Baby Quilt Progress & Small Slice of Life

At the end of 2017 I knew that I wouldn’t start any new projects.  I’d made progress on my 17 in 2017 list ( which was actually 2o) and I was not going to add on to that in the upcoming  year.

Here I am in the middle of January on my 3rd or 4th new one! :)   Here is some progress on the baby quilt… I remember my grandson Brent always going for the bright reds, blues and yellows when he was a baby so this one, for dear friends of our family, is as bright as I can come up with :)  I have the center and first border done thus far.

I threw the quilt out into the snow for a natural lighting shot but took some closeups of the simple shapes that I am appliqueing.

If you are a regular reader here, you might recall that my youngest sons’ dog Koopa loves to jump. I do not know why pits love this but they do.  Here he’s hitting the stump of a branch that he finally nailed / knocked down in the fall. It is a good 8 feet off the ground :

Once he’s gotten some of that energy out of his system?  He’s mellow and cuddly and ready to watch a kids’ show on Amazon with Aiselyn, cuddled up under Scrappy Granny :)

Meanwhile the local grocery store occasionally has special bargains in a 2-day sale. I ventured out in our what-now-feels-like-balmy-weather-since-it-went-to 28 degrees today.. and tomorrow there will be a shoulder roast in the crockpot and the following day a turkey breast.  Some will be eaten and some will be frozen for future use.

The turkey leftovers can be used in recipes such as  Winter Fare:  Chicken / Turkey and Biscuits


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I will be appliqueing more shapes on to the second border for Slow Sunday Stitching over at Kathy’s Quilts. 


Beaver Moon, Haircuts, Concussion, etc. A Slice of Life :)

A slice of life from this weekend.

Daylight Savings Time ended and it is hard to get used to the dark coming so quickly in the afternoons now.

It was also the weekend of the “Beaver Moon”, almost like a Super Moon…I caught a few photos the next morning. It was very mild and felt like spring …..I enjoyed a walk under the moon in the dark.  I am glad that I did because we had torrential rains and severe thunderstorms roll in a few hours later.

It was a weekend of contrasts. Due to the heavy rains and wind,  and milder temps, the neighbor’s tree changed from a brilliant deep red to lighter colors, and dropped most of its leaves. Yet while most of my flowers died off from a frost a few days ago, a few are still hanging on, and the zinnia on the lower right is a new bloom! :)

On Saturday, my son took the boys for haircuts. Here is Brent with his new one.

Javis wanted a mohawk. They were both very happy with their cuts. On Sunday, which had rain early but cleared out in the afternoon and went to 70 degrees, my son & DIL, Brent & the twins attended a football game. It was for the championship and my DIL texted the score to me at one point. The Bucs were winning!

Then I got the kind of text that no one wants.  Asking me to go check on / take care of their dog Merle, who was outside, since they wouldn’t be home as expected. Javis took a very hard hit from a kid about 3x his size, and they were following the ambulance to Children’s Hospital. He had weakness in his arms and numbness in his neck.

Long story short, he had a concussion ( head ) as well as a spinal concussion.  They admitted him after doing a CT and MRI.   Once all of the tests were done and they had consulted with the neurosurgeon, she brought the other three little kids home to get them ready for bed and my son stayed the night with Javis. She went back in the next morning after getting the kids off to school.

I cooked their dinner on Monday, not knowing if he’d be released or not. He was, mid-afternoon. He has to wear a neck brace for several weeks and then be re-checked. He is in some pain, yes. His children’s pastor visited him and the church and myriad friends are praying for a complete healing. His coach also visited and brought him a trophy, since they’d won the game. This is a picture that my DIL took of him in the hospital.

Our little champion :)

He is excused from school until Monday unless he feels well enough to go back on Wednesday or Thursday. He does need to take Tylenol or Advil or something every few hours, though, at this point. Laying flat to sleep hurts…he might have to try to sleep in the recliner chair in their living room. No contact sports this winter ( no wrestling ) and this was a pretty severe injury. The neurosurgeon said if he ever recieved a similar one in the future, there would be no contact sports for life.

The DINNER that I cooked for them: she had ground turkey thawing out. I made turkey meatloaves, mashed potatoes, gravy, cornbread and a favorite of theirs…Corn Souffle. Very easy ; the recipe is HERE.

To top off the weekend and today, many of us are just finding out that we are under some Boil Water Alert affecting 100,000 customers or more, after we’ve been drinking the bad water all day :)

Quilting gets me through things :)  It is so calming.  I am hand quilting diagonal lines. I’ll go back and create a second set of them down the line for a cross hatch.

Finally, every fall I bring out my grandmother’s table runner. I remember as a little girl doing embroidery with her on pillowcases ….simple backstitching.  But this table runner that she made is much more complicated, and it has survived over the years.

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