Hand Quilting: Little Hands into Family & Friends Quilts

We went to close to 40 degrees these last two days so a good bit of the ice that winter storm Liam provided us with has been slowly melting, though there are still huge chunks of it here and there.

It was pretty the other day with the icicles on trees and bushes glittering in the late afternoon sunshine.  “All that glitters is not gold” :)

Unfortunately more precipitation is in the forecast…not too much of a break :)

Meanwhile I’ve been tying this baby quilt off and on. I don’t do too much at a time because it is tedious and my wrists hurt if I do too much at one sitting. The middle and one border are done.

The mama stopped over the other day with the big sister and brother and traced their hands on to paper so that I could incorporate some hand quilting in as well.  I cut those tracings out and fit their little hands between ships on the top border.  One is done and I need to quilt the other one, then I’ll get back to the tying. I am using perle cotton to tie this one.

When I was making a baby quilt many many years ago for my middle son, I traced his older brother’s hand into the border of the quilt. I still have that…all hand quilted and I think that it was my first hand quilting endeavor.

When I made a hand quilted simple nine patch for that same son when he was grown a few years ago, I quilted the children’s hands in to it. Here is my little grandson at the time thrilled to find his hand :)

I thought it would be a nice idea to do the same for this family :)    One little boy hand and his older sister will be next.

I am using Barb Vedder’s  large fan stencil to hand quilt Rose of Sharon.

I had traced one of the fans on to a section and am almost done prior to pulling out the stencil to mark more.  If you missed it, there’s more about the baby quilt and Barb’s Fan Stencil in a prior post ( HERE )    There is a visual / where to order, etc.

And then there is FOOD to keep us going through the winter :)  I am digging through older recipe posts for some variety:

SMASHED POTATOES :   I think that these originally started with the Pioneer Woman; not sure, though.  Basically you boil some potatoes until fork tender. Drain.  Cut them in half and then smash them into a pan.  I just put some foil into a pan here and sprayed it with a bit of PAM.

Next, drizzle them with a bit of olive oil and your seasonings of choice. Put them into the oven at 450 degrees. After 10 minutes or so, stir, add a few small dollops of butter and parsley and cook them for a bit more until you hear some sizzling going on.

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Several projects in progress

I have been working here and there over the last few days on tying the baby quilt and sewing the binding on the Botanical ( previous post ) but I have several projects in progress …the beginning stages that is.

  • The Rainbow Scrap Challenge color suggestion of the month is purple or lavender or a mixture. I started prepping a Starflower in those shades.
  • I finally got around to doing a little applique on an Elizabeth’s Pride block.
  • Fabrics are pulled for some “Blend” blocks for my RSC piecing project this year.
  • A basket in berry / purple shades is prepped.
  • I have added two more connector pieces to the black and grey Starflower.


Also in the previous post, I’d shown that Barb’s fan stencil had arrived. I’ve started using that on my Rose of Sharon hand quilting project.  What I am doing, since I do not have the exact shades of quilting thread for the leaves, stems, and darker flowers, is I am using my regular thread in those sections. I do have a pink shade of quilting thread that I can use in the lighter flowers down the line.

It’s been about 2 weeks or more since I was able to get another hand quilting project ready and I am so happy to have this in the hoop now :)

We’ve had a fresh round of ice, snow, and bitter temperatures so hand quilting and any quilting projects indoors works well with the weather here in Southwestern PA.

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