Finished up my Quirky Quilty 365

Audrey from Quilty Folk had an idea last year that we should all sew circles, 1 per day, for 365 days.

There were many participants with a wonderful variety of interpretations on this idea.

I will say that they were all lovely and that mine was probably the weirdest, lol!   The center represents the Tree of Life from the Kabbalah ( I was reading a book on that at the time. )  All of the little circles represent the 9 months that I lasted doing it before quitting, and the bottom 3 blocks are my rendition / adaptations of a few blocks from the “Home Sweet Home” book by Barb Adams & Alma Allen.

One year I had a hollyhock that grew to over 20 feet, one block was worked on around the 4th of July… so it is nice that I finished the tying and binding on the 3rd of July in another year :)

My quirky Quilty 365 is crossed off the list of quilt tops to finish. It measures around 75 x 55.

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Going to Miss Him, Charlottes Web, and a Few More Baskets

When their lease was up, my youngest son and a roommate parted ways ( they are still close friends but the roommate was going to move in with a girlfriend). At that point my son moved in with his dad temporarily and if you are a regular to this blog you know that his dad died in early April and he moved in with me.

He’s moving out to a place in the country soon with a friend. While he’s always visited with Koopa, and I’ve shown pictures of Koopa on this blog since he was a little pup, I’ve never had Koopa here on a daily basis until now and I have gotten very used to him being my little grey shadow ; I am going to miss him.

He’s such a beautiful pit…pure muscle. He eats enough but he works it off outdoors running and jumping.

He is very cuddly and sweet for much of the day…

And I have a feeling that he is going to miss me too :)

And he’ll miss his porch time out front…viewing the show ( this was after a nice thunderstorm and soaking rain…the birds were bathing across the street in the neighbors puddles )

Meanwhile, I have short daylilies on the side of the house that have been in bloom for awhile but the tall ones ( about 5 feet or so) in the front of the house are just coming in to bloom now. This shot is taken from the porch after that rain :

The background is my neighbors driveway. Earlier in the day I’d gone out with my camera and saw a web starting between two of the flowers and when I looked closely, I found Charlotte :) Now, I am not a fan of spiders in my house but Charlotte stayed put and let me get a photo …

I appliqued three more Little Baskets this week, using the Rainbow Scrap Challenge color of the month, which is yellow. I certainly have various shades of that in this grouping! :)

As to further applique and slow stitching over the weekend, I showed hand-quilting progress in a previous post ( HERE ) and that is ongoing.  I have finished up the prep work in regards to appliqueing another Elizabeths Pride block and am ready to get started on that.

I don’t have whole house A/C and we just put two units in downstairs. Upstairs… sweltering at the ironing board prepping these pieces during a heat wave….well let me just say that I wish I was doing this instead :)

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I’ll be joining other RSC participants at So Scrappy and other Slow Stitchers at Kathys Quilts this weekend.