Puppies grow so fast!

My son, DIL and the grandchildren got a puppy at Christmas. He was about 8-10 weeks old at that time, and I have shown some photos of him here and there since then.

Little Merle is growing so quickly that it dawned on me to do an update again since puppies grow so fast!

A few photos from the end of January : here he is in one of my tall grass plantings. I think that he was a bird in a former life because he just loves to jump in it, and by now he’s flattened half of it into a nest of some sort!

merle in tall grasses end of january

If we have had snowfall, it does not affect this game at all :

merle and the bush

He enjoys the snow:

Little Merle Pose

merle digging in snow

After playing outdoors and indoors with me and the other two dogs, eventually he winds down:

merle on chaise lounge 2

I have always had older rescue dogs…to have this puppy here and there for puppy-sitting and potty-training has been both a challenge and a joy; mostly a joy.  I’ll say it would have been easier if they’d gotten him in the spring or summer versus us having to take him outside in the bitter cold for training but he’s just so darn lovable; it’s all worth it :)

Tug of War. Indoors & Out, the first week of February:

tug of war Feb 5

Merle and Jugsy Tug of War Dried Grasses 1st week Feb

And time to wind down again, little buddy….

merle Jan 28

Now for some shots from the 18th of February taken down at his house. I went to let him outside, take him for a little walk, and then had a play session indoors for awhile. He looked as if he’d grown several inches in both length and height.

merle play fetch collage

merle with snake collage

merle fetch

merle with snake and teddy bear sunlight and shadows

Merle is a Rottweiler-Lab mix. They also have three cats…all rescue / adopted…this collage has the latest one in it; Miss Alley Cat. She’s from a workplace that my son was at. Someone had dropped her off and the guys were feeding her. He ended up bringing her home, getting her all of her shots, etc.

merle and alley Feb 18

One afternoon the week after these pictures were taken, it was around 50 degrees. I picked up five nice sized bottles of bubbles at the Dollar Store…2 spidermen and 3 disney princess ones. I went down to my middle son’s house. When the grands got off the bus after school,  they could blow bubbles for five minutes or so before going indoors for the round of homework, dinner and the boys getting ready for wrestling practice.

The wands in the bubbles made three sizes…large, elongated and small. I wish I’d taken my camera since five kids out in the yard blowing bubbles and the puppy running around chasing them was just hilarious! Maybe next time! :)

He sure is growing quickly, though…compared to this shot of him with one of the twins during Christmas week :

merle and aiselyn when they first got him

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Sewing Mid-January

Sewing Mid-January :

I finished up a few more rows on the gradient quilt ( for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. )

gradient quilt on line

I have some light blue and violet and white blocks to press but I’ll probably hold off making any further rows with them until I see what next month’s color is.

Now, I was babysitting the puppy the morning that I finished this and took it out to the line and uh-oh! The wind kicked up and the puppy thought that this might be a new toy!

gradient on line and the pup


” No, little Merle, you come in and chew on something else; not my quilt top!” :)

merle on chaise lounge Jan 21

“Okay but I sure do hope that you make me a fried egg for a treat when you are done sewing. I am dreaming about that now.”

merle on chaise lounge 2

I made some more hour glass blocks ( this is another “someday” project ) but while I had fabrics out to applique orange peels I thought to just cut some up for these as well.

hourglass blocks

Two more blue orange peels added ( the one on the bottom was completed and shown last week ) for this month’s RSC16:

orange peel blocks

For Slow Sunday Stitching : I have this wee bit of quilting to do in this block and then can move the hoop to start outlining the applique in the next block.

quilt in hoop jan 22

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I’m glad that I have no puppy-sitting duties this weekend because depending on how much we get, it might be taller than him. Looking at the forecast, I am in an area that could end up with 3 or 6 or 10 or more…right on the “not sure” line. As of Saturday morning there was six inches with snow still falling, though not heavily.

I remember that back in 2010 we had a forecast of 6-8 inches and ended up closer to 2 feet, so it never hurts to stock up a bit. I hope that any of you readers that are in the blizzard or ice zones will be safe and sound and that those of you that lost power already will have it back asap.

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