Slow Stitching : Binding Stars & Spools

I had finished hand quilting Stars & Spools towards the end of January, but I didn’t touch it again until this weekend.

One thing that initially  held me back was that I didn’t have enough of any particular fabric that would work for a binding. I looked around online and ended up purchasing a pre-made binding from JoAnn Fabrics that would work with several of the colors in the quilt.

If I do a fall table runner or something like that in the future I can use up the leftover binding.

I brought out the sewing machine and machine quilted the brown and beige striped border and then attached the binding.

Hand stitching it to the back will take awhile, but at least it is a start :)

Because I hand quilt and applique by hand, hand stitching binding is one of my least favorite things to do. But for Stars and Spools I think that it may be a labor of love…I just made up this quilt as I went along.

It took a long while to finish, but I so enjoyed using the reproduction type fabrics and the creative process in general.

If I just resolve to go through one length of thread per day, this last step will be done eventually:)

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Blooms Too Soon & the March RSC Color for Quilting is Red

This winter weather has been up & down, as many of you have experienced as well. Cold and snow one day, and temps in the mid-50’s on another. Once or twice we were in the high 60’s.  Well the plants are confused.

They are coming up, thinking that it is mid-April. On March 8th I noticed that my daffodils on the side of the house were in bloom. This is much too early. I had one of my grandsons come down and pick the 10 or so in bloom for his mother.

The weekend forecast is for lows around 12 degrees…the blooms will be happier in a vase of water in a nice warm house :)

There are things coming up such as daylilies and autumn sedum…and my lilac bush started budding too early…something I generally worry about in spring, not winter.

While there is early green growth outdoors, as to indoor quilting projects the RSC ( Rainbow Scrap Challenge ) color of the month is red. Like these roasted red peppers that I made to accompany my chicken dinner…

I have been cutting down on meat quite a bit in the last year or so,  and usually my dinners anymore are a very small portion of it + a good 4-5 veggies )

While I have some red-themed applique that I am working on, I took a look at Scrappy Granny once I had finished hand quilting the latest block and surrounding sashing.

I have nine of these + sashing finished now, so the middle is all done.

Why not choose a red block for the next one? :)

There were several to choose from and the kitty even showed her preference.

I did not go with her choice, however. I chose this one…all set to quilt! :)  I am using perle thread and ‘big stitch’ quilting in the colored portion of the blocks, and regular quilting thread and smaller stitches around the block and in the sashing.  I did not make the perle threads investment lightly…I have at least two other quilt tops that I can use the same treatment with down the line.

That cardinal that is featured in this quilt block, so brilliant against the winter snow when it falls, has now changed his song…in the spring he calls “pretty pretty pretty” and his new call is as early as the plant growth this year. This is why he’s in my hoop now :)

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