Little Baskets & Flowers : RSC Color of the Month is Pink

The RSC ( Rainbow Scrap Challenge ) color for October is pink. I didn’t even get around to prepping applique for some pink baskets until mid-month.

I did want to show you some pink flowers, first….I am in Southwestern Pa. In the old days, before Climate Change, the height of fall beauty and foliage here was typically the second week of October.

Little foliage change here as of mid-October and I was still harvesting tomatoes the other day, with many flowers in bloom including these pink ones :

I had purchased a mixed seed variety so I am not sure what the flower ( above ) is. I do know that the bee below is visiting a Cleome..

Cosmos in the afternoon light:

We went down to 33 degrees on Monday night, but everything survived, even the low-growing flowers such as Sweet William and Nasturtium… now it is going to warm up a bit again! :)

Here are my hand appliqued  Little Baskets for the month :

A hero , a  Green Beret named Army Sgt. La David Johnson killed in Niger, was returned yesterday to American soil.

This is the consequence of the war machine.  There’s always money for war and weapons, isn’t there.

Myesha Johnson as her husband is returned from Niger :

There is a nice story about him that I read on Thursday morning ” The American Greatness of Sgt. La David Johnson ” 

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Little Baskets : RSC September Color is Orange

When I had done my sewing review post, in regards to progress and finishes for the first 2/3 of the year,  I had counted up 31 Little Baskets thus far, following the Rainbow Scrap Challenge color of the month.

However when I sorted through them, I realized that 7  of them still needed circles to be sewn on, so I caught up with that in the past week.

The RSC September color is orange.

While I could eat a bazillion of these orange cheese balls ( thank goodness that big jar is not here; the DIL texted this photo as a joke )

and while I have lots of orange flowers…

I don’t have much orange in my fabric stash.  I thought to just use some peach shades that I did have.

I hope that your Labor Day weekend was a good one.  My youngest son came in from the place he rents out in the country to stay for the weekend. His roommate’s family have a farm, and two farmhouses…family were coming in from out of state for a big reunion so he just got out of their way :)

While his dog Koopa, who is two years old now still runs around the yard like crazy and jumps super-high at the crabapple tree….like this collage that I posted in June….

He does have his quieter, calmer moments.

Here, he just cracked me up as he totally rearranged the pillows on the loveseat for his convenience.

There’s been lots of good food this weekend…my garden tomatoes ( the DIL grilled them with zucchini, onions, etc. to toss with quinoa )  and fresh fruit smoothies, and pancakes and bacon for breakfast, and eating too much potato salad :)  Did you you have a nice Labor Day weekend?

Here’s wishing you a good week. I need to cut out some new templates for an Airship Propeller block ( the current freezer paper ones are pretty shabby ) and decide on another Elizabeth’s Pride block. And there is lots of yard work coming up down the line…

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