Trying to Catch Up Slice of Life

I thought life would get back to normal a bit. Trying to catch up…but this slice of life is not quite there yet :)

The funeral & wake were all in one day.

The next morning ( late ) my oldest and his GF came by for a last goodbye prior to traveling back to St. Louis. By that time I had the grandkids back from who had been babysitting them for the latter part of the wake,  and there was some cuddling time between Brent and his Uncle Shawn:

The situation is there was no will, no one on his checking or deeds or titles…I will be the executrix …I was joking with my oldest that executor sounds quite normal but Executrix sounds like a super heroine wearing a suit of armor with bat-wings or something :)

It’s okay; on the first day of wading through paperwork Kanga offered to help.

The estate attorney is a friend of my middle son and when you go to visit an attorney and she has two huge friendly Labradoodles in her office you know that you are in good hands:)

Speaking of dogs, the youngest had been living with his dad for the last two months and at the moment he can’t handle being there. So he and Koopa are here with me for awhile.

The cat is not happy and this is what goes on outside. ( Koopa is a young pit bull and they love to jump )

I have two dogs here, and now Koopa for awhile and in the above photo Merle, my middle sons’ dog was visiting too.

Then it is Easter break for the kids and they were all down here for awhile as well on Wednesday and when they took off on their scooters, Kate fell and fractured her arm.  This is not a good month for us!

Meanwhile, Stars and Spools sits awaiting me to finish the binding but every time that I pick it up or the Scrappy Granny quilt, something else happens …I just think that life is going to be messy and family-focused for awhile and if I can even get a few stitches in here and there I will be happy.

The leg wound is not fully healed, either. It was the size of my palm or larger. Skin ripped off stretched back over and stitched. My DIL took the stitches out a day or two after the funeral but the middle is not great ( looks so gross, lol! :)  and so I still want it covered and bandaged as it is so tender. If I do too much I get swelling.  “WHY?” I ask her. “Well you are old” she honestly says.

Meanwhile while it was just awful when Kate fell off of the scooter and was in so much pain by the next day she was happily having me sign her purple cast. An in-between photo that my DIL took :

Well I think no more posts until I am actually able to get back to some sewing :) Have a nice Easter, everyone. We are going to a big get-together that my DILs’  family has at a hall with a playground next to it for the children. More food than one could imagine and it looks as if our weather will be great.

I hope to get back soon to visiting everyone…

Family, Quilting, and Flower Basket Medallion Center Finish

Are you enjoying the Christmas season thus far? I love the colors of this season that we bring into our homes to contrast the ever shortening days with their dark mornings and early evenings…


A blurry phone photo of my youngest over here doing his laundry the other day…


If you are a regular reader, or visit here sporadically, you will know that my little bungalow is rather small, and I do not have a designated sewing room nor a design wall. My design wall is my laundry line.

This is Koopa, Nates’ pit bull. Koopa is just a wee bit over 2 years old now. When he is not in the house being lovey-dovey with me, he enjoys jumping up by the crabapple tree. Pits love to jump.


Koopa can jump to amazing heights but he got a bit lazy that evening and decided to just go after the laundry line. Yep, he killed it. It stretches across my back yard. I rescued a portion of it and just tied it to the tree.

Then I was able to hang the finished center portion of the Flower Basket Medallion.


This is a Kim McLean pattern. For the rest of this I’d wanted to strike out on my own. In my last post I was considering using some pieced blocks that I’d started last year. I sewed some together and decided that was not the direction that I wanted to go after all. It’s the colors…it just didn’t work.

I am thinking of attempting an applique border with a small vase or urn in the middle and then stems, leaves and berries spilling out on either side, with a flower or bird or what-have-you placed here and there.

Now, back to the family : the other day, prior to school, my DIL had posted a photo of one of the twins with a little black dress that had a bow…and she’d curled her hair and put a bow there as well. I saved the photo and edited it a wee bit.


As to quilting, before that son conked out on the couch, I showed him how far along I was on the Stars and Spools quilt..close to the end of the third border…


One more thing :)  That youngest son had sent me to Michaels’  with a hefty gift certificate for my birthday last week. I got a few things for myself. some craft kits for the grands, and then couldn’t resist this for my middle son and DIL…and if ever there was a Kanga-the- Kitty-Photo-Bomb this would top the list!


Have you purchased any funny gifts this season? I just couldn’t resist this one.

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