Indoors & Out : Sewing & Blooms

The Rainbow Scrap challenge color for May is Pink. I English Paper Pieced a pink Star Flower and appliqued it. Two more Star Flowers that had already been sewn awhile back were also appliqued.  The Rose of Sharon quilt saw a bit more hand quilting progress here and there over the past week.

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Now for a bit of purple…the lilac bush is slowly coming in to bloom and my first little iris is beginning to open.

Just a few blooms remain on the crabapple tree:

Koopa is still running around it and jumping at the branches.

He’ll do a few runs and jumps around the tree then dash across the  yard to run up to me on the porch, then back to the tree he goes.

He’s here for the duration / thanks for all the support in regards to my last post :)

Meanwhile I wonder how much sewing I’ll get in for awhile, between the grass and weeds growing like mad and this book! :)

This is a TOME! It is about 9 x 11 with small print covering every page and it not for the faint of heart unless you are really in to this stuff. I am, though and thus far I find it fascinating.

“At over 540,000 words, this lengthy and eclectic treatise is considered to be one of the greatest ever produced in the field of esotericism.”

She delves in to ancient religions and societies and how they affected or influenced the religions and secret societies of today. While I am familiar with some of the material due to other writers or documentaries on You Tube, etc. much is new to me and highly detailed. I foresee many hours of reading out on the porch with pen and highlighter in hand :)

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EPP Starflower Project : Change of Direction

When I first made EPP ( English Paper Piecing) Starflowers I had appliqued them in my Stars and Spools Quilt :

There is something about EPP that once you have done it, you want to do it again :)

So this year I thought to make the Starflowers with connectors but I had no clue what I was doing and found no tutorials online….most of what was online was people showing progress making some of these for a pillow, table runner, etc.

I got this far…

With a few more yet to attach….

Yet I was not enjoying the look of it nor the process of sewing them together with the connectors. And because I hand quilt, I was thinking that this would not be very enjoyable to quilt in the end, either.

So I changed direction. I decided that I’d still enjoy the EPP process of making the Starflowers but I’d applique them onto squares. Nine inch squares seems to work and I started on the first one today.

There are so many tiny little whip stitches in what I’d sewn together thus far that I will probably cut my losses and not attempt to undo them ; at least not now :)

We had snow showers all day yesterday and today was still chilly but a warm up is in the forecast for later on this week!

I hope and imagine that I am not the ONLY person that has abandoned or changed direction in a project ? Have any of you done the same ?

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