Applique, Quilting, Blooms & Slice of Early September Life

The Rainbow Scrap Challenge September Color is orange, and as with my Little Baskets in the last post,  having little orange to work with, I also opted to go with peach shades for an appliqued Airship Propeller block.

My DIL had some surgery the other day and once she was home and dozed off, ( She was not to be left alone ) I worked on some hand-quilting on my Botanical top .

It just so happens that these flowers are of an orangish shade :)

THAT was the only peaceful time there, ha HA!  Going down before school, some cooking and laundry and rinse and repeat after school  ( DID you brush your teeth yet ?  NO I don’t know what you did with your library book! NO you can’t have that donut until you finish your eggs! and so on :)  Then when my son walks in my shift is almost over….

On Friday afternoon after school the girls and I made homemade applesauce with local Ginger Gold apples. I peeled and did the initial cuts….they then chopped those into small pieces and stirred and mashed the apples in the pan until it was almost liquid.

They were quite thrilled to serve them to their parents and brothers later on.

The recipe ? JUST local Ginger Gold apples. So sweet and fresh that we didn’t even want to add sugar or anything else when it was cooked down.

As I work on this post, Irma has wreaked havoc on many an island and is approaching Florida, according to the latest forecasts. I have several blogger friends there and my thoughts and prayers are with them, as well as with all of Florida and the other states that may be affected.  Worried, I was glad to see post updates from bloggers such as Angela from So Scrappy, Deb from Happy to Be Scrappy  

as well as two updates from Lorraine at Flower Lady’s Musings.  Diane at Lavender Dreams Too is also preparing.

I do read a lot of blogs here and there and am not aware of everyone’s locations nor am I aware of all the non-bloggers who read here….but please update me and all of us as to how you are doing if you can, if you are affected by Irma.  It seems unfathomable that this is all happening on the heels of Harvey in Texas, and another hurricane ( Jose ) gaining strength and following Irma!

As to weather here in southwestern Pa, it has been cool.  I think  that we went down to around 50 last night.

The flowers are all going full steam ahead….Autumn Sedum coming into bloom now with the bees all over them, hydrangea starting to turn from white to pink, and the ‘volunteer’ morning glories putting on a show :

New zinnias come into bloom every day, the yellow rose bush continues to bloom, some of the hyacinth bean vine is starting to produce pods, bees are enjoying the lavender, and many more of the flowers and bushes that I have shown in previous posts continue to produce. I have bees everywhere, and they are all happy :)

I’ll be doing that “Rinse and Repeat’ for awhile with the grandkids / DIL / middle son’s household…those little kids keep me on my toes :)  She will be fine / it’s nothing life threatening or anything / just requires HER not doing much for a week or two  and OMA doing more :)

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Slow Stitching, Back-to-School & Gardening

I am in southwestern PA. Today was more like October 1st than September 1st! :)

It was around 50 degrees this morning, cloudy and breezy so no sun to warm you up a bit, and late afternoon when I checked, it had not gone over 59 degrees!

Starting tonight we are to begin to see the remnants of Harvey…a rainy weekend is in store for us. While the forecasters are not predicting that we’ll get much, I recall Ike being stalled over us for days on end and this area had major flooding.  Many years prior to that PA. had a similar situation with Hurricane Floyd.

But Harvey and Texas….just breaks my heart. What those folks are going through is horrific.

Here, I am just settled in for a cool and rainy weekend …probably  enough rain to make the grass that I just mowed and the weeds that I just pulled start to grow again :)

  • I have some slow stitching to keep me busy. When I did a sewing review ( previous post )  I realized that 7 or 8 of the little baskets still required circles.  So I prepped the circles to sew onto the existing baskets and prepped a few new baskets for this month.
  • I can always put more hand quilting stitches in the Botanical top as well.  The first block was echo quilted with wavy lines following background musical notes….this one will be a grid.

My oldest son lives in Missouri now, working for Boeing.  He and his fiancee and her son came here last weekend for a wedding.  Fourteen of us met up at the Original House of Pancakes for a long and leisurely breakfast.  After that they had to race off to the wedding but here is a photo that I *stole* from the fiancee off of Facebook :)

Also * stolen* are a few of my DIL’s photos to make this collage. My grands are in two different school districts. Three started earlier. One was on his way back from getting a haircut style that he’d requested.  We don’t have Kate as often as we used to but on this day all grades were represented.

Outdoors, I have tomatoes producing and grapes ripening on the vine.  The Rose of Sharon bushes are still in bloom, sunflowers that I planted in MAY are just opening and the fall tall grasses are ripening to the delight of the birds.

Because I relied so much on seeds this year versus purchasing plants at the nursery, things were a bit sparse early on, but now between the bushes in bloom, perennials, and the flowers from the seeds as well as volunteers, the entire house is surrounded by flowers and exuberant color at the end of August. A few shots as an example…

If you are not in Texas, how about you ? Have you had any effects from Harvey as it moves north or are you experiencing this unusually cool weather lately?  

Having asked that, I remember that when I was a kid, right around back-to-school time it DID cool off.  The same when MY kids were little, come to think of it.

 I have gotten so used to the hotter extended summer temperatures in the last decade or so that I’d forgotten that, or is it just me ? 

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