Gardening & Back to Quilting

I took a break from quilting for a week or two and devoured a few fiction books instead.

So many stitches ; maybe I needed that break :)

I have returned to Scrappy Granny ; this is the last block area.

While it is certainly hot enough this week for ice cream bars, I am enjoying Pennsylvania peaches.

Last week was steamy and muggy and we had storms and downpours every day.  The weather changed on the day of Superman’s Wedding ( previous post ).

Now it is the opposite ; quite hot, in the 90’s. and dry. I mowed one day, started the weeding process the next day, and there are quite a lot of weeds. Why do they flourish more from the rain than the flowers? Not fair! :)

I planted just about everything this year from seeds rather than purchasing annual plants already started from a nursery. Those look to be coming in to bloom soon. Right now I have a nice amount of perennials in bloom.

Grapes are coming along,  a tall lily ( half-fallen over from downpours ) and the rose of sharon bushes :

After the first round of roses were done, new growth came and another round is in bloom. I dug up roadside phlox a few years ago and that has started blooming now. The orange coneflowers are flourishing.

I was knee deep in phlox by the roadside, early morning, picking them for my son’s wedding a few years ago.  I was drenched with the early morning dew when I was done, but I also had a bucket with one plant for my garden to remember it all by. For some reason, it blooms about a month later here than in the wild.

While I had to dead-head quite a few, many daisies are still in bloom. The Russian Sage is spilling over the sidewalk.

The bees love it.

Meanwhile, in exploring Blogland here and there, I have seen one or two bloggers question why less comments / visitors / posts / is everyone going to Instagram / or what-have-you.

Curious, I went to my stats.  I recently did a post on a family wedding. In a 3 day period, I saw

  • 176 Sunday
  • 393 Monday
  • 172 Tuesday ( as of Tuesday, around 6;30 when I checked )

I am bloggging less than I used to but I’ve not gone the Instagram route yet. I generally try to comment but sometimes I just fly through and do not. I used to join a lot of link-up parties and don’t bother much with that anymore.  I suppose that after a few years many of us change our blogging /reading habits…have you?

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Finished up my Quirky Quilty 365

Audrey from Quilty Folk had an idea last year that we should all sew circles, 1 per day, for 365 days.

There were many participants with a wonderful variety of interpretations on this idea.

I will say that they were all lovely and that mine was probably the weirdest, lol!   The center represents the Tree of Life from the Kabbalah ( I was reading a book on that at the time. )  All of the little circles represent the 9 months that I lasted doing it before quitting, and the bottom 3 blocks are my rendition / adaptations of a few blocks from the “Home Sweet Home” book by Barb Adams & Alma Allen.

One year I had a hollyhock that grew to over 20 feet, one block was worked on around the 4th of July… so it is nice that I finished the tying and binding on the 3rd of July in another year :)

My quirky Quilty 365 is crossed off the list of quilt tops to finish. It measures around 75 x 55.

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