Slow Stitching : Binding Stars & Spools

I had finished hand quilting Stars & Spools towards the end of January, but I didn’t touch it again until this weekend.

One thing that initially  held me back was that I didn’t have enough of any particular fabric that would work for a binding. I looked around online and ended up purchasing a pre-made binding from JoAnn Fabrics that would work with several of the colors in the quilt.

If I do a fall table runner or something like that in the future I can use up the leftover binding.

I brought out the sewing machine and machine quilted the brown and beige striped border and then attached the binding.

Hand stitching it to the back will take awhile, but at least it is a start :)

Because I hand quilt and applique by hand, hand stitching binding is one of my least favorite things to do. But for Stars and Spools I think that it may be a labor of love…I just made up this quilt as I went along.

It took a long while to finish, but I so enjoyed using the reproduction type fabrics and the creative process in general.

If I just resolve to go through one length of thread per day, this last step will be done eventually:)

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Baby quilt binding & took my mom home

With the help of an ambulance service, we took my mom home this morning. I spent last evening and early morning working on some meals to get her through a few days…I didn’t think that she’d be up for much in the way of cooking yet. Just getting her into the house wore her out …But she’s home safe and sound, there’s some new equipment in the bathroom and my sister has a person coming out next week to take a look at the stairs for a lift. Many thanks to you for prayers, thoughts and asking how she’s been doing. I appreciate you all so very much! :)

Now as to slow stitching

I have a baby quilt put away for a baby girl. It is HERE, though many of you have seen it before It’s for a close friend of my middle son,  and they know that it will be a girl. The baby shower is in early September.

There is another baby due; this one belonging to my DIL’s family, in August. After several ultrasounds it is still a mystery as to what sex is arriving, as the baby has its legs crossed! I gave up at this point…still don’t know…so I decided to make a quick gender-neutral tied quilt. The binding is machine stitched on to the front and so that I do not put off hand-sewing it to the back I am declaring it to be a Slow Sunday Stitching project.  Given my propensity to put off sewing binding I mean THIS Sunday, not one in August after the baby is born :)

Here’s the front…I’ll show the back and a better photo once it is finished. The DIL likes the modern fabrics and I think that perhaps when the baby arrives I could embroider name and date into one of the blank squares…which are actually a pale cream and not the greenish shade rendered by that day’s cloudy lighting.   I had a little help from the five year old twin grandgirls during the tying session…LOL it was a blast but a bit scary too :) 

baby quilt top finish

Meanwhile I have to prep more pieces for the house block that I showed last week, and the first Rose Applique is done so it is time to prep for another one. I also needed to prep more EPP pieces…

Upstairs on the end of the ironing board is a plastic storage container. On the top are items in various stages and I just do a little at a time.

upstairs prep

Inside the plastic container are some finished EPP pieces, and below them are a pile of the little Whimsy quilt blocks.

inside the tupperware EPP etc

And here a little, there a little, it all progresses slowly, quite unlike the weeds in my flower and vegetable beds,  which grow much faster :)

No photo of the finished applique block…I took the photos above the other day. Today, if I wanted a photo of the applique block, I’d have to iron it first.  A  heat wave started today and if I turned the iron on I might melt, lol…so some other time.

Aside from hand-sewing the baby quilt binding down, I really should just focus on finishing up the current quilt in the hoop project, and avoid any other handwork until I get it done. I am so over it at this point !

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