Baby Birds : Sparrow & Robin

Not too long ago I’d posted about weeding a vine that was working itself up through tall grasses in the back of my yard by the porch.¬† I found a tiny sparrow nest there with eggs.

Yesterday¬† I went to check and they’d just started hatching…first two and then later on, all of them. How tiny and precious!

Not even really fully formed yet!

I have lived here for about 18 years now and every single year sparrows build a nest under an awning, and it is about 5 feet above me. I can get a few glimpses and shots of the babies but that is it. To have this little nest at chest level to see and watch and participate in is such a gift. No, I won’t check every day or bother the Mama very much…maybe once a week if that. I don’t want to scare her or anything.

Then today, we’d had storms and rain roll in all morning and in the early afternoon I took some kitchen scraps out to the compost area and there was a baby Robin just sitting in a flower pot next to it. I was just a foot away and the baby was not afraid or alarmed.

I went in for my camera and at that point the baby had jumped on to the ledge of the pot and was waiting for Mama to come and give some flight instructions :)

I don’t know about you but I just get a thrill when we can interact with Nature in any way, shape or form :)

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