New phenomena and other randoms…

New Phenomena in our area :



Several WPXI-TV Facebook fans have sent us pictures of “snow rollers” that have appeared throughout the area on Monday.

According to Severe Weather Team 11 meteorologist Scott Harbaugh, snow rollers are a rare phenomenon in this part of the country when the wind rolls its own snowballs, much the same way we would roll snowballs to build a snowman.

“They are typically cylindrical in shape and often have a hollow center,” Harbaugh said. “They form under specific conditions when the temperature is near freezing and the snow is wet and loose.”

Harbaugh (@WPXIScott) said wind has to be a perfect speed so it can move the snow rollers along, but not destroy them.

“They are common in areas with a slight slope because gravity can help roll the snow into rollers,” Harbaugh said.”

(The article and more photos can be found HERE.)

Too cute not to share…this is from a FB post…my niece took some photos of her kitties playing with the lizard and here is one of them :


It was -5 on Tuesday morning but with little wind so it did not seem too bad. It’s the wind that gets you.

Lots of activity at the feeders and on the ground :

Birds collage end Jan

I had some family over for soup on Sunday afternoon. It was ham, bean and vegetable soup with some macaroni noodles as well. Chalk full of healthy vegetables . Later on I wanted to get some pictures of the kids before they left. One boy would not get in the picture, one twin flopped down and hid her face and the others acted goofy.  I take their pictures no matter what they do! :)


are you sure redo


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