Applique ( 1857 Album ) and Hand Quilting

Late afternoon on the 21st, I was working on the last 1857 Album block for July.

I was wondering where had July gone already in regards to sewing projects, but then I remembered that I just hadn’t sewn much at all in the beginning of the month.

The 1857 Album project started in January. I downloaded blocks but did not start work on any until February. Then I played catch-up and have stayed caught up yet I am pleased to be done for the month as I miss working on other things.

This collage shows the first set of 12 ( done by April at some point ) another round done a few weeks ago ( ?) and the latest four. The lighting changes outdoors…the color of the background fabric is most accurate in the top photo of the first 12 blocks.

1857 Album blocks THUS FAR collage

Something else that I’d been neglecting for awhile was hand quilting. I started back on that…I am hoping to get this center portion completed soon and move on to the spools.

quilt in hoop

It’s been extremely hot and my grandson’s birthday is on Saturday the 23rd.  On Friday morning I was up at the crack of dawn getting the cake mixed and in to the oven to beat the heat ( no central air here ) as well as making a large batch of potato salad.

Saturday morning will be devoted to decorating the cake.  And I’ve not done that since my OWN kids were little so it should be an adventure.

How did this little one end up being seven years old ?:)


( Son home from Iraq for his birth / photo taken at the hospital by my niece )

I’ll be joining up with other Slow Stitchers at Kathy’s Quilts on Sunday.  It is a nice link up  for any projects that involve quilting, hand sewing, cross-stitch, embroidery, etc.

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A few randoms ( Slice of Life )

Another Slice of Life post for the random goings on around here :)

I always have sparrows build a nest under an awning on the side of my house. They build on the left side and usually the parents stay there during the winter. Last year the nest was built as a sort of tunnel. Here are a few shots of the babies back in June :

baby bird 3


baby birds 2

This year in the early spring, the entire nest came down in a wind storm. They rebuilt on the right side and it looked nice and sturdy. There is a lot of noise coming from the nest…did they start their family early due to our early spring weather? Not sure but during the latest storm, the nest suffered some damage and it looks like this now, and I keep wondering….are they going to repair it? Are the babies going to fall out ? I see some of Lily’s dog hair in this nest….

nest falling apart

Speaking of dogs, here’s a picture of “Little Merle” the puppy ….taken down at my son’s house when I went to let him out the other day. Once back in the house he posed nicely due to the fact that I had a treat in my hand for him. He’s about 45-50 lbs. now. Not so little anymore but still just a bundle of baby-joy and energy.

Merle May 6

Awhile ago, I posted about the twins turning six, and showed some photos of them with the scooters that their grandfather and I got for them, ( HERE )  but I did not show any pictures from their actual birthday party. Here is one that I just lucked out capturing….Mya and her cousin:

cousins on porch railing

Birthday girl on porch

While I was looking for the baby bird photos from last June I came across these clouds…they almost look like a water color painting, don’t they?

amazing clouds

I hope that you had a nice weekend, and if you are a Mom that Mother’s Day was a good one for you! :) I am in the Grandma stage now but I was down at my son’s on Friday afternoon seeing the Mother’s Day gifts coming home with the children from school. Such a variety !  A petunia, a story book, a huge flower picture and a book of coupons.


How well I remember those days! :) Do you? 

We had a great time on Saturday and I’ll share that in another post. The place that we went to is a working farm with a store and restaurant / deli and lots of lovely old appliances and antiques, along with outdoor slides for the children. This afternoon I had the children here for awhile so my son and DIL could go for a motorcycle ride because I remember that sometimes a nice Mother’s Day means a little time to yourself :)

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