Weather Mystery & Some Blues

After an extended stretch of bitter cold temperatures, we went to 55 degrees on Wednesday and an amazing 66 degrees on Thursday here in southwestern PA.

This means enjoying the weather break but also dealing with snow and ice melting and a major muddy mess in the backyard for the dogs to track in…

On Thursday morning I checked the weather and saw a Winter Storm Warning. What?  We were going to 60 or above today…was this a glitch?

It was not. It was issued for FRIDAY at 1:00 p.m. for my county, lasting through Saturday.  Yet the local weather said 55 degrees and rain for Friday and no ice / sleet / snow until Friday evening.

Well there is a weather mystery going on here and I suppose I’ll discover what really happens in the next few days :)

Koopa says ” I am not worried. She’s stocked up on our dog food and there’s still a half box of treats for us on top of the fridge.”

Yes I am stocked up on food and essentials just in case we really do get the ice and snow. I’ll never forget a few years ago when the forecast was for 6 inches and we ended up with over 20…

As to sewing, the Rainbow Scrap Challenge color for the month of January is blue and here are some more blues that I have worked on.  ( And Koopa is a Bluenose Pit so he fits in here as well :)

An appliqued Airship Propeller block :

Another Starflower and Little Basket :

And two more Little Baskets :

I am quite happy to be done with the blues for the month. Going forward I’ll be happy to work on any color but blue :)  A collage from earlier posts :

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I’ll be linking up to the RSC18 Scrap Challenge at SoScrappy on Saturday.


Quilty Life Around Here : Baskets, EPP, Botanical

Just as with many of you, the cold weather has inspired me to stay in as much as possible over the last few days and focus on my quilty life and projects.

I have always loved to use baskets for storage.

On Sunday I finished appliqueing another Little Basket and I thought to get the rest of them out, where they were stored in a basket.

I’d just been following the Rainbow Scrap Challenge of the month suggestions for color over the last year….

Originally I thought to do a basket row quilt. I’d seen something like that in a book that I had. However those were all old-fashioned colors and I can see that I just went willy-nilly with colors and shades over the last year and that I’ll have to come up with some other plan in the end, now that I’ve taken a look at these thus far :)

As to a new project for this year, I completed another EPP ( English Paper Piecing ) Starflower.

Then I worked my way around adding the edging pieces:

I have neglected hand quilting for a good week or more but there is just a wee bit of work to be done on this final Botanical Quilt block prior to addressing the borders and finishing it up:

Stay warm & safe :)

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