Applique & Quilting and a bit of family too

It has been awhile ( life happened ) but I returned to some applique work. I’d started making Little Baskets in 2016 and thought to follow the Rainbow Scrap Challenge monthly color suggestions in 2017 for them as well as for another applique project….Airship Propellers.

I fell behind…I did not do any applique whatsoever for a good six weeks.

I started with the baskets…one months’ color was red, another month was use your variegated fabrics, and the month of May is green.  For the Airship block I just tried to combine all three suggestions :) I had finished up a green themed block on Scrappy Granny and threw that into the collage as well…

A bit more sewing later…

My DIL took the girls to a well check visit the other day, and I visited in the afternoon after that.

My niece came down later and it was a rainy day….perfect for reading to the kids. She posted this photo on Facebook.

My DIL caught another shot and as you can see, Merle was listening to the stories as well.

While Merle was laid back down the street during story time, here at my house despite the rain, my youngest sons’ dog Koopa was still full of energy.

As a background…..we’ve already cut down lower branches that he reached and pulled down,  and my son purchased this fencing to keep him away from chewing the bark off of the tree trunk. He’s just aiming for the higher branches now.

I don’t know why pit bulls love to jump so much but at this point, the higher branches are a good 7-8 feet up and he’s reaching them…I can see where he’s bitten the bark when he jumps…

He is 70 pounds of pure muscle. To put this into perspective, oftentimes he gets bored around 4:30 a.m. and leaves my son and comes and jumps onto ME in my bed, and begins to lick my face off with love and devotion. Well, they won’t be here forever, ha ha …this is just temporary.

As you can see in the photos the frequent rain here has everything growing like mad and there is lots of green. I still have a bit more of green that I can work on this month ( RSC related ) and that is some stems and leaves….I don’t have all of the prep work done for this block but I have enough to make a start on the applique. It’s been quite awhile since I worked on Elizabeths Pride.

I have some Slow Stitching ahead of me ( as well as more prep ) for this block. As to hand quilting after I finished that green block I moved on to another, finished it and currently have the perle cotton stitching done on another and am ready to outline the block with regular smaller quilting stitches.

Getting there! :)

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Wrestling: Kids, Pups & Quilts

Awhile back I had mentioned that the two grandsons had started wrestling two years ago. Their twin sisters sat on the benches watching them.

But this year because the coaches’ daughter and a few other girls were involved, my son and DIL enrolled the girls, along with their brothers.  Here is a photo of them, the coaches’ daughter and another girl in their age group. The twins are on the far right and left.

When this was shared on FB, I loved the lady photographers’ quote : “A Strong Girl looks a Challenge in the Eye and Gives It a Wink…”

Meanwhile I finished up the gradient quilt. I am not fond of binding and had some inner wrestling in regards to keeping at it, but since there are two more quilt projects to finish up and bind, I am happy to have this off the list. This is for my youngest son; it’s a tied quilt.

I started it last year using color suggestions from the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.

On Sunday they were all to be away at a wrestling match ( cookout later ) so I brought Merle down here to play for awhile. The weather was like spring and while dogs don’t really wrestle…tug of war is something like it :)

Running some laps around the  yard at full speed…

After all of that a few treats were needed.

I mentioned earlier that we were to have a cookout after they got back from wrestling. WHO HAS A COOKOUT in the middle of February in Southwestern Pennsylvania?  Well this Februarys’ weather is very strange and it was around 63 degrees yesterday. The grill was on! Today I was down there for awhile and we were all out on the back deck, with some neighbors and friends and the children were playing outside in the yard in just long sleeves and pants and needing no jackets.

While this is very pleasant and feels like spring I am a bit alarmed. Typically in May we worry about bushes, flowers, fruit trees etc. coming into bloom too soon and being destroyed by a freeze or frost later on.  I have never encountered that worry in February; in winter!

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