Sewing & Snippets of Life Early November

I have not sewn very much lately…for a week or so I’d done little aside from a bit of quilting.  Here’s a photo prior to moving the hoop towards the end of October….


Then came a mild weekend and Halloween and just savoring being outdoors…

Fall has come late this year…my neighbors’ maple tree had tints of red on the edges, with the rest of the leaves remaining green for two weeks or more, and then all of a sudden it turned orange and after a windy day with rain, started to drop leaves like crazy. Many of the other trees and bushes and shrubs in the neighborhood are just starting to change.


After that rain…sun and clouds in the puddles…


Later on that rainy day my youngest pulled in with some laundry to do here, accompanied by Koopa, his dog. Grandkids were in and out after school, and getting some lovin’ from Koopa…


Inspired by the falling leaves, I pulled out the Flower Basket medallion project and added some more leaves and berries. These had been prepped awhile ago; but other projects got in the way.


I have resolved not to start any new projects in 2017, no matter how tempting they might be :)  There is enough around here to work on for ages…

While I was outside taking the photo of the floral basket applique, here’s a shot of the crabapple tree next to it…most of the leaves have fallen and just a few left were highlighted by the late afternoon sun.


I also took a shot of a pile of trimmings to go into the garbage cans next week. I have been trimming and can fill my two spare cans each week. I learned my lesson last week. Every time we had a wind gust, the cans would blow over and I’d have to ‘reload’ them. This time, I am not doing so until the evening before garbage pickup. This is just one of a few around here ….


The weather has cooled off again. 33 degrees on Saturday morning and baking some bread is on the agenda. I have moved that quilt hoop and for weekend Slow Stitching I will quilt inside this star and echo quilt it, then move on to the lines after that.


No more Floral Basket applique until I prep more leaves and berries, so I’ll content myself with hand quilting after being away from it for a week :)

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Snow & Slice of Life

Blue early morning snow Feb 9

snow dishes window collage

snow thru window sepia

pussy willow in pottery

cornbread collage

The original forecast for the beginning of the week was not terribly alarming…three inches of snow one evening and three inches the next day.

In the end we only had about two inches of snow.

My youngest son stopped by to enjoy some homemade chicken noodle soup, salad and cornbread. He took a quick run to a local Dollar Store and Koopa, his young blue nose pit, kept watch for him.

koopa out the window collage

He’s so muscular ! It’s hard to believe that he was once this little pup, but even then the muscles were just rippling :

He’s still mostly puppy in exuberance and behavior,  but grown up a bit now to a handsome young dog. He cuddled up with me for awhile and I snuck off for the camera  while he was in a lovey-dovey mood.

Koopa Handsom Boy


Hydrangea Dividers shot

Figurines collage

I have a Pee Gee Hygrandea and in the late fall, I clip some branches and store them in the cellar to dry. I bring them up around this time each year when the ‘drearies’ hit mid-winter.  I have a few figurines here that  celebrate Valentine’s Day each year around this time :)

The forecast for the next five or so days indicates that we’ll have snow “showers” each day and are moving into some bitter temperatures for days on end. The snow that we have now will be staying on the ground and added to for awhile.

Lily Artic Blast Polaroid

ice and late sun collage

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