Hexies are like potato chips : sewing mid-November

I have finished tying the Eagle Sampler. It requires binding but I will put that off for a week or so.

Last week I showed some spool blocks that I’d made. I had been thinking for some time about making an old-fashioned, antique-looking, dark sort of quilt but when I took the plunge,  I wasn’t sure if I’d make all spools or what.

I began to think about an applique center block, with spools and other blocks surrounding it, but a person can only have so much applique going on at a time. So I made another one of those star blocks and appliqued it to a large center. It’s 26 inches now and will go down to 24 inches.  An English paper pieced starflower will go into each corner. I have one ready to applique now…just three more to go :) Yes, it is a bit of applique but not as much as a floral block would be. With the sun shining so brightly the background on the star block is much lighter than it really is…it’s a beige.

star starflower and finished tying quilt collage

Meanwhile there is what I am going to name ‘My Whimsy Quilt’.  Starting on a whim a week or so ago…influenced and inspired by several quilts that I was seeing around Blog Land at the same time : the Stonefields quilt, the Briar Hill quilt, and both Audrey’s basket quilt ( HERE at Quilty Folk ) and Ruth’s basket quilt ( HERE at Country Log Cabin. )

So while I have no plan whatsoever at the moment, I decided to just start making some hexagon flowers, baskets, and other little blocks as the whim strikes. One of the definitions of whimsical is ‘playful’ & I view this as quiet play :)

It’s getting a little cold to traipse out to the clothesline to show blocks,  so for anything small, I thought that laying a quilt on the table, using the white backing, should work…while I stand on a chair to take the picture.

So here are the latest 3 ‘whimsy’ blocks:

Me : “HEYmove…I am trying to get a picture here!”.  Kanga ” No, pet me first.”

kanga photobombing

She’s so bossy!

3 more blocks

I am cutting out 7 inch squares, marking them at 6, then trimming to 6  1/2.

Another little hexie in progress. These hexies are like potato chips. You can’t eat / make just one! :)

hexie flower almost done

Then,  I wonder…have you ever been on a blog where quilts or knitted &  crocheted items are artfully displayed? The blogger may not have made them…she might have picked them up at an estate sale or antique store and then spent hours or even days artfully styling and editing shots worthy of a magazine layout?

Even if she didn’t make them herself, and the post was about home decor,  she appreciated their beauty and showed them so artistically that you just loved that post?

I thought that we’d do that here. 

NOT! :)  This is how my quilts and quilted pillows are treated here! :)  When cold weather hits and these munchkins can’t be outside, it’s pillow fight, fort-building, cuddling, warming-up, and what-have-you time with my stuff. Notice the red noses on the apple-eaters after coming in from the cold / baby it was cold outside that morning! Winter, back off! It’s not your time yet! :)

quilt display ha ha

kids in morning nov 14

AS TO MY STUFF… now that the basting pins from the eagle-sampler are freed, I am going to work on getting the Crosses and Losses top sandwiched and basted and ready for hand-quilting.  When my local JoAnn Fabrics was moving to a new location, I bought some white fabric dirt-cheap and I just need to sew two sections together and iron it for the backing and go from there.  Hoping to be hand-quilting the first block later on Sunday :)

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