Binding, Batting, and More

The weather cooled off a bit which made it a pleasure to be in the kitchen for a change. ( It is a small galley kitchen and not air-conditioned. )

Local fruits and vegetables are in the stores and farmer’s markets now, which is wonderful.  Over the weekend I baked a birthday cake for my son, made a huge pot of loaded potato soup to share, made fruit smoothies and a vegetable skillet, and cut up a pineapple and used the skins and core for a tea.

I just discovered that you could do this and not throw all of that out! Simply cut the skins and core from your pineapple up a bit, throw them into a pot and boil for 20-30 minutes. When cool, put them through a colander and then a strainer. Add some honey or sugar, and drink hot as a refreshing tea, or chill for the next day. I had a cup here and it was so good! I filled a pitcher and took the rest down to have a tea party with the grandgirls :) 

I had purchased novelty fabric on clearance a few years ago and made pillowcases for the boys. I used it in one of the Scrappy Granny blocks.

I had not wanted to purchase any fabric for binding and then it dawned on me that I certainly had enough of this …it is machine sewn on and I’ll hand sew it to the back.

I also pieced backing for the 1857 quilt top, and then worked on the batting. I needed three pieces.

Prior to all of this binding and batting sewing, though, I discovered that my machine, which hadn’t been used in ages, was not happy. Lots of cleaning and fooling around with it and feeling frustrated, but in the end we sorted out our relationship and all is well again.

WHEW !:)  What a relief….. Fortunately I had some emotional support : “JUST HANG IN THERE”

I picked my first two tomatoes the other day, and more are ripening. Lavender in a pot is thriving and bees are swarming the Rose of Sharon bush in the back.

They are also in love with the Russian Sage on the side of the house.

When they are busy with the flowers they are no danger to me…I think that they know I mean them no harm and are just appreciating them when I try to get a closeup.

My last post was in regards to the road construction going on here. They don’t work on the weekend, which was a nice break from the dirt and noise. Monday was a rain day…more peace and quiet :)

A few of you commented how close they were to my house. Yes, a very small yard in the front but a nice sized one on the sides and in the back.

Still, the front is happy too : )

Here is wishing you all a wonderful week :)

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Early August Blooms & the Beasts on my Street

Beauty & the Beasts :)   The Beauty is in the garden ; the Beasts are on the street. We received a Resident Notice that Asphalt Resurfacing Operations would be occurring on my street as well as on a few others.

When you drive through a construction zone, generally you sit and wait prior to being able to drive through it and you can’t really pay much attention to what they are doing, so I thought to take a few photos and show you the beasts that showed up this week!

Here is an example of an early morning parade ( prior to 7 a.m. ) and this wasn’t even all of them…there were dump trucks behind this line.

On the first day, they cut off about two feet of my neighbors driveway and removed a long pipe that  channels rainwater.

They also did this, which I assume is what is called the ‘milling’ :

While they tore up one intersection on the first day, on the second day they focused on another then moved farther up the hill to another intersection while this dust & dirt beast came along. I took this photo when it was parked in front of my house for awhile. Once it started up it was time to shut all the windows. 

We are to the point where you don’t want to run your car over this :

Or this :

And there are many more like that. ( They did put cones around all of these prior to leaving for the evening )

This work is to take one working week, weather permitting. I see rain in the forecast for tomorrow so this may go on a bit longer. I am parked on a lower street and grocery shopped for as much as I could think of that I’d need, prior to this starting, aside from having to do a few small runs for fruit or milk or something.

Now for a little beauty…some early August blooms while I was out there with the camera :

What’s funny is that two years or so ago, down at the main intersection a water line broke and there was some flooding. The water company totally tore up that intersection and fixed it and it was fine but now it is being resurfaced.  A few months ago the gas company replaced a line down from another intersection….for my neighbor and I.  That entailed many noisy vehicles outside the house. Then they broke a water line. More noisy vehicles from the water company to repair that. Later on they both came back to resurface their respective areas….more noise and vehicles.

Here we go again.

‘ Never a dull moment.’ :)  ‘Silence is golden’ :)

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