Baby Quilt Progress & Small Slice of Life

At the end of 2017 I knew that I wouldn’t start any new projects.  I’d made progress on my 17 in 2017 list ( which was actually 2o) and I was not going to add on to that in the upcoming  year.

Here I am in the middle of January on my 3rd or 4th new one! :)   Here is some progress on the baby quilt… I remember my grandson Brent always going for the bright reds, blues and yellows when he was a baby so this one, for dear friends of our family, is as bright as I can come up with :)  I have the center and first border done thus far.

I threw the quilt out into the snow for a natural lighting shot but took some closeups of the simple shapes that I am appliqueing.

If you are a regular reader here, you might recall that my youngest sons’ dog Koopa loves to jump. I do not know why pits love this but they do.  Here he’s hitting the stump of a branch that he finally nailed / knocked down in the fall. It is a good 8 feet off the ground :

Once he’s gotten some of that energy out of his system?  He’s mellow and cuddly and ready to watch a kids’ show on Amazon with Aiselyn, cuddled up under Scrappy Granny :)

Meanwhile the local grocery store occasionally has special bargains in a 2-day sale. I ventured out in our what-now-feels-like-balmy-weather-since-it-went-to 28 degrees today.. and tomorrow there will be a shoulder roast in the crockpot and the following day a turkey breast.  Some will be eaten and some will be frozen for future use.

The turkey leftovers can be used in recipes such as  Winter Fare:  Chicken / Turkey and Biscuits


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I will be appliqueing more shapes on to the second border for Slow Sunday Stitching over at Kathy’s Quilts. 


Slice of Life : End of March / Early April

Here’s a Slice of Life post from the end of March in to early April …first of all, a cousin of my DIL took the two grandsons to see the latest Batman / Spiderman movie and he posted a shot to Facebook, tagging her. I just loved it and saved it, cropping it just a wee bit. It’s such a cute photo of them.  He is young, and the kind of guy that always knows what the perfect gift or outing is for young boys.

boys at movie

We have a small library in our neighborhood with a beautiful lot full of tall trees. I took my son and DIL’s puppy for a walk up there ( it’s a block up from their house ) and posted this to Facebook later that day. Believe me, I laughed all the back as he trotted down the street proudly dragging this stick a good two feet longer than him.

merle and his library stick

Here is another shot of Merle but what I want you to note is that this was taken on Good Friday and my grass was thick and emerald green. I am in PA. and by the end of March, I’d had to cut this back yard grass three times and the entire yard on the third round. This is highly unusual for so early in the year. And no, I am not thrilled about it:) For one thing, my regular mower is broke down, and I had to do this with the old-fashioned emergency Reel Mower.

merle and spring grass

Spring’s arrived early and while there was concern about blooms and buds being killed off during frosts and freezes, they seem to have survived thus far; perhaps because there’s a rapid warm-up after a cold night? I am not sure but for example one day last week went from 27 degrees to 70 degrees.

A few shots taken from my phone ( still using an iPhone 3 ) around the neighborhood:

pink blooming tree in neighborhood

spring blooms collage very end of march

A pretty tree up at the library :

spring tree by library

THEN, on April 3rd we had snow.

Snow collage april 3

Around here this is not unusual for late March or early April, but our flowers and trees have been coming into bloom a good 3 weeks earlier than usual. It was a little surreal taking a Sunday morning walk all bundled up in a heavy winter coat,  with snow on the ground but seeing all the color on the trees. Daffodils drooping with snow and ice, hyacinths almost buried….not sure what will survive and what won’t.

Last but not least, here’s a shot that my DIL took of my granddaughter Kate at the bus stop in the morning prior to these colder temps and snow moving in a few days later. Miss Alley Cat had followed the kids down to the corner and wanted to go to school on April 1st :

Kate and Alley

Alley is a rescue…she’d been hanging around a workplace that my son visited and next you know, she had a home :)

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