Snow & Slice of Life

Blue early morning snow Feb 9

snow dishes window collage

snow thru window sepia

pussy willow in pottery

cornbread collage

The original forecast for the beginning of the week was not terribly alarming…three inches of snow one evening and three inches the next day.

In the end we only had about two inches of snow.

My youngest son stopped by to enjoy some homemade chicken noodle soup, salad and cornbread. He took a quick run to a local Dollar Store and Koopa, his young blue nose pit, kept watch for him.

koopa out the window collage

He’s so muscular ! It’s hard to believe that he was once this little pup, but even then the muscles were just rippling :

He’s still mostly puppy in exuberance and behavior,  but grown up a bit now to a handsome young dog. He cuddled up with me for awhile and I snuck off for the camera  while he was in a lovey-dovey mood.

Koopa Handsom Boy


Hydrangea Dividers shot

Figurines collage

I have a Pee Gee Hygrandea and in the late fall, I clip some branches and store them in the cellar to dry. I bring them up around this time each year when the ‘drearies’ hit mid-winter.  I have a few figurines here that  celebrate Valentine’s Day each year around this time :)

The forecast for the next five or so days indicates that we’ll have snow “showers” each day and are moving into some bitter temperatures for days on end. The snow that we have now will be staying on the ground and added to for awhile.

Lily Artic Blast Polaroid

ice and late sun collage

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Come on in for a bit…

Usually in the summer the majority of the photos that I take are outdoors.

cleome and sunflower vine

I recently picked some flowers to bring inside…would you like to come on in with me for a bit?


in the door

This is the time of year that there is finally enough of a variety of zinnias, etc. available for me to pick some flowers and bring them in for bouquets.

On the one side, I simply put a sunflower in the little vase.

sunflower side collage

Editing these pictures reminded me of a favorite from last year of a sunflower so I am going to include it as well. Basically if you bring sunflowers in, this is what will happen down the line : )


On the other side I used several items for vases. I have a juice bottle inside my hobnail vase, and I used various glassware in different sizes. Nothing fancy…just wanted to create the same sort of natural scattered look that I find outside.

flowers in vases collage

That dove is from my grandmother…I usually have it out somewhere during the spring  / summertime. The flowers are a mix of hydrangea. hyacinth bean vine, marigold, russian sage, cosmos, calendula and zinnias.

flowers in vases

Have a quick look around and then since the weather is nice we can go back outside :)

inside random collage

I’ll get the scissors and you can cut some hydrangea and other flowers to take home, and pick some heirloom tomatoes to ripen on your windowsill as well.

back outside collage

Come back soon! :)

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