Stitching This Week

I finished up sewing the binding to the back of the baby quilt and here it is along with a picture of the pieced backing :

finished baby quilt collage

The first Rose applique block was finished last week but I’d not shown a photo as yet.  Then I had thought that I was completely done with the center portion of quilting on the Crosses and Losses quilt and was ready to start on the edge sections ( example: the purple and green area ) but I found a portion on the blue area that still needed quilting prior to working on the edge.  ( sigh )

quilting collage mid month

So I’ll be finishing this section up on the weekend and moving on to the edges after that. After the baby quilt, I’ve really done no sewing this week at all…just full of other things…

quilting blue area

I’ll be joining other Slow Stitchers over at Kathy’s Quilts on Sunday morning, but in the afternoon, this little light-of-my-life has a big birthday party.

He’s turning six.

We had a shopping spree &  a smaller family get together earlier in the week …and I posted about that here, but this will be the cake and candles and a bazillion kids running around kind.

I’ve been a bit nostalgic this week, reviewing baby videos on Facebook.  I have 248 videos there and probably thousands of photographs of this little child alone, lol…His dad was home for his birth but had to return to Iraq and that’s how it started. The baby mama wasn’t taking or showing many pictures and my camera was old…I went and purchased a Nikon at Best Buy at an interest-free 18 month deal and then just documented every minute of this child’s life when he was here for his daddy to see until he got home.   So I’ve been looking at old videos and pictures and laughing…when he first learned to spit, when he first did this or that… :)

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Hand Quilting : Crosses & Losses Top & Don’t Step on the Dogs!

I finished the Crosses & Losses top back on September 24th. I used Robert Kaufman Kona solids for it, and while a few people thought that it looked modern to them, it was Amish colors and old-fashioned that I was thinking of when I chose the colors :)

I couldn’t start hand-quilting until my basket quilt was finished, which it is now, so I have finished basting Crosses & Losses and it’s in the hoop. My last two hand-quilting projects had quite a lot of stitches…I want to go a simpler route here. I am eye-balling a 1/4 inch or so and then only marking after that. I see that I was veering a little at the top of one triangle …I can assure you that I’ll probably veer some more down the line as well :) I still miss quilting out on the front porch and am trying to get adjusted to doing it inside again. I have a few of these metal clips holding two sides.

starting HQ collage

I can quilt at the dining room table but ergonomically it is easier on me to do it on this lounge and if I can do it in daylight hours I have the natural light streaming in. If it is cloudy, I can just take those sheers and tie them off in a bow and access more light.

Ok, so imagine…you have settled yourself on this lounge thing and have the quilt situated in your lap. You stitch so far, but since you are using different thread colors on different sections, you have to turn the hoop a lot.  Switching positions, you need to put your foot on the floor.  Well, now there’s a dog down there.

Lily by lounger

And since wherever you are, they are…in a few minutes this one will be there too.


Don’t worry about your stitches being even…worry about stepping on the dogs ! :)

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