Going to Miss Him, Charlottes Web, and a Few More Baskets

When their lease was up, my youngest son and a roommate parted ways ( they are still close friends but the roommate was going to move in with a girlfriend). At that point my son moved in with his dad temporarily and if you are a regular to this blog you know that his dad died in early April and he moved in with me.

He’s moving out to a place in the country soon with a friend. While he’s always visited with Koopa, and I’ve shown pictures of Koopa on this blog since he was a little pup, I’ve never had Koopa here on a daily basis until now and I have gotten very used to him being my little grey shadow ; I am going to miss him.

He’s such a beautiful pit…pure muscle. He eats enough but he works it off outdoors running and jumping.

He is very cuddly and sweet for much of the day…

And I have a feeling that he is going to miss me too :)

And he’ll miss his porch time out front…viewing the show ( this was after a nice thunderstorm and soaking rain…the birds were bathing across the street in the neighbors puddles )

Meanwhile, I have short daylilies on the side of the house that have been in bloom for awhile but the tall ones ( about 5 feet or so) in the front of the house are just coming in to bloom now. This shot is taken from the porch after that rain :

The background is my neighbors driveway. Earlier in the day I’d gone out with my camera and saw a web starting between two of the flowers and when I looked closely, I found Charlotte :) Now, I am not a fan of spiders in my house but Charlotte stayed put and let me get a photo …

I appliqued three more Little Baskets this week, using the Rainbow Scrap Challenge color of the month, which is yellow. I certainly have various shades of that in this grouping! :)

As to further applique and slow stitching over the weekend, I showed hand-quilting progress in a previous post ( HERE ) and that is ongoing.  I have finished up the prep work in regards to appliqueing another Elizabeths Pride block and am ready to get started on that.

I don’t have whole house A/C and we just put two units in downstairs. Upstairs… sweltering at the ironing board prepping these pieces during a heat wave….well let me just say that I wish I was doing this instead :)

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I’ll be joining other RSC participants at So Scrappy and other Slow Stitchers at Kathys Quilts this weekend.


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On the latest occasion that Brent was here it was chilly and rainy…not much to do but eat, snuggle, or goof off…

I do not like the heat so these mid-week cooler temperatures have been wonderful. For two days it was downright chilly in the morning, requiring a sweater, and the temperatures did not go over 65 degrees  in the afternoon. Today it went to around 72 and I see days on end of 90 degrees coming up so I appreciate this.

I put the hand quilting on Scrappy Granny aside for a few days and worked on some applique. The Rainbow Scrap Challenge color of the month is yellow. I’d finished up another Elizabeths Pride block as well as a few Little Baskets.

When I’d started the baskets, the idea was that when I had the fabric out for an Airship block, I’d cut a basket or two as well. Then I thought to follow the RSC color suggestion of the month.

‘ Putzing’ around in that manner, I counted up my blocks thus far. I would have 25 Little Baskets and 12 Airships once I finished this one…

I finished it up as I sat and listened to our former FBI Director, James Comey testify today.  I find him to be a person of the highest integrity.  It seems that everyone on the committee felt the same. Should it be one persons’ word against another, I would go with Comey :) 

Now the quilt is pulled back out. I had finished two blocks and started working on the sashing and border areas.

Outdoors while it seems that I just weeded and mowed, it will all need done again soon due to the recent rains.   I purchased no flowers from a nursery this year aside from a six pack of impations for a planter on the porch. Everything else has been seeds in the ground. I’ll see how they do down the line…I see some coming up in some locations and none in others.

The perennials are doing well right now…this is the time for daylilies, foxglove, batchelor buttons, roses, spirea bushes, daises and more to be in bloom.

I hope that you are enjoying these last few weeks of spring :)

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