Spring blooms, baby squirrels and quilting

Kanga is amazed…

kanga looking up at squirrel on window

Every year it seems that some mother squirrel brings a baby or two and says “hang out here and you’ll most likely get some food. ”

For instance this little guy was hanging out mid-April, just dozing on the fence by the porch.

baby squirrel on fence

He was very tiny at the time and so slow about running off when I got close that at first I thought he was sick or something.

But daily he’d return for a few peanuts and soon enough, like all of the babies every year, he was bigger and stronger and performing gymnastics and asking Kanga if she was an exotic squirrel variety…he was literally sitting on the chair talking to her in squirrel language.

squirrel climbs window collage

Once the porch is cleaned up for spring and summer, I don’t want to deal with peanut shells so I actually crack the peanuts first…do you think this baby is spoiled? A little too much so I got a bag of cracked corn and put a pile in two spots, since the other squirrels and birds might like some as well.

squirrel and cracked corn

After eating cracked corn, he’d be back onto the top of the porch chair just sitting there, looking in. I am sure Mama taught him that this was the way to soften my heart and get peanuts. Here she is checking in on him and visiting as well :

TWO squirrels on chair

I thought that I was done with squirrel pictures after that but on Saturday morning I saw him like this, and had to get the camera for just one more :)  How adorable!

squirrel baby chilling out

Moving on to the spring weather around here ( southwestern Pennsylvania )  we had a warm spell ( mid 80’s one day! ) then moved on to hot and humid one afternoon ( uncalled for here in April ) prior to some thunderstorms moving in. I remember saying to myself ” HUMIDITY is just WRONG in April! ” :)

Lily was out in the yard, happy as could be and at the first sound of distant thunder that all changed. This girl does not like thunderstorms. ( Just like yours truly does not like humidity! )

lily april 26

Thankfully our area has not had any of the terrible and extreme weather that some states have been suffering through. Here it just turned cooler and rainy for a few days.

I finished up the one set of diagonal lines on this quilt block and started on the second to create the crosshatch. If I quilted more and worked less on other projects this would have been finished long ago! I really need to get more disciplined about this.

crosshatch now on 4th quilt block

Not a lot going on in my backyard in the way of spring….the crap apples are done blooming and the snowball bush and lilac are not ready yet. Keeping up with mowing the thick spring grass has been keeping me busy since March.  There are dandelions and violets to enjoy prior to mowing and the strawberries have begun to produce blooms.  ( this is a bit early for our area )

violets etc collage

I posted awhile back about a neighbor offering some perennials…I took most of what I dug up down to my middle son’s house, but here are some miniature iris from her blooming at my place,  and then a few shots of her  ( neighbor’s )  garden right now :  ( that pole that you see by the rocking chair is some concoction for the squirrels where they have to climb and bounce to get their food :)

purple iris and neighbor yard collage

Right now there are a lot of pretty pink trees in bloom around here to enjoy :

pink trees collage

pink tree white picket fence

If Spring teaches us anything it is in regards to the notions of “fleeting” and “precious”.   Trees in bloom like this are something to be treasured and savored for the beauty is fleeting, lasting only a week or so. Spring is certainly a time to savor the present moment when we can amidst the changeable weather that she brings to us :)

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Blue Snow, White Snow & Merle in the Clouds

A good part of the U.S.A. suffered through a blizzard, coastal flooding, or a horrendous mix of ice, sleet and snow this weekend. Jonas set records and wreaked havoc in many lives.  I live in Southwestern PA, south of Pittsburgh, and I *only* ended up with 8 or 9 inches.

For those of you who don’t ever see snow I thought that  I’d show you how the camera sees it. I generally just use the automatic or no-flash settings. The camera is seeing the evening snowfall, when it was just starting, as blue.

snow begins in evening looks blue

At this point I didn’t know if we’d end up with 3 inches or 10 as we were on a line of sorts, in regards to the forecast models.

Before going up to bed, in the evenings, I move the pillows from the couch over to the rocking chair, and put an old blanket on the couch for the dogs. Lily is settling in for the snowstorm.

Lily on Couch

In the early pre-dawn morning with the camera flash on, here is Lily in the snow…

Lily in the Snow

As you can see, it was still snowing. I measured it at six inches and then we had a few more additional ones throughout the morning.

Here is the predawn no-flash picture of the snow, and it still appears to be blue:

early morning blue snow

A few hours later it shows up as white :

front of house snow later in morning

I wasn’t so thrilled with it after shoveling, since it was still falling and blowing around. I was stocked up and did not plan to leave but still, it’s good to get the shoveling over with, and after that there was only about 2 more inches to deal with later on.

Around mid-day I noticed a little squirrel patiently and hopefully sitting on the chair outside, probably praying in squirrel language that the nice lady would notice him. I did. He must have gone through 10 peanuts before he was ready to leave.

little squirrel in snowstorm

Sunday morning was bitterly cold with a temperature of 3 degrees, but later on when it warmed up a bit I took a walk with the camera. We’ve not had much snow this year here, and I’d forgotten how much fun the shadows on the snow can be. As you can see, while they might appear to be a gray color to my eyes when I snap the photo, the camera sees blue many a time, depending on the hour of day, and this was later in the afternoon:

snow shadow shots

fence shadow shot

Finally, since I was already bundled up I stopped at my son’s house down the street and offered to take the puppy out, who is still being potty trained.  Here is a shot of him running through the snow and due to the blue / white way that the camera sees it, it appears as if he might be in the clouds!  I did not touch this up in any way aside from cropping it to get a better closeup. He’s running in snow that is deep yet trampled down in places and this is how the camera saw it.

little merle in snow or clouds

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