This & that early September

On Saturday my son’s family had an away football game ( grandsons’ )  to attend and then a wedding to go to afterwards ( family style…out in the country…a few photos that they shared showed people sitting on haybales and most of the girls wore boots with their fancy dresses :)

Since they’d be gone for such a long time they requested that I check on Merle, which I did twice, and I took my camera along.

One of my neighbors gave me some black eyed Susans awhile ago to transplant and here is just one of her borders…you can see she had plenty to spare. Then the way the sun was shining down on these grasses in another neighbor’s yard caught my eye :

neighbor collage

Prior to that, cutting through the yard of my sister’s MIL, whose house is behind me, I took a photo of her hydrangea beginning to change. While mine is a Pee Gee and is white turning pink, hers is a Limelight which is usually of a lime green hue.

This year it did not get very green at all ( due to the extreme weather changes that we kept having? Not sure. ) At any rate, now it is turning pinkish, as mine does. But hers doesn’t usually do that either. Bottom line, her hydrangea is behaving strangely this summer :)

grandma B hydrangea turning pink

While I am on the subject of flowers ‘turning’, my Autumn Sedum is just beginning to do so and while it shows barely any color at all yet, the bees are swarming all over it.

bee on sedum 2

bee on sedum

As to Merle, I took a Dollar General 1.00 rope ball that was starting to unravel here, and put it into a sock. Ta Da !  a brand new toy to amuse him.

merle collage sept 3

Wait ! Who is that?

merle at attention who is that

It’s the mailman!   My son’s mailman is quite familiar with Merle. They’ve been friends since Merle was a very excited young puppy and piddled on the mailman’s shoes when my DIL let him outside one day.

So the USPS mail was delayed for a minute or two while Merle tried to engage the mailman in a tug of war and the mailman asked me if I’d ever noticed how Merle curls up one side of his lip to smile?

Yes I have :)

merle smiling

I honestly think that I love Merle more than my own dogs. I think that it is because Jugsy was already grown, a rescue from the Humane Society, and Lily was also grown, taken in when a neighbor had to move. Merle was a tiny little pup that my sons’ family got at Christmas and I watched him and helped potty train him and just bonded with him since he was a baby.

Merle says ” Of COURSE you love me more! I am WAY CUTER than those other two. Now can you PLEASE stop thinking about it all, and just throw that tire-ball so that I can catch it! ”

merle collage with tire ball

If you are in the U.S.A  I hope that you enjoyed your Labor Day weekend. My son and DIL had a get-together on Monday afternoon with some friends and family. I made potato salad and there was more of the standard fare ; burgers and dogs, baked beans, pasta salads, desserts, etc. That was the first afternoon that it was starting to heat up again, but it was not too bad and the evening cooled off…lots of noisy kids running around having fun and Merle happy to get a burger all for himself :)

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Bees & Butterflies and The Dog Days of Summer

We had such a nice weather break at the beginning of the week, but it only lasted for two days and the hot August weather returned. It seemed to build each day with Sunday being the worst….80 degrees prior to 10 a.m. and 93 in the afternoon with a heat index of 98.

It was most certainly one of those days that can only be described as ‘the dog days of summer’.

dog days of summer collage

If you have ever wondered where that expression came from, see HERE.

While I chose not to melt on the bleachers in the scorching sun at a grandson’s football game that afternoon, I was outside here and there to gather tomatoes and capture some action shots.

Who is this little guy that landed on me as I passed the hydrangea bush? I don’t know but such pretty coloring.

bug on hydrangea and tomatoes collage

Then this might just look like a collage of flowers but there was a bit of action going on here as well.

floral collage

In the morning when I returned from a “it’s too hot and humid already!” walk, there was a bee enjoying  a leisurely breakfast.

bee on vine collage

The reason that I dragged the camera out again in the afternoon was due to this butterfly who was just taking her time amongst the various flowers :

butterfly closeup

Her wings fluttered constantly as she sipped the nectar  ( or however it is technically described :)

butterfly on zinnia collage

In contrast, in another area of the front, this little guy appeared to be taking a nap. He wasn’t moving at all.

little bee on yellow flower

Clearly the heat affected him just like it affects me but not this butterfly ….ever in motion, visiting flower after flower…

butterfly yellow collage

Meanwhile as to that football game that I did not go to; at half-time I was texted that the score was 36-0 / I started feeling bad for the other kids.

Starting on the last area of spools and cable portion prior to the border in regards to hand-quilting by the afternoon :

stars and spools quilt sunday afternoon 28th

When I see fall decor out in the stores, or hear about fall, or see decor bloggers rushing us towards fall,  all that  I can think of  on a day like today, is that there is an entire month of summer left, and She’s Been Reminding Us of That Lately :)

When I loaded the Sunday photos from the camera  on to the computer, a few showed up from the other evening that I’d already forgotten about. I may as well include them here, though clearly I was too lazy to walk down the street for shots that would avoid the wires !

evening clouds late august

Wishing you a good week this last week of August, transitioning into September :)

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