Elizabeth’s Pride blocks thus far

In a previous post I showed Lori Smith’s Elizabeth’s Pride pattern that I’ve worked on here and there.

I just finished up my 11th block and decided to photograph all that I have completed thus far , since I have worked on them sporadically.

The latest completed block  is the 3rd one over on the top of the collage.  I do not have a design wall so I was placing them on a little white board on the floor; helter skelter.

Prep work on the next one is started :

We finally had a frost that killed off the majority of my flowers, followed by rainy days all week, making it impossible to do anything outdoors in the way of cleanup in the garden.  More rain is on the way.

The back yard is too muddy….just chill indoors :)

I also finally completed the hand quilting in another Botanical Album block and have moved over to the next-to-the-last one.

These are big blocks so they take awhile : )

Finally, a Great Recipe for you  : )  A few years back, my Dil’s aunt had made this pumpkin pie cake. We all loved it and I made one later on.

cake slice

Well, she made it for Halloween night and I thought to share the recipe again ( Trust me, it is a good one :)

Delicious Pumpkin Pie Cake Recipe

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Blooms : Applique, Quilting, and the Garden

While the rain was not forecasted, we had off & on showers all day on Wednesday. It had been three days of rain by then and yes, I’ll need to mow the grass again! Here is a morning glory covered in raindrops:

This is my Peegee Hydrangea, whose white blossoms deepen to pink in the fall, against the neighbor’s tree whose leaves end up all over my yard, even though he tries to keep up with them.

Because the forecast for Wednesday night was for the temperature to drop to 30 degrees, I took a few shots of the remaining flowers in the event that this was their last…

It was not. I woke to 37 degrees and still have all of the blooms.

As to other blooms, I’ve made a nice amount of progress in regards to the hand quilting in this block of the Botanical quilt :

Then while I had the freezer paper templates traced out ages ago, I finally cut them out and started the prep work for another Elizabeth’s Pride block :

There’s a story behind Elizabeth’s Pride. Several years ago, Audrey at Quilty Folk had suggested that some of us start an eagle quilt.  Visit Audrey here and see on her side bar that her lovely Eagle quilt rendition is currently in the hoop :)

Well I had decided to do this, and join Audrey & friends,  and found the Elizabeth’s Pride pattern by Lori Smith. I was attracted by the deep rich colors in her quilt. When the instructions came, I discovered that it had been made in wool. No wonder it was so deep and rich.

Elizabeth pride pattern pic

I started out with fabric, and made a few of the floral blocks and the Eagle center but then it morphed in to a sampler / memorial quilt for my son and DIL…I made it up as I went along. It was to memorialize her little baby that died at 4 months, and the fallen friends of my son in Iraq when they served together there.  It ended up being a holiday gift.

remember the fallen

I TIED it so that they would use it, and they do. It’s in their family / TV / all purpose room along with the 1857 quilt .


Later on, I pulled the original pattern out and began again :)  I work on them sporadically. This will be the 10th little block.

I am not sure if I’ll make the center eagle block or not. I toy with the idea of a floral block there instead. Plenty of time to mull it over..

Having nothing to do with blooms or sewing, I am going to move on to ELEPHANTS! :)

The little twins wanted to be elephants for Halloween this year. My DIL’s friends made the tutus, and she came up with the rest of the outfits….this is equally cute & hilarious! :)

They are dressed up for their school parade and party.  Their mama took the photo before school.

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