Winter Storm Liam & Little Baskets

In my previous post I showed some completed applique / EPP  and indicated that the forecast kept changing in regards to what winter storm Liam was going to leave us with.

He left me with a nice backache! :)

We had mostly ice. Just standing at the top of the steps trying to chip away at about 3 -4 inches of heavy icy slush, then going down step by step, to the sidewalk and then to the car…which was literally a car inside a huge ice cube…wasn’t fun.

VERY POOR TIMING…the youngest son who was living here for awhile had just moved to an apartment or HE would have had to do all of this :)

It’s all much prettier on a tree than a car.

Meanwhile the Rainbow Scrap Challenge color of the month suggestion for February is purple. I finished the applique on two Little Baskets in that color.

If you have been in the path of Liam how have you fared?

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Rice Pudding

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ICE & a little applique…

Ice can be exquisite if you don’t have to drive in it. I walked on it ( quite carefully ) to get a few photos.


After the bitter cold temperatures that we’d been having I looked forward to the Saturday forecast of 51 degrees and rain.They neglected to mention that the rain was coming in a different form, and that the 51 degrees was not going to happen until evening! I imagine that they didn’t know that until the last minute, which is usual with weather predictions here.


The freezing rain was still gently falling as I walked about…



I am not sure that as humans, that we were really meant to be driving around in cars in an ice storm. I think that we were meant to be home when it happened, when it seems magical…


But truthfully, knowing that it was going to warm up within 8 hours and all melt away, helped it to seem magical.  Ice storms can be deadly and wreak much havoc upon nature as well as man.

I remember one when the kids were little that pretty much paralyzed our area for days on end. It came after heavy snows and it was around the Christmas holidays …I think that they were out of school for what seemed like ages at the time : )


As to sewing around here…

I went shopping online prior to Christmas looking for sales. I was not looking for fabric to fall in love with…I needed wide backing, some white fabric, some greens for applique, sewing machine needles; that sort of thing.

I looked on Craftsy and a few other places but Hancocks of Paducah had some amazing sales.  There were year end sales on designer fabrics for 2.99 and 3.99 per yard. * Some restrictions more, no less, than one yard. 

I placed an order and then 4 or 5 days later inquired if it had shipped yet? They said that they were sorry but the sales response was so strong that they were running behind and would ship on such and such a day ( about a week later than the day that I placed the order ) . In the end, they lagged behind THAT ship date but let me know that they were sorry and were shipping for free.  I mention this because I wasn’t in a hurry for anything and at those prices I could understand the delay if they had such a response.

Here are some greens that I purchased :


A photo on Saturday afternoon of progress on the Flower Basket Medallion border…not a lot this week but here a little, there a little. The day was so dreary…indoors it was not feasible to get any decent lighting…


At that point I was in the middle of appliqueing a leaf, had two more to do, and then I need to prep some more.  For Slow Sunday Stitching at Kathy’s Quilts I’ll be prepping first :)

Here’s wishing all of us, including our feathered friends, a safe and wonderful holiday week.

Wren at Suet 2

Baking Cookies

And remember, in the end? Christmas for us women always ENDS UP HERE! :)  Photo from a few Christmases ago to remind me of the Magic Versus Reality of Christmas! The magic was when you were a kid. As an adult, now you create the magic for the kids and then do the dishes :)

one more round of dishes

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