Cooking frugally around sales

The local grocery store occasionally has a 2-day only sale and this week’s Friday-Saturday sale was a good one. Ground round was on sale and I purchased 3 large packages…two to freeze for later and one for the moment. It was 2.49 per lb. ( Posting these prices because I don’t know what a good sale is in various parts of the country; here, this was a great price. )

Both peppers and zucchini were 1.00 per lb. and corn on the cob up from Florida was 8 for 1.99. I have used up all of my home-canned tomatoes by now; Redpack canned tomatoes were on sale.

Time to cook and invite the family over for a Friday evening dinner.

While most lean ground beef still has fat and requires draining and rinsing, this ground round did not. I cooked it up in one skillet and boiled the corn in a pot. Once drained and cooled, I cut the corn off of the cobs into a serving dish.

The peppers and onions were sauteed in a skillet, then mixed with half of the ground round into a casserole dish.  I added rice and canned tomatoes and that went into the oven for a stuffed pepper casserole.

Next I peeled and boiled potatoes but turned the potatoes off about 5 minutes before they were done, so they could finish off in the hot water. I cut zucchini, breaded it and started frying it up.

frying zucchini collage

The timing was perfect. The family arrived when almost all of the zucchini was done and the only thing to do was mash the potatoes. I saved that for last because little kids get an enormous kick out of helping to do this  : )

Without special sales and planning around them, I honestly don’t think that I could treat my family to big meals like this anymore, so I try to take advantage of them when they occur. Cooking frugally around sales = a good dinner at a nice cost.

( That corn was very good…I was surprised that it was so good this early in the season. The children did not leave me any leftovers in regards to the corn! They just kept asking for more:)

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Five Random Frugal Things

  • Last week among the specials in the grocery store flyer were : Roast Beef at the Deli for 8.99 per lb.  Can you believe that? And it was advertised as a sale!

Meanwhile in the meat department, English cut shoulder roasts were on sale for 2.88 . I got this little roast for 5.85, and put it into the crockpot with vegetables layered on top and bottom, added my seasonings plus a can of Golden Mushroom Soup + 1/2 can of water, and there were several meals from that..and some to freeze.  If you have a large family to feed, the same scenario applies…just more roast and veggies.  There is so much good gravy from this that leftovers can be frozen and used for pot pies.

English Roast Collage

  • Tin foil has become quite expensive. I have learned to purchase the heavier foil since unless it’s been used to cover lasagna or something very messy, it can simply be rinsed and re-used, at least one more time.
  • I treat plastic storage bags the same way. If they were just holding lettuce or carrots or biscuits or anything that is basically clean and not very messy, they can be rinsed, turned inside out to dry and used again.
  • Here is one that I’ve been doing since raising my boys when they were young. Keep some graham crackers on hand, if you bake alot and use icing fairly often. Why? Leftover icing sandwiched between graham crackers, stored in a plastic container until they soften up a bit…results in a cookie far better than an Oreo sandwich cookie! :)  The same applies for Nilla wafers + leftover icing or anything similar to these examples, that you can use.  Buy them when they are on sale and store them away for the leftover icing day.
  • Then there is that old saying about the best things in life being free…for instance :


Jugsy Stretching


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