Quilting & Cats Sit on Things

I was marking some new lines in the quilt and caught Kanga sitting in the hoop.

If you have cats, you are familiar with how they sit on things.  Sure enough when I’d moved the quilt and hoop, I found her on my notebook.

I decided to remove that and put out a piece of paper …..and within 15 minutes or so, she was sitting on the piece of paper… ( a car rental receipt / long story, lol : )

A little later on, I removed that and put out a Dollar store receipt…

Sure enough….

Just having some fun here :) She’s always been involved with my quilting.

Kanga on quilt looking at me

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Kanga Kitty & Hand Quilting

I think that it was Monday, late afternoon or early evening. I had the quilt out on the dining room table and had gone into the kitchen to get some dinner together. I had some leftovers and was going to make a nice salad. With Homegrown Tomatoes…yum! :)

When I came back in to the dining room I had to get the camera out. Kanga Kitty had already eaten her dinner and was all settled in for a relaxing session with the quilt in the hoop.

kanga sleeping on quilt

I don’t really want her shedding on it and will shoo her away when it is out for a hand quilting session but at this point, she had triumphed.

Oh I hope that you finish with your pictures but don’t expect me to get up ? ”  she asks.

Kanga on quilt looking at me

How did this kitty land here and get her name?

Years ago I took a dog to the vet to get it fixed. The vet had some cages in the waiting room from the Humane Society. In one of the cages was a litter of kittens with their mama, and one of them was this tiny little white ball of fluffy fur.

When I let her out, she began to hop all over the place like a kangaroo.  I was smitten. No self-control whatsoever.

I brought her home, tucked her  into bed with a still sleeping son, and went off to work.  ( We had another cat here then so food, litter box, etc. was already on site. )

Over the years it’s been a running joke between whatever sons were living here at the time that she’d seek out anything that they owned that was BLACK, and go shed her white fur on it…be it their clothes, parking herself inside a motorcycle helmet or on top of a gym bag, whatever…

kanga closeup

Well, once I loaded my photos on to the computer I did make her get up :)

As to the progress on the Stars and Spools, I finished up a second spool border and the cable, and am on to the third.

stars and spools quilting progress august 18

How about you ? Do you have cats or dogs that love to involve themselves with your quilting or crafting? I also have two dogs and one or both will be at my feet when I am sewing, or close by.

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