A Fabric Christmas from Susan-Santa :)

Several years ago I’d expressed my love of reproduction fabrics, yet my budget wouldn’t allow me to make huge purchases of it. ( I generally purchased a bit on January clearance sales, but in that case I had to buy 1/2 yards….not a way to build up a nice variety ) 

Susan at DesertSky Quilting saw that post and offered to send a bit of reproduction fabrics that she had inherited from a dear friend. I accepted her kind offer and used those in many a project, such as my Stars and Spools and others. There is a wee bit of it left …

At the beginning of THIS year Susan kindly offered to send me more fabric. I sent her postage money and here and there, when she had time, she let me know that she was cutting some out. The Priority Mail shoebox arrived via the mail on Saturday and when I went out to the porch I was amazed at how heavy it was!

I opened it and as I began to take the fabric out I was just blown away. Susan had so many pieces in there…so much variety for me…I was so excited !  What a sweetheart :)  I am so thankful for her kind gesture!!

I have begun the process of pre-washing. Taking all of those lovely folded up pieces and putting them in to the kitchen sink with hot water. The reds had a lot of bleed…4 washings until I was sure they were safe and then I placed those pieces helter skelter on the front porch to dry….hung over chairs and such.

Here is a photo of the fabric when I took it out of the box, and progress thus far on the 3rd Flower Basket Medallion border. I have a few more leaves prepped to finish the left side and then to finish the right side, I am looking forward to using some of the fabrics that Susan sent to me for more leaves and berries ! :)

As to weather this week…we skipped spring altogether and went from bitter cold to mid-80 degree weather for two days.  A few daffodils were happy about that :)

And so was my youngest son’s dog Koopa …basking in the open windows, fresh air and sunlight after running around the yard for awhile:

Meanwhile, however cold the temperatures have been up until the last few days, the snow melt and rains have resulted in my back yard having very high young spring grass in spots. I dragged out the lawn mower late morning and the string that you pull to start it, won’t pull all of the way. It is stuck.

Great! I Googled this and found lots of things to do to fix it.  None that I seem to be capable of :)

AND THEN I walked the mower down the street to my son’s house.  :)

We have a Flash Flood Watch for Sunday…I guess that grass is going to grow higher!

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