Indoors & Out : Sewing & Blooms

The Rainbow Scrap challenge color for May is Pink. I English Paper Pieced a pink Star Flower and appliqued it. Two more Star Flowers that had already been sewn awhile back were also appliqued.  The Rose of Sharon quilt saw a bit more hand quilting progress here and there over the past week.

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Now for a bit of purple…the lilac bush is slowly coming in to bloom and my first little iris is beginning to open.

Just a few blooms remain on the crabapple tree:

Koopa is still running around it and jumping at the branches.

He’ll do a few runs and jumps around the tree then dash across the  yard to run up to me on the porch, then back to the tree he goes.

He’s here for the duration / thanks for all the support in regards to my last post :)

Meanwhile I wonder how much sewing I’ll get in for awhile, between the grass and weeds growing like mad and this book! :)

This is a TOME! It is about 9 x 11 with small print covering every page and it not for the faint of heart unless you are really in to this stuff. I am, though and thus far I find it fascinating.

“At over 540,000 words, this lengthy and eclectic treatise is considered to be one of the greatest ever produced in the field of esotericism.”

She delves in to ancient religions and societies and how they affected or influenced the religions and secret societies of today. While I am familiar with some of the material due to other writers or documentaries on You Tube, etc. much is new to me and highly detailed. I foresee many hours of reading out on the porch with pen and highlighter in hand :)

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Indoors & Out : around here

indoors and craft collage

Indoors and out around here : Some easy crafting with the kids on Sunday afternoon and working on an 1857 Album block. It was in paisley in the original so none of us in the Facebook group were sure what it really was to represent…a leaf? Someone named it Chicken Foot and that works for me.

working on chicken foot 1857 block

On Tuesday afternoon between rains I mowed the thick spring grass for the upteenth time already. It was easily 5-6 inches tall and still kind of wet. A bit of a workout. When I was getting ready to complain in my mind, I told that part of myself to shut up about it. We don’t have tornadoes here right now, or baseball sized hail and we don’t have raging wildfires from a horrible drought. Turn off the whining mode and turn on the grateful one! :)

Since I knew that we were going to have two days of heavy rain, starting that evening, though…I grabbed the camera for a few outdoor shots.  And sausage, peppers and onions to toss with pasta ! Yum.

grass cutting and lily and lilac etc collage

There’s really not much going on. Whatever I weeded last week is totally covered in weeds again. There are a lot of strawberry blossoms, some buttercups that I’ll enjoy now and pull up later ( they are invasive ) and the lilac bush is almost ready to go into full bloom. Once it does, the scent is just heavenly. The snowball bush is blooming right now.

BEFORE I show photos of that….since Mama Robin had fled the area due to my mowing, I carefully parted the branches of the barberry bush and got a photo of her eggs in the nest. I was not sure if the photo would turn out…the bush is full of thorns and I had an awkward position going on but it did. Aren’t the eggs beautiful !

robin eggs in barberry bush

It is unusual for me to have this opportunity…generally she and other birds have their nests higher up, so I appreciate this ! :)

robin eggs closeup

While I have not put anything in the ground yet I have lettuce started in one planter and spinach in another ( the forks are a message to the squirrels : ) and some coleus and tomato plants to share with the DIL down the line.

coleus etc collage

Enjoying the Snowball Bush at the moment in between rains :)

Snowball bush

Snowball bush 2

I hope that you are able to enjoy Spring where you are and are not having any serious weather troubles.

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