A Wedding With a Superman Theme

My DIL’s brother got married this weekend and they had asked me to do the photography. This was a wedding on a budget and this was my gift to them.

I took over 350 pictures ( DO NOT WORRY / THEY ARE NOT ALL IN THIS POST :)

It was held at a local township community center and they were so creative. The wedding had a Superman Theme….from the cake to a table full of comic books for the children to explore to the tiniest detail. See the Superman on her nail polish? :)

The bride was in white, the bridesmaids in blue, and the guys were in black tuxedos with red vests.

My son and DIL….

After the ceremony, while we were outdoors taking photos of the bridal party, guests inside were enjoying a long table filled with hors d’oeuvres.

Once we came back in, my grandson was still at it…

The bride and groom have a little daughter…I have shown her on here before; little Gracie is just adorable.   And of course her bow is a Superman one!

The bouquets were made of comic pages…I was just amazed at all of the detail that this couple pulled off.

Even though everyone was dressed formally, the bride and groom and little Gracie had Superman shoes; everyone else wore red …

At the community center there was a lovely area outdoors for group shots. I don’t want to violate that huge wedding party’s privacy so I will just end this with a few immediate family shots :)

My middle son and my DIL’s twin’s husband…this was prior to the ceremony.

Sam, Tallica and her twin Chyane :

And the bride and Superman revealed!

I have been to some fancy expensive weddings and some do-it-yourself weddings ( we did one )  and all the weddings in between, but I must say that this was a lot of fun and oftentimes hilarious! :)

AND they were blessed. We have had rain Every Single Day for 5-7 days. This was the first day with no rain.

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I don’t want to take another photograph for a good month now :)