Quilting, Applique, Piecing, Kids, and a little dog slobber thrown in…

Well the first week of September had some fun moments with the kids…but not so much quilting  :)  The quilt block that I had in the hoop last week is still not finished though I did work on it somewhat.

One day I enjoyed not only Kate & Brent but I brought the new dog ( a rescue ) along as well. My son and DIL adopted him last week…I posted it about it the other day.

kate brent and amos collage

Then Javis is here before and after school ( dropped off at 6:00 )   We arranged for quite a few pictures that first day of first grade for Mommy…here was her favorite.

Javis breakfast

During the period that these grand-kids were here the sewing machine was out. I wanted to finish another round of four Crosses & Losses blocks, sew them together, sew that larger piece to last week’s block, and then join that to the larger section. Let me tell you, I got so much help. “Oma, I will help you with the pins!”.   Oh  boy, I am slow as it is. This became turtle-speed now, but how they love to help!

Then there was the adoring rescue dog who came up next to me as I was sewing, put his head in my lap, looked up at me with endearing forever love in his eyes, and proceeded to slobber.

Fortunately it was just on my lap and not on the fabric :)

latest round of crosses and losses

Slow Stitching…a start to another house block :

start to next house block

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Slow Stitching Sunday : End of June

This past week I hand-quilted on my table runner a little bit. I am trying to draw feathers without a stencil, and just go by a visual from a book. Looking closely and critically at it, I started to think that one or two looked more like a toe or something rather than a feather. Then I put my Rose Colored Glasses on and decided to just keep going : )

Four more Crosses & Losses blocks are pieced together now.

crosses losses blocks on line

Towards the end of the week the batting that I’d had to order ( since my local store was moving and quilt supplies were the first thing to move ) arrived.  So I worked on pin-basting my half-quilt ( I’ll join the other half when it’s finished ) and then couldn’t resist starting a little hand quilting on it.

The other thing that I worked on is another red & green applique block and the post about that is HERE. For Slow Stitching time this Sunday, I ‘ll pick that up again. In the original post I thought the entire block would be easy…not so when I got to the first flower. I found myself holding my breath and clenching my teeth trying to get the pieces to fit together exactly. Perhaps I’ll cut the next round a wee bit larger than the book templates to give myself more leeway.

sewing end june collage

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