Light, Shadows, Reflections & Rainbows

One early morning last week I stepped out onto the back porch and saw the sunrise reflecting in a neighbor’s windows and it was so lovely that I went to get my camera.

Sunrise in Neighbors windows

I went to the front porch to observe the sunrise from there and when I came back inside I took a picture of the indoor light being reflected in my living room window.

sunrise and indoor light reflected collage

When I turned around, I thought that this looked pretty as well ( isn’t it funny how one thing will make us see another through fresh eyes / it is not as if this lamp and picture are new or anything…it was just the light :)

early morning lamp


Then on Friday we had pouring down rain for most of the day. A clearing, more rain, and suddenly in the early evening there was an eerie light…that sort of light has me running outdoors to see if there is a rainbow. Sure enough, there was. Very short and fleeting but the first rainbow of the season :)


What was truly amazing was that after another shower, looking out the back…there was yet another rainbow. Perhaps it was the first one reappearing in the sky…not sure about the exact science of rainbows…I was just enjoying it all. On both occasions a double was faintly visible but never fully formed.

double rainbow trying to form

If I can’t have daffodils and tulips here yet, I will certainly take the rainbows! :) Spring you have finally arrived. ( even though you snuck in a light dusting of snow on Sunday morning )

Beautiful cloud formations that evening were the icing on the cake. It’s nice to have something to enjoy looking up, because looking down…well, it’s mud season here.

cloud formation

Indoors: Sunlight streaming in…

sunlight streaming in

creating shadows…


And then there is this kind of sunshine! :)  My soon-to-be daughter-in-law’s little twin girls. Hmm…I think a certain person gave the girls their dress-up outfits a week or two earlier than their birthday but their mama was okay with it and they had so much fun putting them on! :) Look at their little faces…if they were at YOUR house, could you have waited until their actual birthday?

Twins collage

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January Sun and Shadows

My Little Home and Garden  has a nice party called “Sunlit Sunday” during the winter months. It runs January through early April. I participated in it a few weeks ago via Homespun ( HERE )

In the winter there may be days or even weeks on end with very little sunshine, but when it does come out, it is much appreciated and Sunlit Sunday is an exercise in enjoying the winter and finding brightness where and when you can. If you would like to participate, here are some ideas.

Of course, a lovely sky with sunshine or reflected sunshine of any variety :)

beautiful sky end Jan

Sunshine can come stealing in through the curtains to create subtle shadows on a lamp:

Thru curtains to lamp

Or make bold shadows on a wooden cabinet:

making bold shadows on cabinet

Or lovely reflections in a silver pitcher:

silver pitcher with sunlight

Some shadows that I caught outside:  ( depending on the sun / snow location there is a variety of color to them. )

shadows on snow

Sunlight and shadows on a bird at the feeders:

Shining on birds such as titmice

And on the ground :

blue jay and shadow

And back inside the house..on the carpet:

sunlight on dining room carpet

We have had quite a bit of cold and snow but when the sun comes out it makes a world of difference and lifts the spirit.

sky collage end

There’s a lovely photo and  poem “January Shadows” over at Balisha’s blog “Never Enough Time”  HERE enjoy ! :) 

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