Sunday Special ( December ) : Kickoff to a Holly Jolly Vintage Christmas Series

For the past few months I have done a “Sunday Special” post, once a month, in honor of the Sunday newspapers. Those posts, for the most part, had links to other blogger sites with some vintage tidbits here and there. This month, Sunday Special kicks off  a series of Vintage Christmas posts…( if any of you who might read this have a similar post or memories post, please link it up in ‘comments’ for all of us that like this sort of stuff to enjoy :)  This is the first of three.

I picked up a library book called “The Christmases We Used to Know: from the readers of Reminisce Magazine” and took some pictures to start this off…

For any of us that live with four seasons, this idyllic scene represents some of our fondest Christmas memories.

Home for Xmas page 9

I just loved this story about The Christmas Doll : most of us have had some special doll or gift that we really longed for as a child and this story from 1909 is so precious. I have manipulated the photo to try to make it clearer and easy to read the story…

Xmas Wish Doll page 13

Years from now, people will look back fondly with nostalgia at trees that had burlap on them. Just as people do now in regards to tinsel.

Trimming the Tree page 30

Now I shall stop with the pictures for a moment,  because I picked up a book at a library book sale a few months back, titled ” Christmas Memories with Recipes” which brings together the holiday food recollections of some of today’s leading cooks and writers…”   Copywrite 1988 by Book of the Month Club. Some of these people I had heard of and some not, but in thinking about Christmas trees, I thought that you might enjoy this excerpt:

This is from the chapter “Old-Fashioned Christmas in Michigan” by Julee Rosso.  

“Then it was back to my grandparents’ house for Christmas Eve dinner….We gathered in the huge cabbage-rose living room that had twenty-foot trees in each of its corners. This was my grandmother’s favorite treat for all of us.

In one corner her Harvest Tree was covered with fruit, tartan ribbons, tiny baskets, straw figures, miniature gourds, nuts, and strings of cranberry and popcorn.

In another corner the Spice Tree had gingerbread men, pomanders, nosegays of rosemary, nutmeg, and cinnamon sticks, and candy canes.

The Peace Tree was a vision of white with wild juniper, white doves, dried sea lavender, angels, baby’s breath, and a dusting of snow.

Finally there was a silvery green Herb Tree laden with sprays of rose hips, lavender, sage, lamb’s ears, thyme, rosemary, and light-green and white ribbons sprinkled with silver glitter.”

I just loved trying to picture that room with the four twenty-foot trees!  Have any of you strung popcorn for Christmas trees ? I did it when my boys were young.  I’d wanted an old-fashioned tree and that was part of it. I sprayed the popcorn garland with hairspray to preserve it and it did so for a few years! :)  Source for the photo below

Then does anyone remember what I called the tinsel tree. My grandparents had a traditional tree in their living room but a tree similar to this one stood on a corner table in the dining room and all of their Christmas cards were hung there.

Silver Tree page 40

My sister has that old tree now :)  She puts it up in a little corner on a table in her family room, as it holds sweet memories of Christmas time at our grandparents when we were young.

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