in Southwestern Pennsylvania, the winter has been changeable and far from unrelenting or harsh. Oh, we’ve had some bitterly cold temperatures and a bit of snow but this El Nino winter has not been a hard one at all. Last weekend was sub-zero and this weekend we saw 60 degrees on Saturday. I have to honestly say that while I love spring I am not in a hurry for it as I am too busy being thankful for this mild winter!

This old house has steam radiator heat. My little galley kitchen and bathroom are unheated. I am thankful that there has only  been a few days this winter where being in those rooms was difficult.

I am thankful that this Saturday and one a few weeks back provided a welcome break and let me open the windows and let in some fresh air for a few hours in the afternoon.

curtains in breeze collage o

andrew wyeth

This weekend, my DIL got to take the kids and the puppy to a park to play with just light sweatshirt jackets on, and on Sunday I walked up to see them in the afternoon with just a sweater versus a winter coat.

This time, for a change, I am not in such a hurry for spring.

clock misc o

The days are longer. The light is changing. We’ll still have some cold and snow. I think that we’ll have an early spring because the cardinal has changed his song to “Pretty Pretty” which I do not hear him sing in the winter, and my dogs are going into full shed right now.

But for the moment, I’ll enjoy the oven on, and the changing light, and try to gear up for spring cleaning….because that needs to be done before spring actually arrives and the yard work that comes with it.

bed and bath shadows o

How about you ? Are you still wanting to savor what remains of winter a little bit?

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31 Responses to To everything there is a season

  1. Karen says:

    I normally do not really mind winter all that much – partly because it only last two to three months. Although we do have central heat and air our one bathroom in our house doesn’t have a vent and we never got around to putting one in it. I have a space heater in there that we use when it is very cold for when we take showers – otherwise when the bathroom is unoccupied we leave the door open so heat or air can get in it. I love the oven on in the winter and making things in it – I don’t use it much in the summer as I don’t like to heat the house up with it.
    We had 70’s this weekend and now maybe snow Tuesday night!

  2. riitta k says:

    I love your flowing white curtains. So poetic!

  3. What a beautiful and wise post! You have such a cosy and welcoming home.
    I have always been happy to have four very distinct seasons, but sometimes almost six months of nothing growing in the garden look long, when fellow bloggers post pretty flowers already in February. :-)
    Thank you for the lovely post! Have a great week ahead!

  4. Eileen says:

    Hello, lovely images. The food look delicious. I love the shot of the curtains blowing in the fresh air. I am looking forward to spring now. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  5. I love this post. It’s so true that we’re always in a hurry for the next season. We should all probably learn to savor the moments more. Easier to do when it’s 60 than when it’s 15 below. Lol

    Your accompanying photos are wonderful.

  6. Sylvia D. says:

    Karen, We have had a good winter overall. I love the white curtain pictures. The bright green ball handle is cool too. Sylvia D.

  7. While it has been a milder winter than in past years, 7 feet of snow, many inches of rain and ice, and very cold temps have me longing to get started in the garden and see spring. I am hoping for a slow warm up and a long slow spring to savor.

    Lovely scenes and I love the yummy foods and views from your window.

  8. I absolutely love this post, Deb! And you are right – that green glass knob is nearly identical to the ones I put on my kitchen and dining room cabinets – love it! I love all the sunshine pouring into your little bungalow. I’m a bit more anxious for spring so I can spend more time outdoors but I’m also enjoying this mild and very bizarre winter – it gives me more time to get the garden ready before we are in full fledged planting mode!

  9. BillieBee says:

    We barely had winter this year….mostly a little fall and and early spring. Yesterday the humidity started here in Texas so I won’t be going out too much. I love all your photos! Calm and relaxing.

  10. At my age, I try to savor every moment of every season. :-) The sun is shining bright here today, and the temps are upper 30’s. No complaints. I’m keeping busy sewing. Have a good Monday, friend.

  11. rue says:

    Your pictures are always beautiful, Deb but that sepia one with the blowing curtains is unbelievable!

    As far as winter… I love it, but it came early this year and seems to have left us just as early. We’ve had Spring temps for over two weeks, which are 15 degrees above normal. I hope we still get our yearly April snow, but I’m beginning to doubt it.

    Summer on the other hand is my least favorite season. Like you I don’t have central air and that keeps me out of my beloved kitchen.

    That said, I try to savor everyday :)


  12. Joyce says:

    I am trying very hard to enjoy each season for the “good stuff” it brings. Even winter has its coziness. But I always fall back on being impatient – now I want spring, later I’ll need summer, and like you, become anxious for fall and all that the holiday season brings for a family to enjoy together!

  13. That Wyeth print, Wind from the Sea, is one of my all time favorite scenes. Lovely to see another admirer. Lovely breezes in your curtains, I do love fresh air too. I enjoy each season as it comes, trying not to rush to the next, as long as it isn’t too hot. I can handle cold a lot better.

  14. Melanie says:

    Your photos make winter look beautiful and bearable! ;-) I’m obviously not a winter person…but I have to say, that this winter for us here in northern IL has also been mild for the most part. We had spring-like weather this past weekend and it was such a teaser! I am really longing to be outside and digging in the dirt again.

  15. audrey says:

    I really appreciated your post. I have such a love/hate relationship with this phase of winter. Such lovely sun for a couple hours in the afternoon and then poof, it’s gone and the wind kicks up and we’re freezing again. Can’t wait for Spring, it’s my favorite season, but this little part of winter makes me appreciate it all the more.:)

  16. Judith @ Lavender Cottage says:

    I don’t mind winter, and of course we spend February in Florida but when we get back spring is just around the corner.
    We really do need to savour every day and live it to its fullest.

  17. Judy says:

    Actually, I love winter and we are going to get more of it this mid-week. Maybe you will too? I really dread the spring forward time change. Once I get used to that, I am all for spring garden work.

  18. Jane says:

    I love winter–I only get tired of being cooped up.

    I LOVE your pics—they tell a story!


  19. Kim says:

    Last year, we suffered through bitter temps and unrelenting snowfalls until mid April. I ached for spring. This year our weather has been mild as well, and while I do want spring to get here quickly (I’m a warm weather girl), my eldest is graduating from high school and that is a season I am not ready to say good bye to just yet. So I guess winter can stick around for just a little bit longer…but I think these next few months are going to fly by. :(

  20. Since I love winter I’m never in a hurry for it to end. Winter gives me time to do my winter crafts, sewing, knitting and quilting. Even though i love spring I hate, hate, hate hot weather. I also don’t like rushing season to get to another. I see blogs having spring already so silly, can’t we just live in the moment?

  21. Bernie says:

    As th other commenters ar saying, this is a lovely post. Time goes by all too quickly – it is best to enjoy what the day brings. In Northern CA, we are enjoying mild weather. It has been dry all week tho so I am hoping for some rain soon. I love all seasons with th exception of the hottest parts of summer. But still, best to just stay present and not look to what comes next. Your photos are peaceful- so lovely.

  22. Bernie says:

    PS- the depression glass that shows on the left side of one of your photo collages…. I have that plate. Mine is cake sized, which is usually why I use it for. Serving desserts. It is so pretty.

  23. How I love the pictures of the billowing white curtains! I guess I am a fair-weather person–I love autumn and spring because they aren’t extreme temperature seasons. After suffering through three weeks of below zero temps, my latest heating bill tells me it’s time for winter to be over. Ha!

  24. Grandma Kc says:

    I love the pictures of your home – especially the ones of the curtains blowing in the breeze. I love having my windows open. As for the season, I am pretty sure it is spring here already.

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  26. Jemma says:

    You write straight from your heart.
    I too am not in a hurry to rush through the seasons of life. Time to embrace them all.
    Gorgeous photos as well.
    Thank you for joining us at #THOHOT

  27. Claudia W says:

    Where I lived the year before last, I never noticed the changing of the seasons much. There wasn’t that much to notice, they all just kind of run one into the other. I moved to the Pacific Northwest at the end of January in 2015. There was a lot of excitement in the move and when spring did roll around I was very happy to see what the trees looked like in leaf and bloom and to see what kinds of flowers I had in the garden. This year, I spent most of the winter by myself and I didn’t like it at all. Now that spring is showing it’s lovely green head I am happier, but I have to do something different for next winter. I cannot endure another four months like that!

  28. Laura says:

    I know exactly how you feel.
    I guess that is the wonder of seasons- we get to experience change .

    I enjoyed visiting!
    Thank you so much for joining TOHOT.

  29. Carol Cook says:

    We don’t really experience winter like you do. We are having summer like days right now and as much as I love the heat and flowers blooming in September, we NEED rain so I want winter.

  30. I too try and enjoy all the seasons to their fullest. I adore all the snapshots you were able to capture.

    I am a bit late in visiting due to it being college finals week for me but I am so very happy you joined Thought of Home on Thursday and shared this delightful gem.

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