Flooding, Snowing, Dogs and Stitching

We have had a lot of precipitation lately…snow, thick ice, sleet, rain, more snow, etc. The ground is a muddy quagmire and the creeks are swollen. The last thing that we needed was torrential rains for a 12 hour period. If I go to the main road and down the street, I am literally going down, to a lower lying area, and that is always prone to flooding from Chartiers Creek.

Yet we do not generally have MAJOR flooding. Just last month I showed a photo of what happened down that way behind the American Legion….

This time it was even worse and there were instances like this all over my county with road closures, mud slides, flooded basements, etc.  ( Washington County, PA. )   Uniontown in Fayette County had a tornado.

What is quite rare is what occurred in my neighbor’s yard and mine. There is a sort of underground stream that may bubble up but this is generally something that might happen once every few summers after days of rain. This was after just one hour ( and yes eventually some it  of ended up in the basement but it wasn’t too bad :)  This was at dusk which is why there’s such a blue tone to it, plus it was pouring out there.

There was one day to dry out a wee bit…and while my older dogs don’t tear up the  yard too much, I babysat Merle on Friday night and in to Saturday and he’s two years old and runs like crazy through the yard…you can see the muddy areas around him in this picture. All of the pictures of him running are a blur…he’s too fast for me :) I’ve loved this Rottie-Lab mix since he was a Christmas puppy present for the grands a few years back.

And now we are back to this…more falling as I type and more expected overnight.

I have no shortage of projects to work on for Slow Stitching Sunday at Kathy’s Quilts:

  • I have one border left to tie on the baby quilt.
  • I am about half way through in regards to binding the Botanical Quilt ..
  • I took a break from them off and on to work on this EPP Starflower ; just one more connecting piece to do. These take awhile….


And much more progress on hand quilting Rose of Sharon

In regards to this bizarre off and on weather that we’ve been having my DIL took a picture of the kids at the bus stop the other morning when we were ALL enjoying a freak break of 61 degrees ( before all of the flooding rains came )  This is not normal attire waiting for the bus in PA in February )

Whatever your weather has been , it’s  been a heartbreaking week for our country /not one stitch that I’ve put in to any of these ongoing projects has not been full of sorrow, anger and pain.   YET AGAIN . If you want to see the NRA money flowing in to your politicians see my previous post. 

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Sharing at Esther’s Quilt Blog

Slow Sunday Stitching

Most of my recent slow stitching involved applique ( previous post ) but I did manage to add a few stitches to the Botanical quilt the other day.

I’ll be hand quilting more on this block for my Slow Sunday Stitching.

Meanwhile, the weather has been so mild this week that not only are most of the flowers still blooming, some are coming into bloom! On my walk yesterday I noticed a neighbor had day lilies coming in to bloom, and here is an orange coneflower of mine coming back as well.

It went close to 80 degrees yesterday and we’ll see more of the same today. I think that I’ll be quilting out on the front porch :)

Joining in with other slow stitchers over at Kathy’s Quilts.