SomeBunny’s growing up and more from around here

We recently had a few days of chilly weather and steady rain.  One morning I absolutely had to turn the furnace on for a bit as it was 43 degrees and the local weather said that it ‘feels like 36 degrees’.  I’ll say!

Out came the big fuzzy bathrobe, and later on a long sleeved shirt and sweater and even socks!

pumpkin on piano

While it was great motivation to bring out some fall decor, it also made me realize how much I was NOT ready to be cooped up in the house yet….

Fortunately, after that, while the mornings are still cool, they have not been bad enough to run the furnace again, and the afternoon temperatures are a bit more reasonable now. I was able to take my quilt back out to the porch for some late afternoon stitching. A view through the railings before I look around and capture a few passers-by.

view through porch railings

( More on that bunny in a bit )

bunny birds and squirrel collage

The other morning  I snapped this : Doesn’t it appear as if this bee was taking a nap ?

Bee on cosmos october 5

My little borough has an upcoming Pumpkin Festival & parade, and that’s how I remember October’s variable weather from year to year here. One year might find me down at the festival with the grandkids in summer attire, feeling hot and sweaty. Another year might find me waking up to the first heavy killing frost, and there have been several years under umbrellas. As to this year, we’ll see…

I did another round of grass mowing, there are more bushes trimmed…I lasted through half of the torturous barberry bush and put the other half off until next week.  When I bought it years ago, it was just this tiny little bush, prettily colored, with no thorns. Shouldn’t the name “BARberry” have sent shivers up my spine? Oh well, live and learn.

flower collage october 5

Flower collage oct 5 cosmos and dahlias

It’s a shame that these dahlias are blooming so late in the season…I wonder if I’ll get to enjoy half of their blooms before the next frost. The bees are enjoying the cosmos…such an easy and reliable flower to grow from seed.

As to that bunny, earlier in the season I’d done a blog post or two about the tiny little baby bunny hanging out in my yard, living behind the bushes in the front of the house.  Here’s a shot of him back then :

bunny and sunflower

Well, he’s not exclusive to my yard anymore; he travels around between several of our yards now, but he still hangs out here quite often. SomeBunny’s growing up :)

Bunny Collage

bunny scratching ear

bunny scratching ear

I hope that wherever you are, you are enjoying your fall, or spring if you are ‘down under’ :)

pretty zinnia

Thoughts and prayers to those in South Carolina suffering from the devastating floods there. This is not a fall that you would have wished on anyone :(

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Critter Distractions When Quilting ; No Wonder I’m Slow

Last week in my sewing post I showed a lovely spiderweb that I had to dismantle after taking a photo, since it was under the hummingbird feeder.

This past week, Arachne was back…one morning there was another web below the hummingbird feeder.

another arachne web

Well this one had to come down as well but I have checked every morning since then and I think that she’s gotten the message.  The latest web was over by the edge of the porch and the pine tree.

web by pine tree

And the hummingbird is glad of that!

I’ve done more reading in my spare time than sewing this past week…I have found that as my eyes get older, if I dearly want to concentrate on reading a lot…then I can’t do that and strain my eyes with sewing as well. So here and there I concentrate on just one or the other.

I did finish the Starflower that I showed last week and  yet another English Paper Pieced hexie-thing…these and some baskets that I have prepped are for a border on a quilt and I am just working on them intermittently. I also began prepping another round for the next Rose applique block.

EPP baskets and rose prep

Still moving slowly around the the edges of the Crosses & Losses quilt. If it’s not out on the porch it’s on the top of the piano, where the cat doesn’t go :)

quilt hoop on piano

I thought to show you a few of my many quilting distractions when I am out on the front porch. No wonder I’m slow to finish this quilt : )  I keep putting it down and grabbing the camera. There’s the hummingbird…




hummingbird collage

Baby bunnies…this one’s been hanging out behind my front bushes and flowers and is growing rapidly…

baby bunny is growing

Squirrels that are so tame they will come up the steps and then come very close to me to get their peanuts…

squirrel collage

And now it is Goldfinch Season :  I have some sunflowers growing all around the house in various spots. Some are in the front, right off the porch.  Who would not be distracted when these little darlings visit for their seeds ? :)

goldfinch upside down

Goldfinch collage

And I have yet to edit some photos of a mama bird feeding her baby…they’d flown the nest but I had not realized that she still fed them. That will have to be for another day. For Slow Sunday Stitching I resolve to keep the camera put away and just quilt! :)

Joining all of the other slow stitchers and their lovely array of varied projects over at Kathy’s Quilts Slow Sunday Stitching. 

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