Rainbows and Pot Pies etc. Slice of Life : Late October

It is hard to believe that I’ll need to cut the grass again this late in October, but we had quite a bit of rain on Monday and Monday night.  The grass looks as if it grew several inches due to that.

Cooler temperatures followed.

Tuesday found me in the kitchen making chicken pots pies for a friend of my youngest son. His dad had died in a motorcycle accident on Sunday :(

LILY was at the groomers while I was cooking , but the two boys, Jugsy and Koopa, didn’t mind at all.  They didn’t have to share chicken skins and scraps with her!  This friend loves my pot pies and always asks when I am going to make one. In this case it was love & sympathy pies.

The recipe is HERE .   ( Years ago a co-worker and I had tried out several pot pie recipes. Some were quite difficult and prolonged. I came across this one and it is easy and always turns out great.) 

Prior to this cooler weather moving in, the evenings were still quite warm. My son’s pit bull loves to jump. He jumps at a branch 7 feet high in the air on my crabapple tree and oftentimes reaches it. Here is a night shot of him returning to me on the porch after a jumping spree :

He’s just pure muscle, yet in this house, the tiny little cat is the boss of him :)

My flowers were still blooming, and in my previous post I showed a coneflower coming in to bloom. Here she is in full bloom and probably the last new bloom of the season.

YET these coneflowers are so interesting and here is what they ‘morph’ in to :


Meanwhile a blogger friend had recommended a Maggie Hope mystery series and when I went to my little library in search of that ( they had ONE ) I saw Amy Tan’s memoir, ” Where the Past Begins” on the New Releases shelf.

I am not sure if you have read Amy Tan, but I recall loving the “Joy Luck Club” years ago and later on, some of her other books.

I could not put that memoir down! Finished it within 2-3 days.

For most of the summer after this or that rain or storm, I’d watch for a rainbow. None!

On Tuesday October 24 just about everyone in my area was entranced by a large rainbow after a small rainshower. It was very bright and clear and lasted for a long time. There was actually a double rainbow but that portion was fading out when I grabbed my camera for a few shots.

It was such a nice early evening surprise :)

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Life with Dogs

My middle son thought that I should get a dog ( ,many years ago )  when he was coming back from Iraq.

He pictured me getting some little lap dog. I went to the shelter and got a big spazzoid dog that was a Rottweiler- Husky Mix,  full of energy , as I was picturing a dog for HIM, lol…

I thought they’d be a good mix for each other. They were.

Scott would come in from riding his motorcycle and have his gloves on and they’d play rough with each other and the next year we wondered why Jugsy jumped up on everyone when they came in and went for their hands or gloves :)

He did not seem to have been abused or anything….full of life and very loving. He was 2 or 3 when I got him. BUT we learned early on…two full grown men ( my sons ) holding him down and me trying to clip his nails? NO.

Take him to the vets and have a technician advance on him to administer a shot? Better get a muzzle on him first. His fear and anxiety is amazing.  It has never changed.

So, I made appointments at the vets  for Lily on Monday, and then Jugsy and Koopa ( my youngest son’s dog ) for Tuesday.  Updated shots, Lily allergic to fleas….needing very expensive flea pill, anti-itch pills, etc.

LILY was a neighbors dog. They got transferred and had to move. I took her in. For reference here is an older picture from the blog ( they are waiting for some food in the kitchen :)

And here is a recent picture of Koopa, my youngest son’s dog.

Back to Tuesday afternoon :)

Jugsy….the vet wants to see if we can get anywhere without sedation. NOPE…muzzle on, give the sedation. I go to a room with him to wait while he ‘conks’ out.   This is not full anesthesia…she doesn’t want me to have to pay for that / and he’s old. What she gives him should suffice.

So while he’s conking out, they do whatever needs to be done with Koopa and by then I’ve left Jugsy conked out in a room, and my son and I and Koopa are in the foyer.

We hear SCREAMS from Jugsy ( Sedated!!! ) AS They Just Clip His Nails!   KOOPA in the foyer, hearing his buddy, starts to scream in empathy as well.

If you had been a new patient walking in at that moment with your dog, you’d have run away because it sounded like a torture chamber….!!! It was that bad :)

And this was all to get a dog’s nails clipped : )

Getting him out of there was hysterical…have you ever in your past gotten drunk and can barely walk. That is what it was like to get him out, to the car, up the porch steps, and in to the house.

Koopa kept checking up on him and finally just laid down next to him before I ran out to the store, etc.

What did I learn?  I observed more empathy and concern between Koopa, a dog, concerning another dog…real pain, even screaming in regards to what he heard was happening to the other dog….

than I see in many humans :(     Meanwhile as to the flea situation, the vet observed that they seem to develop immunity to things that worked in the past….Sentry / Frontline, etc.   That is why using these products this year was money down the drain.

For instance I flea-combed my cat today and found live fleas to drop into boiling water, right under her 20.00 flea collar. I went on to Amazon and ordered the vet-recommended Serestro collar for her. 55.00!!

The newer products are much more expensive. Lily’s 3 month supply of Bavectro was close to 60.00. They didn’t have it in stock for the bigger dogs so we went with a one month Nexguard pill for each ( about 22.00 ) and will have to get more next month or the Serestro collars ( over 60.00  or more for bigger dogs. )  Everything in the house has been washed in hot water or sprayed with the vet-recommended Knockout ( 33.00 per can )  and all that I can say is that this is the first year that anything like this has happened here.

Sentry used to be Vet recommended and now it is useless / Frontline no better…perhaps it was the wet weather we had for the beginning of the summer? I don’t know. All that I DO know is that I’ll never run up to the local pet store and purchase products again, based on what I purchased or what worked in the past. I’ll always check with the vet first because this year so much was money down the drain for what was not working, and then having to purchase newer solutions.

ONE OTHER DOG ! :)   Merle, my middle son’s dog from down the street. My DIL took this photo this morning of Merle. My neighbor’s oak tree is beginning to change and drop leaves…one of the few trees in the neighborhood to start to change color now.

I just saw on CNN that President Putin in Russia was gifted with a puppy from the leader of Turkmenistan.

Checking in to that article and another link or two, it seems that he is quite the dog lover with an extensive kennel of various dogs.

His deepest love is for a black lab named Loki. She is older now but he was quoted in the past  as saying ” As far as bad moods go, of course I have them like any other person, but in those cases I try to consult with my dog Koni — she gives me good advice.”

I had to laugh at that, thinking that both Trump supporters and non-supporters generally agree on the fact that he should not tweet so much. Methinks that he might need a dog! :)

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