Work in Progress : Simple Nine Patch Couch Quilt

This is a very simple couch quilt that I had started awhile ago for my son’s home…he would not appreciate a fancy pattern and the work entailed in it,  and I was just using up some existing scrap fabric. I HAVE seen him appreciate  ” all those stitches! ”  in previous hand-quilted projects so I thought that whatever I did for him should have some hand-quilting in it.


blue and white scrap quilt on line


Simple nine patch with lots of white space for “all those stitches” …I am probably a little over half way through now.


quilt on line mostly wanted the white space


The white background fabric that I purchased has a zig zag design in it which I used for the hand-quilted blocks. I just followed the pattern in the fabric in several of them…in another I did a circle with the zig zag stitched inside.  I traced the grand children’s hands in one block. ( Pencil marks still showing : )


quilting the childrens hands


I would say that a good third or more of this is hand quilted but given that I am inexperienced with machine quilting I began to give that a try the other day. I just did some straight lines around a few of the nine patches and outlined white blocks that I had not hand quilted yet.

His living room is kind of dark…it has that ‘man-cave’ sort of look to it so I wanted to brighten it up with a couch quilt that had a lot of white.  I hope to finish this up soon as there are so many other things that I want to work on : )  This will be thrown on the floor, used as a tent, and who knows what other destruction will be heaped on to it by the grand kids :)

I’ll be working on another slow-stitching hand-quilting white block this afternoon…:)  The batting is Warm & Natural cotton batting. JoAnn Fabrics had a sale on battings several months ago and since they are not cheap I bought a Queen size, intending to use it up on several smaller projects. I really like needling through this batting…I doubt that I will ever use a poly blend again.

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Half of my bed is in the garden

This is my bed. Purchased years ago at a furniture store having a 1/2 off + no interest sale. Cheap but serviceable.

Look at the bottom of it. Doesn’t that look like an ideal place for a little boy to sit, put his legs through, and rock / shake / rattle and loosen it ?


Quilt on Bed Pic One


That’s what he did over the years and one day it just fell off. I also believe that one or two screws had been sucked into the vacuum.

I just dragged it into the basement.  I had more room without it anyway. And recently I dragged it back out and here it is in the garden. A perfect resting place for the cucumber vines! :)

cucumber vines