Rainbow Scrap Challenge Orange Peels & Hand Quilting

I have participated in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge this year and one of the projects that I worked on was hand appliqued Orange Peel blocks.

Here is where I was in early September :


Septembers’ color was rose with a touch of gold….I’d appliqued six peels, and then in early October I made two more to have a two-block finish.

Then I worked on two more for October. October’s color is yellow.


I plan on making two more yellow blocks to finish the row but I may put that off for another month.

I have not worked on sewing projects very much over the last two weeks but here and there the hand quilting on the Stars and Spools quilt continues…


The butterfly is almost done being echo quilted, then I’ll draw more lines. The butterfly is the last element in this row.


Meanwhile it was 33 degrees on Friday morning and I relented and turned on my furnace for a bit. Incredibly my flowers are still blooming, as they were after the frost of the 35 degree morning the other day when I took photos.   ( previous post )   We are to have a bit of a warming trend after this so it looks as if they will be safe for another week.  There is still very little foliage change. It’s a strange ‘fall’ here in Southwestern PA…much delayed :)

To see what other Rainbow projects are going on, head on over to So Scrappy on Saturdays. Slow Stitching projects are always enjoyable over at Kathy’s Quilts  on Sundays.

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Morning Light on Flowers & Sewing This Week

One morning I noticed this, so I went and got the camera.

morning glory hearts

The hearts are not perfect….kind of wobbly. Just like my applique and piecing skills :)

These are shadows from the morning glory leaves on the porch pillar in the morning light, which is changing a bit mid-summer.

Later on, taking a look at the photos,  I realized that a few of them tied in with the sewing that I had started to work on.

Angela, over at So Scrappy, had described the color of month for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge like this : “ Misty mountains are the color inspiration for this time around.  Think of the hazy purple of a dawn sky with hints of evergreens.  We’ve done the bright and happy purples already, so feel free to dip into the grey bin if you are low on the purples.”

We had already done some purples this year so I was not sure if I wanted to do more but bringing in a bit of grey might work for the Crossroads to Jericho quilt.  At any rate, while I did not have the perfect fabrics to evoke this mood of Angela’s, the hyacinth bean vine climbing on the other side of my porch did.

hyacinth bean vine morning light

For Crossroads to Jericho, I made 3 blocks with purples, greys and green and added 2 more blocks to blend in with the colors on the edges of the row beneath it.

3 purple grey green RSC blocks

Crossroads to Jericho as of August 2016

Crossroads to Jericho as of August 2016

Before starting on the Crossroads blocks, I’d taken a look at where I was with the orange peels. I really did not need purple at all at this point….could I do something with grey? I had fabric left over from making some pillow covers a year or two ago…I decided to do grey and yellows in regards to the orange peels. That would make a nice start to using more yellows whenever that becomes a color of the month.

orange peel with dark grey

While he is more yellow and black than grey, this little bee reminded me of those block colors …

bee closeup

orange peels yellow and gray

Then this shot from that morning sort of ties all the colors that I was working with together in a way :)

bee on salvia

Meanwhile, the morning that I went around with my camera was nice and mild, and my DIL took the children to a local county park that day.  And that’s the last day that anyone would want to be exerting themselves very much outdoors. ( photo courtesy of her, via Facebook, and just cropped a bit by me )

Javis and Brent on Scooters cropped

We are currently having some very high temperatures again. I am so glad that I got the grass mowed and some weeding and trimming done on the ‘nice’ morning, because no one wants to be outside much around here right now.   It’s the kind of weather to sit under the ceiling fan with the window A/C unit blowing directly at you from across the room, while you put a few more stitches in the quilt :)

hand quilting august 10

I hope to get another row of the spools done this week, working my way around the center.

Joining up with Angela at So Scrappy for RSC16 on Saturday and I will be quilting on Sunday or doing something equally slow and poky, and linking up with Kathy’s Quilts and the other Slow Stitchers.

More flowers from that morning…


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