EPP Starflowers, Little Baskets, and Rose of Sharon

The RSC ( Rainbow Scrap Challenge ) color of the month is teal.

Working with reproduction fabrics I don’t have much ‘real ‘ teal…such as the Little Basket on the top left:

So I just worked with what I had for another basket and two EPP ( English Paper Pieced ) Starflowers that I later appliqued onto a background.

As to hand-quilting, I have made some progress off and on this week on my Rose of Sharon quilt.

Here is the area that I am working on now:

A wider view:

I’ll be sharing at So Scrappy for the Saturday RSC  link up and at Kathy’s Quilts for Slow Sunday Stitching.

So saddened to learn of Anthony Bourdain’s tragic death / suicide today.  I was reviewing some short clips of his shows on You Tube this morning…favorites of mine are his time spent in Iran and then his first trip to an American Waffle House :) 

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Baby Quilt Finish : About Time!

I finished this baby quilt TOP at the end of January. I had a lot of fun with it…no pattern; just making it up as I went along, finding some simple children’s’ templates online for the applique figures.

This is for a friend of my youngest son and our family. To show you how slow I am in regards to baby quilts, this is for their THIRD baby. I think that if you want a quilt from me you need to have at least three and then I might get around to it :) Well, I do almost everything by hand so I am slow.

Once I finished the top and got the layers together, while I’ve tied quilts with yarn and crochet cotton, I decided to go with perle cotton on this one. ( I hand quilt but also tie, especially for ones that will get a lot of use. )

I got about 2/3 of the way through with the tying and then got bored with it and put it aside. I picked it up again over the last two weeks or so and finished the tying and binding.

It’s more of a TODDLER quilt than BABY  in regards to size.. it measures 43 x 57 and that’s good.. the siblings can think that it is for all of them, versus feeling any jealousy over the new baby.

While I tied the quilt, I did request that the mama bring over tracings of the big sister and brother’s hands and those I hand quilted in to one of the borders.

Freshly washed on gentle with Color Catchers and currently drying on the line in a nice May breeze….

Just brought it in not too long ago …the sun is shining on one side of the house and the skies are darkening on the other side; looks like a spring rain storm is on its way!

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