The Shenandoah Valley Botanical Album Quilt: Beautiful History

I follow Dawn’s blog, “Collector with a Needle“. She had an invitation out.  She and Doreen, of Aunt Reen’s Place, were going to host a Sew-Along. They’ll be reproducing the Shenandoah Valley Botanical Album Quilt. The quilt intriqued me but I have too many irons in the fire and most of the blocks looked far above my skill level. I decided that I’d follow the Sew-Along but not participate.

I kept thinking about the quilt. I love to garden and I love flowers…

I love reproduction quilts & quilt history…

You know where this is going, don’t you :)

Well, along with a dedicated blog for the quilt, they have a Facebook page that I’d liked, and after seeing it in my newsfeed for two days, I went back to the blog and ordered the pattern. It’s only 19.95 and it benefits the Virginia Quilt Museum.

You can order paper patterns to be shipped, and pay shipping charges, or print a PDF out at home.  You can use the printout and make 9 inch blocks, or enlarge to make 16 or 20 inch blocks.

The Sew Along Starts in October and they are getting the word out now.

The blog for the Sew Along is HERE.  I have copied the quilt photo from their site. If you look at the rainbows and that tree with the circles in the center…there are historical reasons for those blocks. Isn’t it beautiful?

botanical album quilt

I imagine that there will be quite a few like me there…to learn from the experts. Dawn & Doreen promise plenty of tips and tricks along the way, and this is also a quilt study in regards to the history of the quilt. It should be very interesting so head on over to read more about it :)

If you are on Facebook check out their FB page as well …just type in The Shenandoah Valley Botanical Album Quilt.

And yes many of these blocks are above my skill level but I’ll learn, adapt, and enjoy the process.  It’s going to be gardening on fabric :)

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15 Responses to The Shenandoah Valley Botanical Album Quilt: Beautiful History

  1. Dawn says:

    So happy you are joining in the fun! Warning: The blocks are addicting! Just one more flower…

  2. Karen says:

    I was tempted but decided the pattern wasn’t quite my style and figured I would lose interest – I don’t want another applique quilt sitting around not being worked on like Love Entwined.

  3. Lorrie says:

    You will have a beautiful quilt at the end of the project, and learn lots in the making of it. Challenges are good!

  4. The quilt is stunning…I can see why you wanted to make one, too! Looking forward to seeing how it goes for you!

  5. audrey says:

    It really is a beautiful quilt. LOVE the colors! I’m gonna follow along with all the new interpretations.:)

  6. You are taking on a wonderful project. The quilt is beautiful and you’ll learn a lot.

  7. Susan says:

    Good for you for deciding to go for it! It looks like a wonderful project and I think you’ll enjoy it. And, it’s absolutely beautiful.

  8. Joyce says:

    What a beauty! I think even if it took years to complete it would be worth the effort. I have “sew” many things lined up, waiting in frustration for my attention that I can’t consider this too, but I am looking forward to seeing your progress right here! Best of luck with it!

  9. ladyfi says:

    What a lovely quilt!

  10. Debbie says:

    Wow, you are adventurous!! Brave woman taking that on!!

    Of course this is coming from someone who can barely sew on a button, so….


  11. Grandma Kc says:

    That will be so pretty! Can’t wait to see it.

  12. Annemieke says:

    Thanks for mentioning this quilt. Beautiful and different at the same time. I like it. I’ll visit their site. Thanks for the compliments on my chicken quilt ;)

  13. Debbie H says:

    Beautiful Quilt but not my style.

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