Applique and the Ever Changing Weather Forecast

Many of you may already be experiencing winter storm Liam …he’s on the way here as well. The forecast keeps changing. Yesterday they said 1-3 inches of snow on Tuesday night and 1-3 on Wednesday. Then that changed for 3-5 on Wednesday. Then it changed to 1-3 / freezing rain…now it is at 3-5 / freezing rain.

On Monday I had just been up for a wee bit, when around 6:00 I received a text from my DIL asking if I could watch the kids due to the 2 hour school delay. What? I didn’t see much snow out there. However under it was ice, so this seems to be a common pattern lately.

For those of you who do not have this experience, let me tell you…. it’s so much fun to take 5-6 inches of snow off of your steps, walkway and car just to discover ice underneath, all in bitter temperatures :)

At time like these I am glad to be a dog” says Koopa, my youngest son’s dog, a blue nose pit bull.

Recently I finished up a Little Basket, the last two sections of this EPP  Starflower, and the last little Elizabeth’s Pride applique block.

Elizabeth’s Pride has a large center applique block with an Eagle. I am not sure if I want to make that block or a floral alternative so I’ll think on that for awhile :)  One reason is that I used the Eagle block for a different quilt a few years ago. There are plenty of other things to work on while I come to a decision :)

And whatever I have to shovel or scrape in the morning I remind myself that this will follow eventually :)

For those of you in the path of Liam I hope that you are safe / will be safe.

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English Paper Piecing : Starflowers

I have made some English Paper Pieced Starflowers before, but I appliqued the stars onto a background for my Stars & Spools quilt.

This time I decided to make the stars and link them together in the traditional manner. I used the Rainbow Scrap Challenge color suggestion of the month  ( blue )  for my first one. It seemed to take forever, since I was adding the linking diamonds on all sides.

Here it is from the back ; so many tiny little whipstitches in there  :)

I know that there are a variety of methods out there for EPP. Some order papers from suppliers, some use cardstock, some thread baste or glue baste the pieces.

What I do :

  • Since I am used to this method for applique, I iron two sheets of freezer paper, shiny sides down together and trace my shapes on to them. With a double thickness, my papers will last for awhile before I have to make new ones.
  • I use a little Crayola paintbrush to paint starch around the edges and then use the iron to adhere the fabric.
  • When this is done, prior to sewing these Starflower pieces together, while I know that some people keep their papers in, I take them out and it is easier to manipulate the pieces without the papers in them.

KANGA came over to assist ( OR SHED ) !

Here is the second Starflower…I’ll not add linking diamonds all the way around on this one but only where needed.

We have some bitter cold weather here this weekend.  Well, we’ve had it for a week, but it got worse :)

Schools were closed on Friday due to below zero wind chills and it will be colder on Friday night and Saturday. Perfect weather for staying indoors and working on Slow Stitching projects.

I have another Starflower prepped and ready to go and a few Little Baskets to prep and applique.

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