Thank you & Slice of Life ( Happier ) Since Kanga Passed

Thank you to everyone for all of the kind comments in regards to my last post about Kanga. The majority of you have all gone through the same thing with your furbabies and know what it is like.

I was kind of numb and depressed and zombie-like for a few days, even though I knew her death was imminent prior to it occuring. That and the heart wrenching stories about the immigrant children separated from their parents…so much sadness.

But this is a Slice of Life post that encompasses emotions on all spectrums this week :)

So  don’t laugh ( or go ahead ) but I was still using an iPhone 3 and it finally died at the same time as Kanga. It actually didn’t die completely….it just couldn’t access the cellular network anymore. AT & T support was wonderful….they sent me a new SIM card / lots of on-the-phone support, but in the end I had to finally bite the bullet and upgrade.

I used Cricket and got a bargain on an iPhone 6 and am adjusting to that….I took a few photos of some pretty flowers around the neighborhood on my morning walk to see how they worked out and would do in editing…

Then as many of you will know if you are immersed in sadness a distraction will help.

I hadn’t seen my youngest son or his dog Koopa for over two weeks. Koopa had played with a dog whose fancy name I don’t recall but she was a pregnant mix of mastiff and something else.  She gave him a very nasty bite wound on his cheek and ear.

The vet doesn’t sew up bite wounds due to concerns about infection so Koopa had to be treated with peroxide and antibiotic creams and my son had sent me this picture of Koopa with a cone on ( which I edited a bit ) Look at my poor baby missing me :)

Well on Thursday Koopa’s wound was scarred over and he could bring him over to cheer me up.

I don’t know it you remember but awhile ago I’d posted about this quilt. FINISHED: BOTANICAL ALBUM QUILT has all the details but here’s a collage of it.

Well,  dear friends and neighbors got engaged prior to it being finished. Upon their engagement I gave them a choice of the recently completed Scrappy Granny ( full post about Scrappy Granny HERE  )  or this Botanical quilt when it was completed.

They did love Scrappy Granny but chose to wait for the Botanical Album quilt to be completed.

This weekend was their wedding :)

I was invited but chose to be part of the support team staying behind so that my son and DIL could just go on to Harrisburg and have family watching the kids, dog, cats, house,etc.  Sometimes it is good for a marriage to just have fun with that marriage / just the two of you and friends :)


I can assure you that their dog  Merle was spoiled here and didn’t miss them one bit :)

The happy couple that my quilt went to :) All wedding photos from my DIL :)

Again, thank you for all of your kind comments and support and I’ll catch up with you all soon :)

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14 Responses to Thank you & Slice of Life ( Happier ) Since Kanga Passed

  1. val says:

    Those dog cones are such a pain in the butt aren’t they! So glad the couple got away….my husband and I did that every anniversary….still do….even though now the kids are grown. :)

  2. Eileen says:

    Hello, Sorry to hear about Koopa and the bite. I hope he is healing. Merle and Koopa are both beautiful dogs. Your quilt is lovely. The wedding photos are so pretty! Happy Monday, enjoy your day and week ahead.

  3. Joyce says:

    Life is never without its dose of sorrow, but you have landed in a nest of loving family warmth – the best medicine anyone could hope for!
    Beautiful pictures from your new phone – and DIL. The newly married couple chose well, quilt-wise, although I’d have gone for the Scrappy Granny. I like its vintage appeal!
    Poor Koopa! But I know nothing keeps that fun loving guy down for long!

  4. Margie Miller says:

    I have been gone for a week and didn’t know about Kanga passing away. That is so sad. I hope you can get another and that will help you get through your grief.

  5. Grandma Kc says:

    Good thing you have so many distractions.

  6. Shirley says:

    So sad to hear about Kanga and wish there was were magic words I could say to make it better. Glad that Koopa is recovering well from his injury. Thoughts and prayers for you at this time.

  7. Bernie says:

    You know Deb? I think you have had enough sad things happening in life and now you are due for some good times. I hope you are healing a- wise of you to distract yourself with your sweet grand kids and family dogs. Love the garden quilt but given the choice I would take the granny squares – that is one of my favorite patterns – I love how traditional it is. I need to make one some time. Also happy to see your son and DIL taking time for just them away from the kids. That is important and so much fun! Take care Deb.

  8. Lovely family and wedding photos. I can imagine that gorgeous quilt will be cherished for a lifetime. Glad you are feeling better even if you did have to upgrade phones and get use to a new system. Take care.

  9. Melanie says:

    I am just now getting caught up with your blog, so I didn’t know about Kanga. I am so, so sorry. It is so hard to lose one of our beloved fur babies. Was she old – or ill (or both)? That Koopa is so cute. How sad that he got bit. I hope he’s healing nicely. Your quilts are gorgeous…what a wonderful and generous wedding gift!

  10. Dawn says:

    So very sorry for the loss of Kanga. What a wonderful life you gave her. Always remember the good times. It’s so hard to let them go. Keep up the distractions!
    Thinking of you!

  11. Photos from your new phone are fantastic. Those two quilts are sooo beautiful. A wedding is like the best of family times. More hugs to you about precious Kanga. I have been there many times.

  12. Going from an iPhone 3 to a iPhone 6 is massive, it will give you a lot of fun (camera wise) to try to distract you from the sadness of losing your beautiful quilting buddy. How lovely to have Merle and Koppa as willing subjects to get to grips with your new phone camera!
    Wren x

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