When the computer dies…and why I’d recommend Staples

I have a Dell computer, probably around 7-10 years old. It’s been acting very slowly lately and often going to Save Power Mode and getting hard to ‘wake up’.   I started to have a sinking feeling about a week or so ago that maybe it was on its last legs.

On Saturday, a day that I’d planned on spending indoors finishing up the baby quilt that I was working on and not going out at ALL….I made four trips to Staples ( and one because I was an idiot, lol ! )

The computer was acting slow and then the mouse died at the same time. I ran to Staples for a new mouse. GREAT! Nice sales! A 24.99 mouse for 9.99!  Came home and there was no USB in the package. Returned the mouse only to be told that now the USBs are stored INSIDE the mouse.

Slunked off feeling like an idiot even though the nice young man assured me that this happens often.   ( So they lie to you to make you feel better :)

Return home to find that the computer is just dying / it’s not the mouse…the computer just won’t do anything that I want it to ( kind of like my boys when they were young :)

Take the computer to Staples. I had to buy a new one and they’d transfer the old hard drives ( Dell computer had two ) to the new Dell. BUT! While the Dell that I wanted was on sale ( a good $200.00 off of the asking price ) they talked me down to a cheaper computer.  They explained that the Dell that I knew in the old days was not the same. They are no longer made in America and Staples sees more Dells needing repairs now than any other brand.

When you go to purchase something and people urge you to save 50.00 or more on a different brand, I think that they are trustworthy.

They transfer the data from your old computer to the new one there.

BUT! I have to learn Windows 10…I had 7.   And everything online is lost. No You Tube history, no automatic fill-ins when I visit somewhere….for instance if I typed in www. super I’d go right to So Srappy’s site for the RSC link-up. No more, and that is just one example out of a hundred or more.

I had to re-set passwords for Facebook, my email, and much more and I am probably just starting on a long line of that.

LESSON LEARNED and starting NOW : write down my passwords in a notebook. And if any of you haven’t done that I’d recommend it to save a lot of grief :)  STILL going beserk here…my Amazon Prime / Netflix etc….everything needs a re-set


Signing off here,

Ms. NOT Technological Genius :)