QUILTS: Binding One, Tying One, and Barb’s Fan Stencil Arrived for the Third one :)

Around the middle of January I decided to make a baby quilt for a young couple who are best friends with my youngest son.  The baby boy is due in July. I didn’t do much else but work on it since then and I am to the point where the top is done, the quilt sandwich is done, and in the end I decided to tie it.  I did request that they trace the older sister and brother hand prints for me to hand quilt in to border sections.

I decided to tie it because I want them to use it. If I hand quilted, it would go on to a shelf as a priceless heirloom and they’d never touch it. I’ve learned this over time when I gift quilts.  I made this quilt to be bright and happy so that the baby could enjoy it, not have it on display and never used.

I have tied quilts with yarn and crochet cotton. This time I am using perle cotton after doing some research online that it would work as well. You can barely see it and that’s what I want.  Oftentimes when I show a tied quilt I have some questions. I use a curved needle. I bought a set of four of them in JoAnn Fabrics….not in the quilting section but the basic sewing section. They work great.   I use a long section of thread and pull it through, leaving enough thread to tie a knot 4 times, and then trim.  There are a few tied quilts from when my boys were little still in use, washed over and over and treated roughly, and now the grands are using them. Tied quilts hold up very well.

Once that was done, I could get back to the Botanical quilt, which is also to be gifted…in this case to a bride and groom. I trimmed the batting and backing and folded it up for another day, and then decided to take a photo of the hand quilting from the back.

This is how nice and ‘crinkly’ it looks even prior to washing it :) This is why I love hand quilting :)

Finally while I’ve not kept track of when it was started, the Rose of Sharon top was finished December 4: 2016 and I am finally getting around to quilting it :)

It measures 55 x 55

Because the last hand quilting project ( Botanical ) had me slowly and meticulously echo quilting applique flowers and then cross hatch quilting, I wanted to do something different for the Rose of Sharon quilt.

I ordered the large fan stencil from Barb at Fun with Barb and I can see why she wanted to design and produce one like this! :)

So one to bind, one to tie, and one to hand quilt !

Quick update : If you’ve read previous posts I had to get a new computer, hate having Windows 10 versus Windows 7 and was upset about losing Picasa. Thanks to Eileen at Viewing Nature with Eileen, I was able to find a site to download it. I was so happy to have it back since I am familiar with it, and I can use it within my computer versus having to go online which is the case with PicMonkey and many others.

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Slow Sunday Stitching Mid-August

Kathy at Kathy’s Quilts hosts a Slow Sunday Stitching party that I join up with most weekends.

She usually has some good advice in regards to slowing down, taking a rest, a deep breath, etc. Slow Stitching is a respite for many from the frantic pace of their everyday lives.

Slow Stitching can involve hand quilting or applique, cross stitching, rug hooking, or English paper piecing, and of course there are many other examples to add to the list.

The main idea is to just relax in to your project that isn’t going to get done in a week, or maybe even in a year.

Kind of like my grand dog Koopa here who was over for a sleepover :)

In the past week or so,  I have created three Slow Stitching scenarios for me to work on in any given day.

I can hand stitch binding to the back of my Scrappy Granny quilt.

I can continue on with the tying of my 1857 Album top. When I posted about this a few days ago I had a request to show the tying process.

  • I purchased a set of curved needles at Joanne Fabrics ages ago.  There are four needles. Two are large for tying with yarn, and two are smaller for tying with embroidery thread or crochet cotton.
  • I put a very long amount of thread or yarn onto the needle and proceed with getting it through the three layers.
  • Cut and continue on until the thread runs out.
  • I tie a knot four times, and then trim.

Tied quilts hold up amazingly well. If you want to pick and choose what you hand quilt, but do not enjoy machine quilting, they are a nice option.  There are tied quilts in my family that I have made that have held up for 20 years now, being washed on a regular basis.

I have a book here titled “Quilted All Day, the Prairie Journals of Ida Chambers Melugin” by Carolyn O’Bagy Davis, and in the old days, tying a quilt was very common, according to the various diarists in this amazing book.

As to my third option, traditional hand quilting,  I created a quilt sandwich of my Botanical top and began to hand quilt it. Very slow going thus far, outlining and echo quilting a bit, having to turn the hoop constantly…. and then I decided to follow the musical notes as filler in this block.

There are six large blocks and I am thinking to do echo quilting and wavy filler in three of them and crosshatch in three for a contrast. I showed the quilt top in an earlier post ( HERE )

Back to the tying for a moment :)   Several years ago I completed a quilt ( Snowball )  where I hand quilted the center but tied the border with yarn for a contrast.  I still love it :)

Finished Snowball Quilt

Some new blooms around here….this gladiola was not a bulb that I planted this year;  rather I’d planted some last year!

I am glad that I took a picture because even though I had it propped in the front a bit, since it was so tall, it toppled over and broke.  It was going on 6 feet!   It’s in a vase now.

Do you enjoy surprises in  your garden ?  ( and I don’t mean the weeds! :)  I only purchased 3 tomato plants this year but I have 5 going strong….2 are ‘volunteers’ and they were just as pleasant of a surprise as this gladiola. One is just starting to get tomato flowers now so I don’t know if I’ll see any tomatoes from it prior to frost, but the other is loaded with cherry tomatoes…still green, but there will be a harvest down the line.

The other tomato plants have started to provide one or two per day and I am enjoying each one.

NOTE : I had this post written up between Friday evening and Saturday morning, to post on Sunday.

And then Charlottesville happened. I actually had clicked on a news site ( Raw Story ) where they had an onlooker’s cell phone video of the car plowing into people and bodies flying…shortly after it happened.

Many of the other news sites didn’t know if it had been accidental or not at that time.  Let me tell you, it was no accident. It was horrific ; at high speed and planned. My youngest son was here with me at that time and was just as shocked as I was.

As of this writing it is being reported that one is dead and 19 injured.  There was a rally of ‘alt-right’, Nazis, KKK, etc. and counter-protesters. There was violence between the two in some areas,  but in this case a group of people were simply marching down the street, harming no one. And someone full of hatred and sickness mowed them down.

The “Unite the Right” rally, which was organized by members of the so-called alt-right, were supposed to be protesting the planned removal of a statue honoring Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee in the city’s Emancipation Park. ( NBC )

While he is often trigger happy on Twitter, Trump never said a word about this rally and the violence until his wife Melania said something, then another person wrote up a Tweet for him that clearly was not his own. His own came later where he said what was going on there was ‘sad’.   He gave a speech later ; there are many opinions out there on that. You can probably guess mine. He left out condemning a few things, you see. Such as white supremacists, Nazis, the alt-right and statements like this :

David Duke of the KKK saying that the event represented fulfilling the promises of President Trump.

“This represents a turning point for the people of this country. We are determined to take our country back, we’re going to fulfill the promises of Donald Trump, and that’s what we believed in, that’s why we voted for Donald Trump, because he said he’s going to take our country back and that’s what we gotta do,” Duke said.

Granted, it was a rushed situation but in case he forgot in the hastily prepared speech, he was given the opportunity afterward, but he refused to denounce white nationalism when asked several times by reporters.  He simply left the room, turning his back on them.

I almost forgot nuclear annihilation with North Korea! It’s been quite the week. Thank goodness for Slow Stitching and don’t worry, bee happy.

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