Glorious Fall Weather, Scenery, and “Slice of Life” Ongoing Yard Work Before Winter

Halloween was chilly, windy and rainy but did not deter the trick-or-treaters in my neighborhood. This was the first Halloween since my grandson was born, 4 years ago, that I did not have him, and a houseful of family & friends to entertain before and after trick-or-treat.  ( Dad was working and the mama took him & his older sister to another neighborhood with a girlfriend and her children. )

As we headed into November, while the wind remained, thankfully there was a period of milder weather with sunny skies…while short, it was much appreciated.

Sun and Lovely Clouds

Beautiful Clouds in Collage

What one would call a “glorious fall weather day” :)

scenes from glorious fall day

scenery collage

Country Collage

Uncle A place

We had our first heavy or ‘killing’ frost about a week ago. After that first one, my cleome, a few zinnias, and an odd flower here or there still hung on, and did so through the next night ( another 30 degree night ) as well. By the third day, they were all dead, but still, this sweet alyssum had hung on and was happily blooming on November 5th as well as the sedum.

sweet alyssum and sedum nov 1

The flowers on the porch ( marigolds etc ) are all still doing well. I love how these were capturing the morning light…

morning light on flower petals nov 1

Ongoing Yard work:

Time for some new shoes…the most comfortable in the world…

Time for new shoes

I never throw old shoes out…they get designated for yard work.

Here is a pile of cleaned old shoes ( cleaned of mud, grass and dog poo ) that will be re-used next year until they entirely fall apart. THEN they’ll get pitched.  Most of them are on their way but should last through a few more grass cuttings in the spring.

The yard work shoes

With this summer’s bountiful rain, my bushes have all grown immensely and each week I am trying to get some trimming done, enough to fill a few garbage cans for the weekly pickup.  This barberry bush is very pretty in the spring, throughout the summer, and into fall. It is producing little berries right now.  It also has horrible long thorns and is no fun to trim.

Prior to trimming :

Barberry Bush Prior to Trimming

Ouch, but afterwards two cans were full of the branches ( too sharp to PUSH down into the cans …so I had to use two of them. )  Did I manage to get a thorn, or two or three, stabbed into my fingers even with gloves on? You bet :)  Still,  it is such a lovely bush, with the variegated colors….pink, salmon, rose and burgundy in the spring and summer, and the vibrant red and orange in the fall, that it is worth the trouble.

The next morning when I went outside to get a picture of the squirrels I noticed this. Ooops! Can’t be good for the car…

Barberry Bush and Car

In the end I had another round of 5 garbage cans for the pickup…one regular garbage and the rest various trimmings and cleanup.  I am making headway but far from done. I do not think that I considered how much my bushes would grow when I purchased them years ago :)

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