Cooped Up & Cozy & Making Things

beautiful sky end Jan






mix up from scratch batter

silver pitcher with sunlight

When the weather first turns cold, it’s hard to adjust to being in the house so much. I practically live on my front porch in warm weather, preferring to read, quilt, pray, what-have-you….out there. It’s rare to find me sitting in the living room unless it is extremely hot outside. It’s just a room to pass through to get to the porch :)

The holidays get me through the adjustment. There’s Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years and while there may be a fluctuation in temperatures…a few mild days here and there, by January, you can just count on it being cold. Period. As it is now.

Our brief spate of mild weather and rain changed with temperatures plummeting rapidly. Those large rain puddles turned to ice, and we’re back to day time highs of 20 or so and much colder nights. Snow started moving in late Thursday afternoon.


Now, there is bundling up in many layers to take that walk, clear the yard of dog poo, perhaps shovel some snow, clear the ice from the car…and now the living room is a happy place to visit. A place to huddle under a quilt while reading or watching a movie. I’ve adjusted to winter and have gone from feeling cooped up to feeling cozy.


The dining room is where sewing and making things goes on, however.  ( a picture from a few years ago :)   Usually a quilt is spread out on the table or the sewing machine is set up there.


singer and sewing

machine photo sewing border

Sewing is not all that goes on at that dining room table, though. I have a little 8 x 12 galley kitchen in this little bungalow, so the dining room table is used for everything! :)

Biscuits Pic 2

Holiday dinners, baking biscuits and gingerbread men, putting puzzles together, making dominoes line up and fall down; lots of activities have gone on at this table.

This week the sewing machine has been out,working on some rows for a quilt backing. My youngest likes The Grateful Dead and last year I’d purchased a bit of Skulls and Roses fabric. There’s too many roses for a guy, so I am cutting the skulls out, and I can use the rose scraps down the line. I have black fabric for the rest of the backing ( for the Gradient quilt top. )


When I went to put the backing together I barely had enough black fabric. I’d purchased it so long ago I wasn’t sure why, as in I thought that I’d ordered enough.

I think that I must have planned to just use the entire Skulls and Roses piece with the black surrounding it. Oh well, it worked out in the end. Photo taken before the snow arrived  :)


Next on the agenda is to make a quilt sandwich…

I am not sure how you feel about YOUR weather at the moment, but my personal take on it all is that The Garden of Eden probably just had two seasons ; Spring and Fall :)

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To everything there is a season

bedroom shadows o

“To everything there is a season”, Ecclesiates 3:1 tells us.

We are often in a hurry for the next season. After a harsh winter, we long for spring. After a hot & humid summer, we long for fall. I do not like the heat and my home does not have whole house air conditioning so I am quite guilty of often longing for fall by summer’s end.

I want to turn on the oven again and eat hearty dishes and feel crisp cool air…

soup old

STRATA etc collage old

pancakes etc o

But of course, right after that comes winter again / why was I in such a hurry :)

Here in my location, which is in Southwestern Pennsylvania, the winter has been changeable and far from unrelenting or harsh. Oh, we’ve had some bitterly cold temperatures and a bit of snow but this El Nino winter has not been a hard one at all. Last weekend was sub-zero and this weekend we saw 60 degrees on Saturday. I have to honestly say that while I love spring I am not in a hurry for it as I am too busy being thankful for this mild winter!

This old house has steam radiator heat. My little galley kitchen and bathroom are unheated. I am thankful that there has only  been a few days this winter where being in those rooms was difficult.

I am thankful that this Saturday and one a few weeks back provided a welcome break and let me open the windows and let in some fresh air for a few hours in the afternoon.

curtains in breeze collage o

andrew wyeth

This weekend, my DIL got to take the kids and the puppy to a park to play with just light sweatshirt jackets on, and on Sunday I walked up to see them in the afternoon with just a sweater versus a winter coat.

This time, for a change, I am not in such a hurry for spring.

clock misc o

The days are longer. The light is changing. We’ll still have some cold and snow. I think that we’ll have an early spring because the cardinal has changed his song to “Pretty Pretty” which I do not hear him sing in the winter, and my dogs are going into full shed right now.

But for the moment, I’ll enjoy the oven on, and the changing light, and try to gear up for spring cleaning….because that needs to be done before spring actually arrives and the yard work that comes with it.

bed and bath shadows o

How about you ? Are you still wanting to savor what remains of winter a little bit?

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