A nice weekend & then a car crash

If you have followed this blog for awhile, you’ll recall that my youngest son had a hard time since his dad died last April. He’s been in and out of here ( living-wise ) and I had a lot of rearranging to do when he’d moved in as the spare room was my catch-all room, including sewing supplies.

Within the last two months he found an apartment and moved out and was doing well.

In between some of this :

On Christmas Eve, at a local Walmart-oriented shopping mall…an SUV had stopped suddenly ahead of him and his little car plowed in to it and it was totaled. ( SUV? No Damage )

After that he and his friends shopped around and found a great bargain….a 2002 Acura. ANOTHER little car, though.

This baby was loaded with ‘after market’ items….new transmission, engine, re-done interior, some fancy tablet thing that had a screen and controlled the heating …and on and on. We got it for a song.

St. Pat’s weekend….my son came over with Koopa to spend the night. He’d go to a local bar or party or whatever and leave Koopa here with me, and then crash on the couch under a couple of quilts when he came home.

Here’s Koopa taken with my cell phone ( still an iPhone 3 lol :)

And here’s Koopa after some DRUNK DRIVER ( 2x over the limit according to the police report ) plowed in to my son’s car on the highway.

Koopa and my son are ok but this was in the afternoon! When my son went to the local bar last night he was back here by 11:00…he said that people there were so drunk and loud he had to leave because they’d been “day drinking’ for St. Pat’s since the morning !

If this guy was 2x over the limit when he plowed into my son’s car in the afternoon, the next day, it is the same sort of situation.

At this point we don’t know if his insurance has full coverage or what yet ( the State police have all the info ) but my son will most likely never get the full worth of this car.  In the end though, thank God that he and Koopa are ok.

It’s just surreal. A nice family relaxing weekend and then a car crash….one of those “you just never know”situations but I thank God that this was not worse.  Hold your loved ones tightly! And don’t drink and drive!

Slice of Life & EPP Starflowers

It’s been a hectic few days around here :)   My son and DIL went away to Jamaica for four days along with close friends and met up there with my oldest son ( who lives in St. Louis ) and his fiancee.   They had been on vacation there before and made some good friends who were now getting married down there.

The DIL is very organized.

  • They were to leave for the airport at 3:00 a.m. My youngest son would stay overnight, though I kept his dog Koopa HERE, so that Merle ( their dog ) and Koopa would not decide to play at 3:00 a.m. and wake the kids.
  • Leaving Koopa here I went down at 7:00 to get the kids off to school. Nate then retrieved Koopa later on, and brought him down to play with Merle. I went down to get the kids off the bus, look over school work, etc.
  • Early evening, Tallica’s twin sister came for the kids for an overnight and she’d have them Saturday night as well.
  • After church, their aunt would take the kids for the day and stay overnight and get them off to school in the morning.
  • Meanwhile Nate would continue to stay with the dogs until the aunt showed up.
  • On Monday I cooked a big pan of lasagna, prepared some things for their Tuesday lunches, did their weekend laundry, and then we did after school homework, showers, pajamas,dinner, and then later on popcorn and a movie until their parents got back from the airport.

In between all of that a few wrenches got thrown in. Koopa and Merle are both young dogs and played non-stop, very noisily and in the end I kept Koopa here because they were driving my son crazy after about 12 hours of non-stop playing and noise.

A cousin on their dad’s side died of a tragic head wound accident and he and my youngest were quite close so things got even more hectic. He was just 29.   They’ve played together since they were little kids.  His older sister had to handle everything because their mama died years ago….so I mostly kept Koopa so that Nate could help her with everything….

Meanwhile a recommendation for you if you have Amazon Prime and can access their videos. I was cuddled up with Koopa and tried this one :

And then I got hooked and stayed up until the wee hours going through at least 4 episodes. I highly recommend it. It is a BBC production and set in the same time period as “The Crown”.

As to the EPP project, I’d started making some EPP Starflowers awhile ago and in a prior post I showed how I’d made a mistake and needed to un-stitch a few connectors.  ( HERE )  It was painstaking work to take out those tight little whipstitches but I did manage to do it without damaging the fabric.

Then I made another crimson shaded one….

And a gold / red / black one….now attached to the black and grey one. Doesn’t look like a lot of progress but these take a bit of time :)

Slow but satisfying…there’s something about EPP that is rather addicting :)

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