I always try to have some sunflowers planted here and there in the summer.  Two years ago, one of the grandgirls was just mesmerized by this giant ( to her! ) flower that she’d found in her Oma’s garden.

mya-and-sunflower (1)

Some years I have them scattered around…in the back, front, and on a side of the house. This year I just planted a grouping on one side of the front porch. That side has the hyacinth bean vine, zinnias, and the sunflowers.

The bees have been enjoying them all summer.


sunflower 4

sunflower 3

sunflower 2

The goldfinches are enjoying them now as well, but since they are so close to the porch I can’t get a picture. The minute I open the front door, a flock of little finches fly away. It’s the same with the birdbath in the back. Sparrows lined up on the fence, each taking turns, two or three at a time, but the minute the door opens, away they go…

When the sunflowers were on the side of the house one year I was able to sneak around the corner and get some photos. I captured these back in mid September of 2013.  These little birds can be quite noisy when they are happy…their song is heard everywhere in the late summer.

Goldfinch 5

goldfinch 3

While I was looking back at old photos, I thought to share one or two from inside the house as well.

sunflower inside 2013

And here is a baby bunny checking out a fallen sunflower bloom last summer after a rainstorm…one of my all time favorite photos :)  He sort of lived around the front yard and porch for a month and I enjoyed him so much.

bunny and sunflower

Do you grow sunflowers in your garden? There are so many varieties now…of all colors and heights. Down the road, a neighbor across the alley from my son’s back yard has the very traditional 12 foot bright yellow sunflowers in a section of their large vegetable garden. A sight to behold  :)

Summer’s winding down…I picked the last of my tomatoes the other day, and these sunflowers will be ‘over’ soon when the birds and squirrels are done with them.

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Critter Distractions When Quilting ; No Wonder I’m Slow

Last week in my sewing post I showed a lovely spiderweb that I had to dismantle after taking a photo, since it was under the hummingbird feeder.

This past week, Arachne was back…one morning there was another web below the hummingbird feeder.

another arachne web

Well this one had to come down as well but I have checked every morning since then and I think that she’s gotten the message.  The latest web was over by the edge of the porch and the pine tree.

web by pine tree

And the hummingbird is glad of that!

I’ve done more reading in my spare time than sewing this past week…I have found that as my eyes get older, if I dearly want to concentrate on reading a lot…then I can’t do that and strain my eyes with sewing as well. So here and there I concentrate on just one or the other.

I did finish the Starflower that I showed last week and  yet another English Paper Pieced hexie-thing…these and some baskets that I have prepped are for a border on a quilt and I am just working on them intermittently. I also began prepping another round for the next Rose applique block.

EPP baskets and rose prep

Still moving slowly around the the edges of the Crosses & Losses quilt. If it’s not out on the porch it’s on the top of the piano, where the cat doesn’t go :)

quilt hoop on piano

I thought to show you a few of my many quilting distractions when I am out on the front porch. No wonder I’m slow to finish this quilt : )  I keep putting it down and grabbing the camera. There’s the hummingbird…




hummingbird collage

Baby bunnies…this one’s been hanging out behind my front bushes and flowers and is growing rapidly…

baby bunny is growing

Squirrels that are so tame they will come up the steps and then come very close to me to get their peanuts…

squirrel collage

And now it is Goldfinch Season :  I have some sunflowers growing all around the house in various spots. Some are in the front, right off the porch.  Who would not be distracted when these little darlings visit for their seeds ? :)

goldfinch upside down

Goldfinch collage

And I have yet to edit some photos of a mama bird feeding her baby…they’d flown the nest but I had not realized that she still fed them. That will have to be for another day. For Slow Sunday Stitching I resolve to keep the camera put away and just quilt! :)

Joining all of the other slow stitchers and their lovely array of varied projects over at Kathy’s Quilts Slow Sunday Stitching. 

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