Flower Basket Border Progress & RSC Blend Blocks

The Rainbow Scrap Challenge color for the month of April is yellow.  It goes along with my poor droopy and sad daffodils that tried to welcome spring and succumbed to too much cold, snow, heavy rains, wind, etc.

We warmed up a bit towards the end of this week though Thursday was incredibly windy, with some local power outages.

I managed to piece my 3 yellow blocks for my “Blend” project this month and get them sewn on to the others, and here they are on the laundry line.

I hope to applique some yellow Little Baskets during the rest of the month and perhaps get back to my Airship Propeller blocks as well, though at this point I need to lay them all out and determine what colors are needed and what are not, etc.

I did make some progress on the latest border of the Flower Basket Medallion quilt…I added my ‘boy bird’… see how the girl is prettier…and more leaves and berries. I will have to prep more leaves for further applique which I hope to do for Slow Sunday Stitching time this weekend.

( The actual border is a bit longer than this photo but I am just showing progress thus far )

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Quilting Projects, Food & A Movie

I had all of the grandkids here on Saturday morning while my son worked and the DIL went to a Bible Study. While it is a few years old, this was a new-to-Amazon movie that showed up and since it had great reviews I selected it for us to watch:


While most children’s movies don’t hold my interest and I wander off to do something else, this one did. It is as interesting for an adult as for a child, as long as the child is at least 6 years old and up. Great story line, ( mystery & adventure ) wonderful acting, and amazing cinematography.

So if you have Amazon Prime, children or grandchildren, I would recommend this one as a keeper.  You don’t even need children, lol…it was that intriguing :)  

In the afternoon, they were off to a fund-raiser and Tallica sent a photo of Javis to me with some Syrian bread. Thankfully they brought a loaf back for me! Yesterday the  youngest son stopped by with some sweets from a bakery and we split a tart and some macaroons. Not doing too badly here in the way of treats :)

I make  Syrian bread from time to time and will include the link to two recipes at the end of the post :) Of course it is always better when someone else baked it and no work involved on my end!

As to quilting projects for Slow Sunday Stitching at Kathy’s Quilts  I have several to choose from. It’s been ages since I worked on my Flower Basket Medallion ( details in the last post HERE )

I did manage to sew the stems down on the 4th border enough for placement, and sew the stems down completely on the 3rd border. A bit of progress in the way of circles and leaves thus far :

I have the other bird and a few leaves prepped and two or three more circles prepped for sewing and then it will be back to the freezer paper, starch and the ironing board for more once I get those appliqued on.

I truly think that there is more time spent in prep work for applique than the actual sewing time.

A nice bit of progress this week in regards to hand quilting on the Rose of Sharon:

From another angle to show progress : I finished up the bottom corner of one fan section and then marked another and started that one. I am using the fan stencil from Fun With Barb.

As to weather…like many of you, snow again!

What is crazy is that between the snow melt and constant rain, my backyard is full of high spring grass out of control and needing mowed!  Yet yesterday, it was too wet ( and chilly) to tackle and then I woke to snow this morning.

At some point, there will be a dry spell and time to work outside and less time for sewing inside but until then…I’ll just keep on with these quilting projects as time permits :)

I’d like to get this latest star flower finished up on Sunday :

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